Wednesday, August 2, 2017

#Pedogate - Sir Edward Heath (Ex British PM) Accused of Satanic Ritual Abuse on Children

You would think a story like this would be world new headlines and water-cooler talk for months and years.  A story like this, one would think, that it would be on every main stream media outlet and social media platform.  A story like this exposing the highest levels of government officials, police officers, courts, involved with the murder, torture, sexual abuse of children, and coverups.  A story like this in which a Prime Minister (similar in ways to the President of the United States of America) holding one of the highest seats in government is fingered as being part of a satanic cult.  I asked a family member if they knew about this particular story and yet they have no clue, never heard of it.  I also asked about PizzaGate.  All I get is a blank face.  The ignorance is so sad.  All due to the corruption of government and main stream media who will continue to rape, pillage and murder anyone who tries to expose their satanic pedophile network.

It truly is insane that the world is being controlled and run by these satanic child killers on many levels of society.

Good news is that the little fish are being rounded up in major sweeps across the USA and the world.  I can only hope that these little fish will lead to the arrests of the much bigger fish.

We demand a truth and reconciliation trial for public viewing.  Transparency about what has been taking place for thousands of years needs to be exposed so it does not happen again.

By Richard Carvath, Guest author

Detectives on Operation Conifer – the Wiltshire Police investigation into historic allegations of child sex abuse against the late Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath – are handling allegations of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) made against Sir Edward.

Wiltshire Police have been contacted by witnesses to these historic SRA allegations.

The earliest known SRA allegations against Sir Edward were made by doctors’ patients from the 1990s onwards; historically, at least five such people are on record as having stated that they witnessed Sir Edward participating in SRA.

Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) can be defined as: ‘Abuse – including sexual abuse – of children (and/or adults) by Satanists and done in the context of religious rituals conducted by Satanists.’

(SRA child sex abuse therefore should not be confused with paedophilia. Religious duty is the primary motive of a Satanist engaged in the ritual sexual abuse of a child victim – not perverted sexual gratification.)

Operation Conifer began in August 2015 and remains a live and ongoing investigation by Wiltshire Police.

Mike Veale, the Wiltshire force’s Chief Constable, has faced heavy criticism of Operation Conifer and remains under pressure to conclude the investigation of Sir Edward.

Sir Edward Heath’s supporters have lobbied hard and enjoyed favourable mainstream media coverage in pursuit of their objective to shut down and discredit Operation Conifer.

However, for many months Chief Constable Veale has steadfastly refused to bow to political pressure to exonerate the late Prime Minister.

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “This national investigation has a significant number of allegations spanning a significant number of individuals.”

“The legal role of the police service is to, on behalf of the public, impartially investigate allegations without fear or favour, and go where the evidence takes us.”

Wiltshire Police will give a public statement later this year about when they expect to conclude Operation Conifer and release their final report on the allegations against Sir Edward.

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Chief Constable Mike Veale deserves applause for sticking to his guns in the face of savage attacks by national press and the Establishment.

It’s right and proper that Wiltshire Police should do their job and do it properly, and it’s right and proper that we the public should support and encourage the police to do so.

The pressure on Chief Constable Veale to abandon Operation Conifer has been so heavy, so persistent and so appalling that, exceptionally, I urge the public to contact Wiltshire Police in order to thank the police for not giving in to Sir Edward’s powerful lobby.

It’s vital Wiltshire Police know the public supports them in doing their job.

It’s essential that in due course the police issue a full and public report of all their findings of fact about Sir Edward, when the Operation Conifer investigation is concluded.

And what will Operation Conifer conclude? Was Ted Heath a child-abusing paedophile? Or was Ted Heath a Satanist who practised ritual sexual abuse on child victims? Or are such allegations untrue, or impossible to prove?

I don’t know what the final outcome of Operation Conifer will be.

However, I do know we can take it for granted the Establishment does not want Wiltshire Police to come out and say they’ve concluded that the evidence strongly indicates Sir Edward was indeed a paedophile, or even worse, that Sir Edward was a Satanist who ritually abused children.

Therefore, one outcome we might reasonably expect – even if Sir Edward truly was a child abuser, and the police know that to be true – is a whitewash. But I’m hopeful that we won’t get a whitewash.

I should of course state my personal opinion that there is sufficient evidence to conclude Sir Edward Heath was an abuser of children.

And I’m hopeful that Wiltshire Police will at least go as far as that in their final conclusion because the evidence is, as I opine, quite sufficient for that.

The bigger question in my mind is not whether Sir Edward was a child abuser, but whether he was a Satanist who practised SRA abuse.

What will Wiltshire Police conclude regarding Sir Edward’s alleged Satanist Ritual Abuse?  Will the police even mention the SRA allegations in their public report?

SRA is a problem which first came to public attention in Britain in the late 1980s. Since then the problem has been almost entirely ‘swept under the carpet’ by the authorities, and is generally ignored by the mainstream media.

If the press do mention SRA it’s usually to deny its existence. Those SRA victims who do pluck up the courage to go to the police are generally met with scepticism and an unwillingness to investigate or prosecute.

No intelligent person who actually takes the trouble to look into SRA would deny that it’s happening in Britain today.

I know SRA is for real because I’ve met with SRA survivors in person and investigated covens of Satanists myself, and because I’m tapped into good sources on this subject.

There are some good books on SRA. One such book is Blasphemous Rumours by the British journalist Andrew Boyd.  Reliable information on SRA can be found.

And our criminal courts bear witness to the reality of SRA.  There have been several successful criminal prosecutions of people who practised SRA, regarding which the evidence of Satanist Ritual Abuse was openly examined during trial.

(For example, the convictions of SRA child abusers: Malcolm & Susan Smith and Albert & Carole Hickman, Telford Crown Court, 1982; Brian Williams, London Central Criminal Court, 1987; Hazel Paul, the Old Bailey, 1988; Peter MacKenzie and John Baxter-Taylor, St Albans Crown Court, 1989; Reginald Harris, Worcester Crown Court, 1990; Jack Kemp and Peter Petrauske, Truro Crown Court, 2012; Colin & Elaine Batley and Jacqueline Marling and Shelley Millar and Vincent Barden, Swansea Crown Court, 2011.)

SRA then is not fantasy. SRA is fact – proven fact. But given the prevailing culture of silence, or, failing that, denial of SRA in Britain today, will Wiltshire Police even acknowledge the subject of Satanist Ritual Abuse allegations in relation to Sir Edward Heath when they eventually report the findings of Operation Conifer?

Moreover, if a former Prime Minister was a child-abusing Satanist and the police, having thoroughly investigated the matter, knew this to be so, would not the British State prevent the police from saying so in public?

Let’s hope that Wiltshire Police will succeed in getting to the truth about Sir Edward Heath, and that they’ll be willing and able to make their full findings public.