Friday, July 14, 2017

Veritas Issues Strong Warning: About the Strawman/TDA Accounts

Received via email from VERITAS......


Ladies and gentlemen,

I have missed you.

Despite Yosef's assertion, my breast is NOT an NSA one, lol.  Oh, I am a woman, though.  Not certain all of you knew that. 

I did NOT leave because "there is no money here".

I did NOT desert anyone.

You know me.  I am NOT prone to ranting and raving.  I have a strong amount of character and always wanted to simply be helpful to those that seemed such really, down-to-earth good people looking for answers.  I wanted to help and provide a calm, rational view point on the entire GCR process.

Let me simply say that there are those gurus who do not want the truth posted.  They certainly have a way of making it unpleasant via personal attacks, character assassination, and many other clever, hurtful things to bring me to my knees.

Even so, it was a request from those who really make all this happen that made me stop posting immediately.  Leave all chat rooms, etc. They like privacy if you are in any way going to be associated with them.

Would you? 

I did.

Today only, as an exception, I am allowed to share my thoughts on a program I am watching being promoted very strongly into the GCR people.  I am referring to the recent video and postings promoting payments made via your Social Security Number and using the routing number on the back of your Social Security Card or various versions of such.  This is the Straw Man, UCC program.  You know what I mean.  The one you may think is the answer to everything;

Gosh, who isn't hurting financially about now?

This can make it very hard to resist.

I simply want to insert a strong warning and a word of caution.  As you will recall, I am not an attorney and can in no way offer any sort of legal advice.  Perhaps simply leaning back on good old common sense might help to guide you here.

"If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true."  That wise old statement, often used in the financial and banking industry, is a good thought.  What caught my eye was the reference to the future potential energetic productivity of the individual.  Well, if I were looking for a very vague phrase, this one takes the cake.  What do you think?  Do you want to do anything that is hooking into a future anything?  It just makes me think. 

If something makes good sense, it should be verifiable.  Have you called the Bureau of Public Debt to see if they agree that you have these funds and can use them FREELY?  Have you asked them what legal documents might be involved?  Have you inquired as to what future obligations you are opening yourself up for in return for payments or debt relief now?  Have you asked the Vatican what that phrase "future potential energetic productivity" means?

The question here is not what routing number you use, it is have you verified your right to use so without consequences?

Again, you must make your own choice here.  I am not here to advise you.  I suggest that you contact an attorney.  I did.

I had four different international and national attorneys contact the Bureau of Public Dept.  They all stated that they were advised that this is a scam and all payments would be returned.  In addition, they were each told that this was a violation of federal law and could entail serious consequences.  You may call the same number.  (304)480-7711, Option 1.   I was advised by Andrea that her department has been very involved with these calls.  Her group was told that all payments would be returned and to advise that it is a scam.  I asked what consequences there might be.  She said that people much higher than her in the Federal Reserve would be making the decision but that use of a federal routing number was federal business and very serious.  I asked what someone could do to "undo" if they had participated. Andrea said that they are referring these cases back East and so will give out that number starting Monday. But, she added, even if they undo, she said, the information that they tried it is still retained.

We live in the days of the cabal.  A choice of this type could possibly be used to their benefit, perhaps way in the future. Pray and let your gut guide you....not the one that is needy and scared, but the one you have nurtured to be aware of what the spirit is saying to you.  Time to listen up.  After that....well, you are all adults.  Choose.

You know, this close to having our great opportunity, what are you thinking, lol?  Make certain you feel very good about a carefully thought out decision.

Now, I love you guys.

If you hear any junk because I dared to raise my head and make this post, ignore it or just tell them to shut up, would you?

Much love,


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