Wednesday, July 12, 2017

'The Event' & Intel Update via Corey Goode - July 12, 2017

1 Corey Goode

Why does it matter if the Earth Alliance negotiates a partial disclosure that will take place over the next hundred years or a Full Disclosure if this Event is about to take place?”
Corey: This Event may not be what each of us thinks it is. This Event might just be a catalyst for a disclosure of certain technologies. It could be a series of solar events, which has been postulated, that occurs.

Some of the first ones would possibly take out electrical grids or cause certain technologies with integrated circuits to no longer operate. And then they would have to come in and replace that with the new technology.

And that's when the Alliance was thinking was going to be the best chance to bring in that new technology.

David: Hm. Very interesting. This next question kind of goes along the lines of that one.


“Are the Alliance and their opposition aware of future events that are about to take place and how everything is going to change?”

Corey: The Alliance, along with all these different groups, are made up of other groups. And each of these subgroups have different ideas about what's going to occur.

And some of them are expecting like an Ascension kind of an event. Some of them are expecting just mass chaos, loss of technology. Some of them are expecting a lot of deaths.

So there's not one agreed-upon outcome that they're planning for.

David: You had mentioned that in the space program they actually took human beings and exposed them to energy fields similar to what would happen after the Event.

Corey: Leading up to the Event.

David: Could you describe, again, what that outcome was and does everybody have that intel?

Corey: Yes, everyone understands about . . . that they've received the intel from the Navy vessels that went out to the outer reaches of this energy anomaly. That's what they were calling it in the beginning.

The ones that were going out there, they were noticing that they were being affected by the energy. And they started doing further tests by putting people of different polarities – positive people, negative people – in a room and piping in this frequency to see how they would react.

And these people would be sitting down doing a job, not knowing that they were being tested, experimented on.

The people that were more negative would start becoming more agitated and claustrophobic and couldn't handle it.

And the people that were more positive would kick back and start to bliss out, smile, and start to daydream and not be affected by the other variables that they had in the room that they were using to try to affect the people.

David: So you're saying this was a Navy study, and that data has been shared with pretty much all of the Alliance groups?

Corey: Yes, the Alliance has it. All the information that the Cabal has, the Alliance has that information.

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