Thursday, August 31, 2017

Relative Truth and Awakening -- Don't Throw the Baby out with the Bath Water!!

Awakening is the process of expanding our consciousness to become aware of more of the truth. But since the truth is an infinite singularity, and we are finite beings, the best we can hope for are relative truths—pieces of knowledge that reflect or describe the whole truth. In practice, we open ourselves up to new experiences and as a result, our consciousness expands. The more receptive we are to experience the more powerfully we can awaken to new things. What happens when what we thought was true, turns out to be untrue or only a half truth? This is a question we will need to come to terms with as we grow and learn because we often have insights that came from an imperfect source. But does that mean the information is bad or useless? No. In fact, the origin of the idea isn't as important as what we do with it, once it is in our possession. A fable, myth, or fictional story might not be "real" in the sense that it depicts real events, but that doesn't mean it can't teach us something.

Fictional stories and myths are often excellent places to discover essential truths about the human experience. Similarly, all experience produces, interpretations, insights, and theories that spring forth from the inner fount of observation—the dynamic interplay between what is recorded as knowledge and what is being received in the now. Anytime we observe something, the generative property of consciousness produces new ideas, emotions, and insights. And even if we didn't properly comprehend what we saw at the time, these insights still have value. For example, you might look out into the world as a child, and notice that it appears to be flat. Even though this conclusion isn't true, the idea itself is still useful. Architects and draftspersons, despite knowing the Earth is spherical, model their designs on a flat framework—they act under the premise that the Earth is flat while drawing their plans. Ultimately, all information is useful. The challenge is to accurately discern where and how information holds true, using a specific or conscious process of analysis. It's all too easy to dismiss some body of information, because "it doesn't resonate," it came from a "bad source," or it doesn't agree with expert opinion. But in a grand sense, in a cosmic evolution sense, all ideas and insights are points of reception between the creature and the Creator. All information, even if it came from an untrue source, can be contemplated and distilled in the cosmic alchemy that is awakening.

By assuming all information has some value, we can begin to see the one truth in all things, while also gaining greater skills of discernment through eclectic knowledge and wisdom. We should strive to discern things properly; we should strive to ensure we know, precisely, how and why a body of information describes reality. And we should also recognize that even if our interpretations, observations, and insights might not be accurate in one area, it doesn't mean that they won't be useful elsewhere. We are miraculous beings in the sense that we move, breathe, and have our being within objective reality, and yet our mind's can imagine and envision—even feel—unreal things. And the dynamic between what is real and what we perceive seems to be an essential part of personal growth. We grow through synthesis, where even the seemingly most invalid experience can still provide incredible insights. In the act of looking at experience in this way, in an inclusive and discerning way, we can enhance the skills and faculties needed to receive more of the one truth—growing tall in cosmic attainment in the process. All our experience is valuable, nothing is wasted and nothing is lost, if we can expand the mind beyond the material, into the cosmic and spiritual.

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