Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tank Intel Analysis Report - July 29, 2017

Entry Submitted by Tank at 2:32 PM EDT on July 29, 2017


• The Sanctions on Russia and the seemingly uncharacteristic article posted by Fisher seem to be a plan to expose the methods the Shadow Government has used to keep us in a constant state of war using said practice to attain debt forgiveness. Although laced with fear it provides a very detailed history of how that's been the mode of operation for Congress for over a century.

• Heather and Randal's arrests seem to be setting the legal precedence for exposing the corruption of the Federal Reserve and possibly forcing the Judiciary branch of Government to change the laws based on their interpretation of them.

• Trump announcing he will audit the Federal Reserve also seems to be in line with that exposure and would certainly be an amazing piece of evidence to include in a trial situation.

• Scaramucci's appointment as communications director seems like hiring the Hells Angels to work security at Woodstock. Just appears to be a guy that could post a video of himself pistol whipping members of the White House staff for not saying the right thing on his twitter page. Never the less, it would appear that it's difficult to get the American people to pay attention unless something is so shocking they can't ignore it. He should be fun to watch as this all unfolds.

• Further disclosure has appeared on the CIA website with 13 million classified documents that were released that included UFOs, mind control, and the Shadow Government.

• Similar documents were released on the FBI website thus taking the Theory out of our Conspiracy Theories.

• Paul Ryan in the summer of 2016 said they were getting rid of the fourth arm of the Government made up of "unelected bureaucrats that write the laws, pass the laws and enforce the laws." That was a pretty solid announcement exposing that such a group existed that we know as the Cabal.

• Donald Trump has over 100 positions in his cabinet still not filled and more resignations from his cabinet in 6 months than the last three Presidents had combined.

• Donald Trump announcing a ban on Transgender members of the armed forces seems to be a useless waste of media coverage that has mainly served to distract from things that really matter. However, it could also be a way to start a deeper discussion and expose perverted sexual practices of the Cabal.

• Debbie Wasserman Schultz selling leaked intel to Wikileaks brings negative attention to her but really adds credibility to the intel leaked out and to Wikileaks.

This list is just the start of the discussion as we move forward to finally complete the exchange process. We're witnessing a grand plan to implement GESARA without completely destroying people's reality. Everything is orchestrated. Every move has been planned. And this timeline is the one where the good guys win. And, we're the good guys.

Breathe easy folks. The show must go on.