Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Yosef (3) Updates- August 1, 2017

Received via email from Yosef......

"Game Over" - GCR/RV Op-Ed - Tuesday - August 1, 2017

Must admit -- tonight's intelligence batch threw me into existential crisis:

- RV is game over. Activating.
- General Kelly overseeing RV security from the situation room with the bank chairmen and Elders.
- Paul Ryan's family staying in undisclosed overseas military base during the entire House recess/RV private redemption period.
- 24 hour release protocols started @ midnight August 1st and are quickly completing.

Then I thought to myself, "self, what in the world will you do with yourself post RV?"

Seriously, this endless odyssey has consumed all my free time. You could make a novel out of my freaking SIT-REPS, Op-Eds, and Geopolitical Overviews.

And anybody who didn't redeem would not believe a single word. So surreal. Madness.

I even know the subtle time differences between Dubai and Baghdad, London and Moscow, Beijing and New Zealand.

What useless skill sets I've acquired.

As author Malcom Gladwell stated in one of his prolific books, I've spent 10,000+ hours becoming an expert at this one thing--which now ends abruptly--and ironically makes me 100% unemployable everywhere else in the world.


We need a place to gather and share old war stories. Showme, can you figure something out please on-line?

Some place to connect and reconnect with other Human Angels searching for meaning in a post-RV apocalypse world?

Seriously, who in our 3-D, tight wad, miserable families dare relate to us after the RV? Answer: No one but children and you guys!

Does this event frighten anyone else but me? Because I'm frozen in anxiety sitting still here on my porch as the bugs eat me alive.

I just don't care. I hold ZIM. The world is saved. There is no money. Or basis for stimulating conversation with my immediate circles of influence.

Imagine exchanging and suddenly we leave the redemption facility without any fear of money or sustenance for endless generations... and we become instantly isolated in the complete oblivion of utter benevolence.

I'm upsetting myself now. Shit gets real even for old Yosef. Ouch these f---ing mosquitos have teeth I swear!!!

We need a gathering spot. A digital safe house where we can share what we are all collectively going through post RV in this endless odyssey of an experience--that we thought ended with stupid "digits."

Cause the RV is just the beginning of potential pure insanity!

Nobody else would even come close to understanding what has happened to me but the 5,000 people listening to the Clarion Calls or 50,000 reading Dinar Chronicles daily.

Imagine speaking freely at a dinner party about Dracos and Drachmas, DNA and Dinars, Dave Schmidt and Dinar Detectives?

Don't even get me started on addressing Trump. Game over when that red rover comes up as you all know my issues with that gender malevolent/benevolent contradiction.

So confusing. Excuse my emotional hiccup. Sobeit, right? Right.

God is with us.


Can you hear the restored Republic anthem playing in the distance?  
Can you see the march of our Bugle Boys coming over the hill to save the day?  

Can you feel the warmth of lady liberty and father freedom rushing through your red, white and blue patriotic veins? 

Not there yet?  Understandable.  

Maybe this sitrep will help get you to the level of righteous that's manifesting right before our tired and heartbroken eyes.

Just because the health care bill didn't pass last week, doesn't mean it stopped he RV.  In fact, it started it.  

Yes, the RV release whose requirements of capital gains tax reform were included in the bill that was voted down.

As a result, all Republican members of the Senate plus Trump's whole family clan lost their IQD SKRs.  

No wonder the entire chamber floor exhaled at once.  

Trillions were lost with McCain's thumb going down versus up.   

Poof.  Gone.  Thanks for playing.

McCain punished all the cabal traitors with one motion of his old crusty finger--makes sense given they all went against his Zionistic demands years and months earlier.

Know the Russian sanctions bill now includes said capital gains roll backs that Obama originally put in place to stop CEOs and Board Members to stop the sell off of their company's own stock equity.

Obama protected the RV for us all, however the transition of all world governments took a few years (2) because of the rampant use of the USD worldwide and the ISIS nightmare America fostered.  

Including and especially the USA, Inc..  

We're hearing early unconfirmed reports that Republic leadership (Ryan) signed off on the RV last night at midnight or August 1, 2017.  

So if we're reading the tea leaves right, this  is why  Dunford has allowed RV release protocols to progress; meaning Fighting Joe is moving forward with the next phase of his delivery / security master strategy.

If you live in high density urban center, look up--have you noticed low flying military helicopters this morning?  

They'll be flying their final drills all day and night we are told.  

Listen also for final Emergency Broadcast System testing on your TVs and radios.

We also understand Abadi went ahead and published the much awaited national budget at midnight this morning in Iraq or 8am EDT.

And yes it contained the new domestic rate but not the international rate.  Because why would it?

Also, keep watching for the Mueller subpoena of President Orangutang to arrive at the White House door step--which will trigger the mass media news overwhelm that provides the scheduled flash bang which serves as cover for our currency / bond note  redemption appointments.

Not in the least bit complicated, right?   Hahahahaha... this is all so fucking absurd?

Oh, remember when we said Trump's resignation was long in hand?   Someone in our group saw it finally. 

So General Kelly is now officially running the White House for the RV release and has no other political purpose for being there.  

He hates everything about Trump, but she's a necessary evil en route to rescuing his beloved country of which Kelly as already lost one son in combat, and has another serving now in Iraq.  Sobeit.

Once the RV is over, Kelly will leave the Chief of Staff position along with the entire Trump Administration including VP Mike Pence.  They all have burner positions in a burner administration.

We believe everything deemed old business will complete its reconciliation process by October 1, 2017.   At least that's the master plan.  That includes our currency / bond notes redemptions 

Sorry you had to hear all this here first, but wouldn't you rather know the truth no matter how difficult it first sounded?  

Me too.

See everyone on the THE CLARION CALLS this Wednesday night at 8pm EDT.  

Discerning your own "Rings of Fire" will be the topic for the entire night.  

All Human Angels welcome!

God is with us.

Received via email from Yosef......

President Donald J. Trump's star is falling fast and to a fateful end. Soon.

We are told Special Prosector Herr (Robert) Mueller has a prefabbed investigative report all ready to go, and it details a decade worth of treason against both Trump and Clinton, and it reaches into every cabal infested government coven across the world.

Everything else aside from Mueller's investigation is just political nonsense. Noise. Commercial banter. Distraction.

General Kelly is in the White House to control the damage and protect the Republic--because the other shoe is dropping.

HSBC has completely replaced Wells Fargo as the lead bank in North America running the redemption centers for the entire RV. What crooks WF turned out to be. Shameful.

Africans are kicking all European influences out of their countries and off their continent permanently, economically and culturally.

The fiat USD and corrupt USA, Inc. political and military machine is being eliminated from existence everywhere in world media North America. Thanks for nothing.

The United States, Israel, Ukraine and Venezuela have all been isolated as toxic sovereign national players with corrupted leadership that must be publicly replaced to become GESARA compliant.

In Herr Muller's future report, subpoena power over Trump and independent investigating reputation will now begin the takedown of the Trump circus big top. Crashing. Swiftly. Decisively. Today.

And with the orange beast's death will engender life via the RV, USN and restored Republic.

Keep watching folks. The curtain for the main event has gone up.

God is with us.