Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"Declassified" - GCR/RV SITREP - Tuesday - August 29, 2017

Received via email from Yosef......


What annoys this crowd is lack of information more so than inaccurate information.  I totally get that.

But not knowing high level classified information really infuriates us.  And that's what the RV is at the top levels of government, highly classified.

To speak to it, to leak, is considered treason and punishable by death in some countries, but at worst imprisonment.

Yet this community feels we deserve to know everything about what's going on daily, if not hourly.  And that's true.  But never have power brokers dished out truth freely to the people.

The internet has been the great equalizer.

Things slip.  Word leaks.  Digital pictures are taken and sent.  And it's hard to keep the truth from getting out in an controllable vacuum.

Which leads us to Tuesday's Intel... that paymasters are calling in clients for over the counter table top exchanges if they have pre-existing SKRs.

First this occurred in the Eastern Hemisphere Sunday night 8pm EDT, now it's begun happening here in the West.

Americans and Canadians are being called in to meet with their favorite paymasters.

The world is on the precipice of a historic ascension moment tonight.

And this being the last week in August right before an end of summer holiday Monday matters.

This being the final week(s) of the Trump Administration matters.

This being on the other side of that total solar eclipse matters.

Hurricane Harvey sadly matters.  For good and bad reasons which are highly complicated in both directions.

Houston area ports control the majority of crude oil sent to refineries on the east coast and in the midwest.

New crude pipelines from the Dakotas are ready to go on-line and service and / or replace Houston's delivery volume.  Permanently.

Also, it's easier to attack any military installation if their national guard units are  deployed off campus for a natural disaster.

Crazy declassified times.

Bob Mueller had all the Trump information handed to him long before he ever took the job.  This his investigation report has long been written.

Who gave this to him?  Obama, with Putin's help.  Russia is playing the fall guy.  And Trump the villain.  Ryan the hero.

Mueller is preparing a second report on the Clinton Foundation because it directly relates to the Trump / Russia investigation.

Remember, everything you're witnessing now is scripted because the APTB are revealing the full scope of the cabal--all be it slowly--and using the bizarre Trump distraction to warrant a deeper investigation into the absolute corruption in American politics.

Talk about declassified.

I've even got IQD Intel tonight.  I know, surprised me too.

Dr. Shabbi believed that the Dinar could handle a $36.00+ rate and arranged an intake mechanism with Prof. Bob Killian (the infamous Admiral in Reno who retired as a Navy Nuclear Submarine Commander) at a $20.00 rate, of which the Admiral scoops up a nice percentage per Dinar harvested (Dong $10.00 & ZIM too $0.00000018).

Even the Indian Tribes loaning the Admiral the use of their  sovereign land reservation will get a cut of all currency brought in, which was loaded for years onto US military planes and flown to China where the Elders recorded the serial numbers and burned it, wooden pallets and all.

Lots of profit hungry hands, in lots of declassified cookie jars.  But at this stage of the game, what does it matter except to curious folks like us and economic historians.

Funny that a 100T ZIM bond note is worth more than all the IQD bills the Admiral ever took in going back 8 years.

That's true also for historic bond owners who slaved away locating authentic paper and Elder approved redemption outlets... as the ZIM's inherent value has rendered all other asset transactions monetarily irrelevant (all things being equal).

China needs Africa, and Africa needs China.  Both need  America who has the most open Internet control mechanism which allowed classified information to leak out going back to the first Desert Storm invasion.

So the Elders used that fact and attempted to get 100% of the printed currency, historic bonds and uncut USD sheets off the street pre-RV.

And while they located 99% of the historic bonds, they were less successful harvesting the 75 revaluing currencies needed to complete a global currency reset under a classified communications umbrella.

A lot of currency is going to die in their hidden vaults and caves because the owner doesn't trust the GCR/RV has really fired until it's too late.  Can you imagine?

They constructed a private redemption event experience for us.  Bring in Fighting Joe Dunford to design and implement such a master plan (he's well known for precision planning and flawless execution).

All of this is occurring mind you with Obama's hidden oversight in coordination with the Elders, PROC and Putin.

Together they devised the whole Trump for President strategy in order to reveal the depth of the cabal (Mueller Investigation) and sins of the general population (white supremacy).

What else will old Yo declassify in the future?  Better yet what will individuals in this community share to enlighten us on what we have all missed while unconsciously asleep in the matrix?

Keep your wild blogging fingers down and carefree chat room mouths closed versus speaking out with anger and venom in this late hour, their are special eyes watching these former high level government and now declassified matters.

Consider yourselves alerted.  Sobeit.

God is with us