Monday, August 28, 2017

"Star Wars" - GCR/RV SITREP - August 28, 2017

Received via email from Yosef.......

Now that I have everyone's full attention...

Benevolents stopped Hurricane Harvey before it reached Fort Hood (Killeen, Texas) which is the military and gold headquarters for the restored Republic.

Texas is one of a few states that have already succeeded from the United States of America. Alaska is another.

The same benevolent weather control counter measure will be done to the second cabal created typhoon aimed directly at Hong Kong in a final cabal attempt to flood China's financial markets and stop the RV.

This madness is occurring now because SKRs are expected to fund at any moment. With no warning. Just funds suddenly being in accounts overnight.

We expect the 800#s at this time as well.

We understand the Chinese Elders waited an extra day for Southern Texas and Hong Kong to catch its weather breath.

A third Hurricane was attempted to hit New York City as a last ditch weather attempt to stop the RV, but will also fall short.

The cabal really is throwing sand at tanks at this point--which gives their resistance no energetic ability to survive. Sobeit.

Know that BRICS really stands for:

B=Brazil=Latino Race
R=Russia=Anglo Race
I=India=Indian Race
C=China=Asian Race
S=South Africa=African Race

These current good standing races of humanity are all mounted a common fight against an alien cabal (yup went there), who are largely hidden within the Anglo race, but are not exclusive to Anglos.

The Neo-Nazi white supremacy movement is actually not human in origin, and was designed to create a 4th Dimensional Reich that would enslave humanity, and thus is the hidden common enemy for all humanity.

The Elders allowed Trump to be President to highlight this fact, subtly, without scaring the pants off the world in the transition process.

Ironically the cabal foursome--Annunaki (1996), Draco, Greys, Tall Whites(2012)--all agreed to this transition plan as part of their surrender exodus terms from the surface of the earth.

The Second World War technically has never really ended at least not until now. The Nazi brain trust was silently kept alive and shipped to many countries but primarily kept alive and flourishing in America via Operation Paperclip at the end of WW2.

Therefore all races are in completion of a final battle to regain control of our planet, and thus the reason for all the recent chaos going back to 2001 and the 9/11 attacks.

Trump is known actor of this 4th Reich movement. The orange one isn't human. Neither was ex-Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is really is John D Rockefeller Jr (Draco in disguise) attempting to halt all non Anglo migration from living above the 33rd degree parallel.

See he goal of this alien 4th Reich is to push all races of color (humanity) below the 33rd parallel and have them live as slaves to the supreme white race living above the 33rd degree parallel (with the lone exceptions being Australia and New Zealand).

This global domination strategy is a known fact throughout all major sovereign intelligence communities, but remains a foreign conspiracy theory to most human beings due to constant mind control media outlets and planetary energy wave manipulation.

Not BRICS leadership however, nor the benevolent non human races assisting in our planetary liberation and species ascension.

The "cabal" therefore was out in place generations earlier to hide this alien occupation truth from the world's native population masses, so they would not put up a fight, and docilely accept their permanent enslavement.

Ignorance to this scheme is why most humans lash out at messengers offering loving truths of an ancient conspiracy cover up because the raw notion of living in an "occupied planet" is just too difficult to accept, let alone work with to stand up and fight against the threat.

Also, Global Christ Reset (GCR) is then less a banking event as it is a inter galaxy coup against our shared alien captors posing as human leaders.

That's the bad news. Hilarious I know.

The good news is this massive transition also includes yes a currency reset back to truthful values, but honestly what good is getting the money if we don't know why we got it... being knowingly and unknowingly.

Understandable this community has been updated slowly by several messengers until the very end, as to prepare your hearts and minds for the release of this information in more detail per the terms of the GESARA treaty.

This is the primary reason why GESARA information was held back as classified, and why a 209 sovereign nation buy in was necessary back in the fall of 2014.

Star Wars is therefore a really thing. But it's really happening on our shared planet, in real time, and get this... has been for 13 millennia hence the reason Heaven quarantined the Earth (known beyond this galaxy as Urantia).

Hard to accept I know, but now what?


Believe, don't believe... either way you're right. At least now you know.

God is with us