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Ufology Researchers Divided but Not Conquered: Exposure of PSYOP to Create Truther "Civil War" -- But it's Not Working

Ufology Researchers Divided but Not Conquered: Exposure of PSYOP to Create Truther "Civil War" -- But it's Not Working

by Justin Deschamps

For those who've studied history honestly, a consistent theme presents itself: information manipulation. The powers that be are experts at engineering social change and engaging in psychological warfare operations that target anyone, or anything, that stands in their way. At present, ufology is one of those battlefronts, as a coordinated effort to destroy certain figures within the field has been revealed. One individual, in particular, Corey Goode, has been the subject of character attacks and slander since he began sharing his testimony in 2015. Recently, Goode was contacted by a man who claimed to be directly involved in this coordinated smear campaign, saying it was a "strategy to start [a] "civil war" in the UFO community." Jordan Sather was also contacted by this individual in May, who warned him to "drop back" from Goode and another prominent figure in the field, David Wilcock. This and other events provide strong evidence that suggests there are indeed powerful players interested in keeping Goode and those who support him quiet. The agenda's full scope is far beyond merely attacking figures in ufology.

David Wilcock revealed in an August 14th update, that the breaks of his car were tampered with, preventing him from stopping safely. He implies that this could have been a deliberate effort to cause him serious injury or death, although no direct evidence to support this notion has surfaced yet.

The man who contacted Goode claimed he wanted to reveal evidence that all but proved Goode was the victim of a well-coordinated character assassination effort. But as they began speaking with each other, it became clear that this seemingly benevolent outreach might, in fact, be another attempt to back Goode and others into a legal wall, and in doing so, fuel more smear campaigns in the future.

Before discussing the details of that situation, an overview of ufology and the official secrecy agenda will be helpful. This will hopefully make clear that the powers that be have long employed such tactics in their effort to silence researchers, experiencers, inventors, and anyone else who might disturb their plans.

Overview of Ufology and Official Secrecy Agenda

In general, ufology is the study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), today known as UAPs or Unidentified Arial Phenomenon—a popular field of study since the mid 20th century.

After the infamous 1947 Roswell incident, along with an explosion of UFO sightings and related contact experiences reported by thousands of people at the time, a feverish interest in everything related to this topic emerged during the 1940s.

In the late 1940s, scientists, professors, and researchers of various credible fields of study investigated UFOs and debated the question of extraterrestrial life and contact with humanity, some of which were at the request of the government. However, while the public and researchers feverishly tried to answer the age old question of “are we alone in the universe,” clandestine forces associated with multinational corporate interests and shadow government groups, declared that if the existence of extraterrestrials was proven to be true, this knowledge would be devastating to the planet—particularly industrial giants that have enjoyed relative dominance for 100 years, up to that point.
In an effort to maintain control over society, various initiatives, projects, and cover-ups were proposed in secret. This is important because it underscores the consistent theme of cover-up throughout history, and the methods used to do so, which often employ the same psychological warfare tactics being used in the ufology community at present.

In the spring of 1961, at the behest of the US Congress, the Brookings Report was produced, which recommended that knowledge about the existence of advanced ETs be withheld from the public. Prior to this decision, official investigations were already underway through projects SIGN (1947) and GRUDGE (1949). Later, the Air Force began the more well-known project BLUE BOOK in 1952, ending in January 1970. Arguably the Brookings Report played a part in the ultimate outcome of the Air Force investigation. 
The final BLUE BOOK report was an obvious whitewash or cover up of the real sightings and encounters had by thousands of people decades before. What’s more, during the 1950s, the topic became increasingly taboo, as credible researchers began to abandon any public mention of their interest in the topic.

By the mid-1970s, ufology was the subject of tabloid and media ridicule, as the government continued to deny UFO activity and extraterrestrial contact or technology. And yet, with the blanket of secrecy firmly placed over the public mind, secret projects continued to reverse engineer recovered ET space craft and make considerable advances in technology development. 
The truth embargo is a term coined by ufologists referring to this policy of official secrecy. And various government policies, specifically related to Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, had a legally granted right to discredit and smear honest researchers, while also feeding disinformation into the field. 
In Dr. Michael Salla’s book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances, Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs) are discussed in which participants are given authority to hide their activities from the public. Waived USAPs are a more secretive set of programs not required to report any of their activities or existence for congressional oversight. In these deep-black projects, oral briefs are provided to read-in persons only—those individuals who have a valid need to know. Participants are authorized to deny the existence of these programs under any circumstances, including congressional subpoena, and are provided a cover story to hide the project's existence. 
A supplement to the DoD manual related to special access programs states that cover stories can be generated with the goal of hiding a program's true purpose.
Program Cover stories. (UNACKNOWLEDGED Program). Cover stories may be established for unacknowledged programs in order to protect the integrity of the program from individuals who do not have a need to know. Cover stories must be believable and cannot reveal any information regarding the true nature of the contract. (source)
This suggests that there were most likely two sets of secret programs, one that was designated deep-black or USAP, and an acknowledged project that would draw public attention. (source)
The legal importance of this provision can't be overstated. This gives the groups running these projects a license to do almost anything they need to maintain secrecy, including elaborate smear campaigns.

Dr. Steven Greer is another prominent figure in ufology, who organized a National Press Club event in 2001, that is arguably one of the most well-known presentations on the topic. He alleges to have received confirmation of these manipulation tactics from an NSA source, who referred to them as Decoy, Distract and Trash (DDT) operations.
Dr. Steven Greer — "A former high official at the NSA (National Security Agency) told me about a protocol informally dubbed DDT. ..." 
"... Late last spring or early summer, I was contacted by the PR firm responsible for the ramp- up to ‘Taken’ and was informed that they wanted to link it to Disclosure. I was told that those rolling out ‘Taken’ are “joined at the hip with the main stream media” and that they were going to spend a very large sum of money moving the UFO subject front-stage and center to empower Disclosure as sort of a sophisticated ‘P and A’ (entertainment industry jargon for Prints and Advertising that promotes a film or product)." 
"DDT. By linking Disclosure and ensnaring Disclosure witnesses and evidence in a commercial undertaking like ‘Taken’ (on the Sci-Fi channel nonetheless) the ultimate DDT program can be achieved. It is not just the hijacking and trashing of serious witnesses and evidence into the silly season of ‘Honey, I just had sex with aliens’ routine. It is the association of important evidence, scientists and witnesses with a xenophobic titled science fiction product like ‘Taken’ and the entire abduction industry that can empower fear in the minds of the masses regarding all things extraterrestrial." (source)
In summary, a DDT campaign is designed to draw an audience into a particular field, ufology in this case. Then once a figure is well established, some kind of distraction is employed, and then a trashing of that figure or another person takes place. The general principle is that by developing false trust, a genuine figure can be trashed by a false figure, or a false figure can rise to power and discredit a whole field of study. The former case is more applicable to Goode and others, as will be detailed later.

As another example of a coverup effort, consider what happened to an experiencer named Paul Bennewitz in the 1980's.
According to researcher Alejandro Rojas, in the 1980s, a man by the name of Paul Bennewitz lived near Kirtland Airforce base in New Mexico. He reported seeing strange objects in the area to the Air Force, particularly an area where nuclear assets were stored, saying he was also in communication with extraterrestrials. Normally, such reports would be disregarded as nonsense, but the Air Force decided to used this man as a patsy in a disinformation campaign, because he was actually witnessing secret projects. At least this is what FOIA documentation revealed upon the request of Rojas, some years later.

Rojas states the Air Force sent in Special Agent Richard Doty to communicate with Bennewitz, who was likely surprised to be taken seriously after he presented his testimony to the Air Force. Doty was told by his superiors to make Bennewitz believe a hostile alien invasion was about to take place, and was also told to fabricate documents as "proof" to help convince Bennewitz. Doty also gave these hoaxed documents to other UFO researchers.

After some time, Bennewitz checked himself into a mental institution for paranoia, believing an alien invasion was looming. The disinformation campaign worked, Bennewitz was discredited and covert projects run by the Air Force remained secret.

While it isn't clear if ufology continued to spread the fabricated information, this case stands as a clear example of state-sponsored cover ups. (read more). 
As disturbing as this piece of history might be, the policies have remained in effect to this day. Except now, it's arguably not as easy to sway public opinion. As such, more elaborate methods are needed.

Owing to the power of the internet and a growing body of people interested in the UFO question, ufology has once again become a topic of keen study, albeit still officially ridiculed by mainstream media outlets and academics.

Nevertheless, UFO sightings, research into ancient ET encounters, and whistleblowers continue to emerge, some of which are likely government sponsored disinformation agents.

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A sentiment shared by many ufology experts is that the government and hidden forces acting through officialdom, never expected to keep the existence of extraterrestrial life and fantastic technology a secret forever. Instead, the plan was to study it secretly, while shaming anyone in the public who dares to do their own research. Once technology could be reverse engineered, and a military space presence could be established—developed enough to compete with other advanced races—the people could finally be made aware of the long standing yet well-hidden truth: that we are not alone in the universe.

The agenda for the release of this information, according to some, began in earnest about three years ago, termed Soft or Partial Disclosure. Within this agenda, the people would slowly be prepared for a post disclosure world over the course of 100 years, by introducing the concept that the universe is teeming with life and there are many Earth-like planets close to our own. One need only pause to consider pro-ET coordinated public relations efforts, such as the recent discovery of hundreds of exoplanets, the revising of the Drake Equation, and the popularity of History Channel’s Ancient Aliens TV series (owned by multinational conglomerates that have long ties with the space program, such as NASA and Disney).

But what of those researchers, whistleblowers, and experiencers who have a more complete knowledge of the depth and magnitude of the ufology subject? 

Particularly those who have knowledge of what is happening under the of curtain black budget projects and programs?

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Secret Space Programs

The Secret Space Program is a term coined over a decade ago by several prominent figures in the disclosure movement. Richard Dolan, who spoke at the famous 2001 National Press Club Disclosure Project event, and well-respected researcher, states that the notion of a secret space program is well supported by patent evidence, whistleblower claims, and FOIA documents. Dr. Michael Salla of the Exopolitics Institute is also a well-respected researcher who has similarly uncovered thousands of documents that lend credence to the development of secret space programs (SSPs), some beginning well before the start of the second World War.

Recently, David Wilcock, a New York Times best-selling author, and Corey Goode, an alleged SSP insider, and whistleblower began a series entitled Cosmic Disclosure in mid-2015. Featured on Gaia, a video streaming service, Goode reveals his fantastic claims of being a long standing participant in what he calls the twenty and back program.

Goode says he was recruited into a “psychic” or intuitive empath training program when he was a young boy. Later, he was recruited by the SSP to go into space and serve a twenty-year tour of duty. Upon completion of these duties, Goode says he was age regressed, brought back in time within moments of being taken, and had his memory wiped—all of which is so fantastically incredible that even the most wild-eyed ufologists react with skepticism. And yet, Goode has also demonstrated consistency and accuracy insofar as providing insider testimony that is corroborated by several other sources in the field.

To be clear, ufology has never been a cohesive group. There are some researchers that focus exclusively on documents and vetted whistleblowers, whereas other investigators deal with experiencers and testimony of contactees. Regardless of the focus of some ufology groups, nearly everyone within the field of study is actively seeking to expand their knowledge of the subject matter, while also calling for what is known as Full Disclosure—the complete and total revealing of hidden files, technology, and history contained within secret archives, along with the disclosure of SSP activities over the past 70 years.

Goode is controversial because, unlike most whistleblowers or experiencers, he claims to be actively involved in an alliance of SSP separatists who want to end the truth embargo and bring world transforming science, technology, and information to the people. As such, the powers that be, namely those interested in keeping the partial disclosure agenda in the works, are working tirelessly to discredit Goode and anyone who dares take his claims seriously.

And as a side note: Goode is more than just a whistleblower. He's a truth seeker, researcher, and activist in his own right. He promotes a message of personal empowerment through self-mastery, unity in the community for cohesive change, and speaks to healing of oneself and the planet via high-quality diet and tolerance with others in general. On this score, whether you believe Goode's claims or not, the point is he is a somewhat public figure promoting a message the powers that be don't want shared.

Warned to Stay Quiet
Presently, the ufology “Civil War,” is characterized by associating Goode and those who support him, with Satanism and Nazism—baseless fabrications. One need only look at the current tensions between so called social justice groups and conservatives in the US, and elsewhere—particularly what took place in Charlottesville Virginia on August 12th—to see how powerful using trigger terms and associations can be. An explanation of these methods will be presented later in this writing.

In the Spring of 2017, Goode began revealing more information about a well-known topic in ufology: Antarctica.

According to Goode, the southernmost continent is a hot spot for SSP activity, as well as extraterrestrial space ports, and ancient UFO crash sites. Goode says that he was warned not to reveal too much information about the Antarctic, particularly anything that put the partial disclosure plan in jeopardy. Despite this warning, Goode revealed in May of 2017, that there were in fact ancient ruins there, millions of years old, and that three space craft crashed there thousands of years ago, fleeing from the moon and Mars. And that the government had been excavating some of these sights for over 15 years, eventually planning to reveal aspects of their findings as part of the partial disclosure agenda.

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Although longtime Goode followers won’t bat an eye at such claims, many in the ufology community, especially those centered around falsifiable or document backed research, were aghast at how much interest in his testimony had been kindled. This is important to consider, as the powers that be are capitalizing on this evidence preference sentiment.

The Evidence Debate

As an example of the debate raging within some ufology circles, consider a discussion panel that occurred during the 2017 MUFON symposium. Goode was in attendance, along with several other figures in the experiencer category, such as Andrew Basiago, William Tompkins, and two evidence researchers, Dr. Michael Salla and Richard Dolan.

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In general, the question is what qualifies as evidence within ufology? And can such evidence be used to substantiate a claim?

In the contemplation of this question, ufology can be generally divided into two camps, those who think any evidence is worthy of consideration, and those who think only vetted or falsifiable evidence is valid.

For example, UFO experiencers, ET contactees, and whistleblowers without verifiable credentials provide verbal testimony, but no hard evidence, such as documents, photographs, or samples of technology. As a result, the claims cannot be confirmed or denied, more or less.

Conversely, whistleblowers with government credentials, documentation that has been authenticated (such as FOIA documents), and video or photographic evidence, can be assessed and evaluated—it can be falsified. This simply means that a claim can be cross checked based on some body of evidence to support it.

Epistemology is the study of knowledge, in particular, how do we know what we know. While it is a relatively obscure field of explicit study, the general tenets of epistemological consideration are at the foundations of nearly every facet of human life. How does a court determine if a witness can be trusted? How does a scientist know that their experiments prove their theory? How does a ufologist know that evidence provides, or lack there of, support for a claim as valid? These are all epistemological questions, the answers to which should hopefully be of keen interest to those seeking to know the truth.

The answering of these questions is no small task and requires a great deal of careful consideration and reasoning. One cannot simply assume that just because a witness can't substantiate their testimony with evidence, it can be summarily dismissed. Nor can one assume that documents or credentials are immune to fabrication and manipulation—as the above manual on legally sanctioned cover-ups makes clear.

Thus, in answering the question: What is valid evidence? one must consider a difficult to accept precept of epistemological philosophy. The axiom is that lack of evidence is not, in and of itself, evidence of fraud, deception or fabrication. It is merely a lack of evidence, which only makes a claim unverifiable.

Simply put, there is no such thing as absolute certainty, as all evidence, no matter how "rock solid" requires proper interpretation. More over, falseness is not proven by lack of evidence, it is proven by properly identifying what is actually happening with respect to the scope and context of a falsehood. Given this unrebutted axiom, Goode, Tompkins, and Basiago, who offer no tangible evidence for their claims, cannot be labeled as liars or frauds.

Dolan in particular, is one of the more outspoken proponents of falsifiability. He asserts that if he can't prove that you worked for a government organization or aerospace company, you aren't a true SSP whistleblower. And while this might seem like a rather myopic stance to take, it appears this contention is embedded within the agenda of ufology in general, namely the ending of the truth embargo and the garnering of public acceptance of UFOs.

To Dolan's credit, he's right when considering one strategy. The public at large, who has been well trained via government disinformation to dismiss any thing related to UFOs with extreme skepticism, will not take anyone seriously unless there is some body of evidence offered in support.

Reconciling all this, the debate seems to be largely fueled by what was exquisitely described as complementary schismogenesis, a term coined by Gregory Bateson.

Bateson observed that when people speak the same language, unless there is a good level of communication rapport present between them, two people, or more, will exchange statements, and misunderstand each other. Then, as in individual feels they weren't properly heard, they will speak to the misinterpretation, often causing even further confusion. Simply put, two people could be talking about the same thing, all while thinking they are disagreeing with each other. Take a moment to consider how often this happens in your own life. 

This language barrier is exacerbated by intolerance and emotionally charged exchanges—when people refuse to hear people out, and react to what they think another person said.

The high-paced nature of modern life, and a slow degradation of philosophic skills in the population, creates a condition where individuals can become heavily image trained, or rigidly focused on one set of terms or rhetoric to describe their field of interest. Add a healthy mix of prejudicial bias at an ideological level, and when discussion finally begins, likely the only result will be lack of discourse or a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas.

In other words, people in all walks of life, have forgotten how to share ideas and be respectful with others, to listen honestly, and develop social graces that allow for misunderstandings to be clarified. Non-confrontational communication methods are desperately needed, everywhere in society.

The aformentioned language barrier features prominently within ufology because, by and large, there are overarching objectives shared by almost every camp, namely the full disclosure of hidden information and public acknowledgement of the field of study. And on this score, Dolan's premise is valid: in the effort to recruit more support from the public and push for acknowledgement of ufology as a valid field of study, a focus on evidence supported material will be prudent. But—and on this point Dolan may not have offered comment—he does not seem to assert that non-falsifiable evidence is completely invalid—although this is certainly how some in the field are interpreting his statements.

Author's note: While Dolan has clearly stated he does not consider Goode and other experiencers as credible whistleblowers, I have never seen him flat-out reject their information as false, unlike others. I think this is important to note, because it is all to easy for those of us on the outside to feel as though, because our chosen ufology experts are in disagreement, we should also divide amongst ourselves. I reject this behavior as beneficial and assert that disagreement is inevitable, because reality itself is predicated on unique points of view. However, since reality on the whole is the thing we all have a view of, and are each seeking to understand it better, trying to divide ourselves into followers of Dolan or Goode seems highly counter productive. Surely, what unites us in the pursuit of greater truth is far more important than any disagreements we have about our conclusions.

Dr. Salla is like Dolan, in that he is not an experiencer himself, he is a researcher that examines evidence. However, Dr. Salla includes whistleblower testimony in his body of examined data, which provides him greater insights into the ufology topic in general.

Thus, to round out the analysis of the evidence debate, the conclusion is that the overall objectives of ufology are fairly well unified. But the individual objectives, and strategies, differ. Experiencers and more eclectic researchers can generally be classified as researchers of truth, seeking for ultimate answers to the UFO question and more. Conversely, those focused on falsifiable testimony and evidence are—similarly seeking an ultimate truth—but also deploying a strategy of public relations. That is, one must be strategic insofar as what information is offered to the public, of which, highly verifiable and credible sources are more effective than ones without any substantiation. These differences aside, there is still plenty of room, and reason, to form a unified front.

Hopefully the aformentioned analysis will highlight two key points.

One, that there are a diverse range of persons with different goals working within the field. And two, that despite these differences, the overarching goal is the same. In light of this, it should also be apparent that collaboration is far more effective than ideological posturing that ultimately hinders ufology in general, especially in the public's eye. The masses, who are, for the most part, almost completely image trained and incapable of assessing information with critical thinking skills, see the field of ufology and likely think to themselves "These guys can't even agree amongst themselves, why should I bother listening to any of it?" And frankly, who can blame them.

Fomenting a "Civil War" within the UFO Community

With all this in mind, consider the alleged insider who reached out to Corey Goode recently.

Goode was, and is, the subject of character attacks and smear campaigns since he was forced to go public with his testimony in early 2015. One need only search YouTube or Google to see a laundry list of "the truth about Corey Goode" content, largely echoing the same body of hyperbolic and fabricated claims. And now, the campaigns have escalated, employing some obvious psychological warfare tactics.

As of early August 2017, a man contacted Goode saying that he is a member of a well-supported group dedicated to destroying Goode’s reputation so as to discredit his testimony in the eyes of the public. Mr. Smith, a pseudonym, said that the goal was to create a “Civil War” within the field of ufology. This has been quite effective given that well established figures within the field have all but abandoned Goode’s testimony, despite the fact, his information is well within the bounds of investigation when considering other sources deemed credible.

According to this source, the campaign employed a multi-pronged agenda of labeling Goode a cult leader, while also claiming he was a government agent, and could even be the victim of advanced mind-control technologies.

Goode provided excerpts of the email in question, listed below. Any grammatical or spelling errors have been left intact.
Dear Mr Goode

(Please forward this to Mr Wilcock)

I am Mr. Smwith and firstly, I would like to flat out apologies to you.

I would also like to give you a compliment. What you have done the last 2-3 years is a big achievement. Something to be really proud off. Well done, I mean that.

I am part of the so called "attack" team who hit Mr Wilcock comment section yesterday. If you read this e-mail in full, you'll be able to once and for all put the campaign against you in the grave.

Mr Wilcock's site was never hacked, however of course he know of this already.
I can go into details to validate this, if required.

I know and understand the game.

I do not care how you make your money. It's your businesses and you have worked your asses off to get were you are now, I admire that.

This can be your "get out of jail" card, if done correctly.

I can tell you exactly where the information flying around comes from.
I can tell you EVERYTHING about the operations against you.

I am a part of the team who created the strategy to start this "civil war" in the UFO community. This happened after you & Mr Wilcock released your "Antarctica" information. 
We deployed the strategy after Contact in the Dessert Conference. Our team tried, as an example, to persuade/influence Jordan Sather to remove & distance himself from you, Mr Goode, after the conference. Jordan Sather received an e-mail about this from a team member called Fracon, However Jordan Sather is clearly not dumb.

Sure, William James Vincent Ryan (BR) & Daniel Robillard (DJ) have been promoting their own information. However they are pawns in our overall strategy & plan.

In fact, Daniel Robillard has been promoting information we've manipulated with. (However I would like to be clear. We never promoted, manipulated or influenced any information regarding the ridiculous "satanic" claims).

[REDACTED] (Twitter-username) is spreading information sent to her by one of our "drones". (This guy, doesn't even know and realise, he is being used).
His name is [REDACTED] by the way. Mr Goode, you will probably already know who this person is ([REDACTED] is very active on your Twitter)

And much more.

This so called "civil war" has given you so much attention. You might think it's bad PR, however bad PR does not exist

if you play this right, you could crush your opponents and become much bigger personalities in your industry with a bigger following.

I will be able to show the anti-Corey & anti-David material has come from us (the so called "Cabal sponsored team").

I have all the evidence to discredit this anti-Goode & anti-Wilcock campaign once and for all.

If you & Mr Wilcock can agree to the below terms, then I'll be able to show how this operation, is a direct "cabal attack" or however you want to spin this.

- All parties sign a NDA about this project
- We only communicate via secure e-mail providers & PGP

Background checks on me, will show I was the son of a so called "cabal" member. Public available information will be able to confirm this (Mainstream news articles, UN Security Council's reports discussing my father & the family business, just to name a few) .

I can be your whistleblower on the so called "cabal attack".

The reason why I require an NDA will be obvious when my real name is disclosed.

You might be skeptic about all of this, I understand that. I would.
However I am the real deal and could become a big revenue source for you. The only thing I wish for in return, is a bit of product placement(We'll negotiate a reasonable amount of course) at some point in the future.

Mr Goode (& Mr Wilcock), think about this offer and let me know of your decision.

P.S Mr Goode, enjoy & good luck with your conference!

All the Best & Kind Regards 
Mr. Smith
Goode quickly responded, sharing his reservations about moving foward and that this might be a trap, or honey pot. Mr. Smith responded with the following.
This is not a honey pot. I understand your hesitation but it's truely not a honey pot.

The NDA would be in place to protect my real name as well as other details about a project. As I have EVERYTHING to loose by providing the information I have.

You will get the seriousness of why, when my name is disclosed.

Evidence I can provide without a NDA. 
- Can log onto many of the fake social media profiles we use and write any desired message. HOWEVER it cannot be an obvious message due to obvious reasons (please also note: I can only do this with the accounts I am allocated)
- See below e-mail chain number 1. This is one of our main goals completed (Get a NGO to assist in labelling Blueavians as a cult) You might have seen [REDACTED] (Your so called "high school friend") use some disinformation based on below e-mail. We know [REDACTED] is being fed by [REDACTED] ([REDACTED] Twitter) as he is one of our "drones"
- See below e-mail chain number 2. This is an influence e-mail sent to Linda Moulton Howe(with response).
- David Wilcock's site was never hacked. We simply paid a guy in Malaysia to sit and down vote comments (Social proof reasons) using a VPN connection. It costs us less than $10.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

I will not provide anything else without a NDA in place.

Also would prefer to do this over PGP. Can I have your public key?

The product placement will be a disclosed after a signed NDA.

Corey is asking that if anyone else who is working for this campaign, or another discrediting effort, wants to forward communications to him, he would greatly appreciate it. Use this email:

Mr. Smith did, in fact, contact Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion. Sather provided screenshots of the email exchange as evidence.

What this email exchange suggests is that a coordinated campaign is likely in effect against Goode and others. And given the actual nature of the claims against Goode, particularly the baseless Satanism assertion, Mr. Smith might really be someone involved in the effort.

In other words, what Mr. Smith told Goode in the exchange, and what can be verified in reviewing the smear campaign provides points of corroboration—Mr. Smith is referring to real things. This is further underscored by the fact Mr. Smith claims to have reached out to Jordan Sather, which is true based on the screenshots provided. Sather never publicly made mention of this interaction, suggesting this Mr. Smith is either the same man, or a well connected person in the anti-Corey campaign.

But Mr. Smith's demands on Corey and David Wilcock were too great. Specifically, he demanded that they both sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which in and of itself isn't objectionable. However, the substance of the document provided by Mr. Smith grants him incredible legal powers. Namely, that any information provided to Goode and Wilcock must be shared forthwith, but can be retracted later. And any information not approved by Mr. Smith, which was never clearly defined in the NDA, constitutes a breach of the agreement. This breach would be fined up to € 900,000 Euros ($1,056,645 USD), and any disputes would be adjudicated in Denmark. These are only some of the obvious entrapment provisions within the NDA.

In short, if Goode and Wilcock had signed the NDA, they would have been legally crippled insofar as sharing information. This document, as it was written, would have given Mr. Smith extraordinary powers of censorship over both of them, including crippling legal fees and fines. Thankfully, Goode and Wilcock declined Mr. Smith's offer.

Although Mr. Smith didn't explicitly state the preceding intention of censorship, it can be reasonably concluded that this was indeed the ultimate aim. Furthermore, Goode and Wilcock would have been required to promote some product, which no doubt would have fed fuel to the fire that both figures are "in it for the money,"—one of the thoroughly debunked claims asserted by their detractors.

Goode said that the smear group might have reached out to Child Protection Services (CPS) in an effort to have his children taken away from him. He received a phone call from someone claiming to be a CPS case worker, and he is in the process of verifying if this was authentic. If true, it would suggest that the effort was in concert with the stated plan to use Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to label Goode a cult leader.

The bottomline appears to be that, since the other smear campaigns didn't seem to be persuading people to abandon Goode and others, more insidious methods would need to be attempted. Assuming that the ultimate intention of Mr. Smith was to silence them both—this point is one that shouldn't be overlooked, and will considered further along in this writing.

Analysis of Psychological Warfare Tactics

The nature of some of these attacks against Goode and others is, to those who have studied such methods in the past, obviously designed to evince a strong emotional reaction by labeling him a cultist, Nazi sympathizer, and even participating in Satanic activities.

In an effort to comprehend the methodology, an overview of the psychological basis of social engineering and manipulation of public opinion will be helpful. The method of focus is emotional triggering or baiting, causing a person to experience an extreme emotional reaction that shuts down their critical thinking skills.

The disgust or revulsion mechanism is a prominent feature of the human psyche. For sake of argument, consider the revulsion felt by suspecting a close friend or colleague might be a pedophile, one who has set their sights on your child. Even if you aren't sure, the usual response is so intense, careful evaluation of the suspicion (unbiased evidence appraisal) is almost impossible—as parents who've experienced this before can attest to.

When a person feels revulsion for something, the portion of the brain in charge of intense emotional responses, related to the fight or flight mechanism, activates, managed by the amygdala and hippocampus. Once a person has been triggered, the dense mirror neuron centers of the brain, located in the insula just behind the prefrontal cortex, shuts down, along with a reduction of neocortical activity. These are the centers responsible for empathy, compassion, and most importantly, rational thought—the capacity to judge things accurately.

In the suspected pedophile example, the mere thought that someone might be conspiring to harm a child is usually enough to trigger an intense fear response. As the brain floods with fear hormones, critical thinking and reasoning capacities breakdown, effectively reducing brain function to that of a frightened animal. The psyche of such a triggered individual becomes incredibly reactive, irrational, and easily influenced by suggestion, particularly one that enables the person to defend an entrenched viewpoint or belief system.

Historically, if a crowd of people blame a rape or some atrocity on a perpetrator, due process is abandoned, as groupthink consciousness sweeps over. The people in the mob quickly switch into a dissociative state, marked by feelings of personal power, euphoria and a desire to inflict harm (revenge) on an identified target, called the out-group.

But before triggering can take place, ground work for directing this state of consciousness toward an agenda needs to be laid. Particularly, a propaganda campaign using rhetoric designed to characterize a certain group, school of thought or viewpoint as reprehensible. In this case, Goode’s testimony that reveals the partial disclosure narrative is labeled as incredible and "too crazy to be true," even though other persons in ufology similarly provide fantastic claims with out direct evidence, and are welcomed with open arms.

Once the targeted population has been sufficiently programed by manipulating their value system through various means, a series of triggering events can brand anyone targeted as a member of the out-group, wherein such triggered persons further the agenda by way of their reactions. The triggering event in Goode’s case, was likely the smear campaign promoted by Dark Journalist, explained further on.

Historically, especially if one examines the effects of war on soldiers and what can happen on the battlefield, even the most seemingly moral and ethical people can participate in horrific displays of power and domination, such as rape gangs, and sociopathic aggressions. This little known feature of the human condition was extensively documented by The Association of Psychohistory.

Briefly, during the Nurnberg Trials after WWII, it was discovered that certain concentration camp guards, particularly those who were intensely cruel, would often experience an orgasm when inflicting pain or death on a victim—even when there was nothing overtly sexual about the violent act. This peculiar feature of psychopathology is well known in psychology, yet little understood. However what is known is that when a person enters a severely altered and dissociative state, they are effectively not in control of their often disjointed and unwieldy shadow selfs, what psychohistorians call hateful alters.

This aspect of the human psyche—its capacity to slip into an altered irrational and bellicose state due to emotional trigger and revulsion programming—is arguably a central facet of propaganda and social engineering agendas for decades, if not far longer.

Looking to the recent tragic events in Charlottesville—here is a case study of psychological warfare tactics.

Here's what happened: a group of national socialists and other conservative groups, were demonstrating peacefully in Lee Park Charlottesville, when radical-leftist groups, like ANTIFA and BLM, descended onto the scene, throwing rocks, threatening peaceful demonstrators, and inciting violence. While some of the conservative groups who met for the Unite The Right rally are most definitely racist in their ideology, they were peaceful and did not attack their aggressors. However, violence erupted when several vehicles drove through throngs of aggressive anti-ralliers—precisely the reaction that shadow government figures wanted to entice. CNN, arguably a mouth piece for the shadow government and the globalists—of note, George Soros, who funds Black Lives Matter and is suspected of funding ANTIFA—characterized the incident as a violent demonstration against “peaceful anti-racists protestors.” Furthermore, CNN news persons were actively using the term “Nazi sympathizers” for anyone not calling for the suppression of free speech of groups deemed to be racist.

All of this should hopefully make clear that, through the use of various triggering techniques, a person or organization can be labeled in an incendiary way. And then the now triggered unthinking masses quickly swarm onto the selected target, who has become a member of the out-group, and the mob tears them apart, literally or figuratively.

Smear Campaign Against Goode and Others

The same methods have been used on Goode.

Dark Journalist, a Youtuber who appears to be working with the anti-Corey side of ufology, produced several tabloid style hit-pieces attacking Goode, and his supporters. One piece stated that Goode was a “Nazi sympathizer.” Another piece stated that Goode’s business manager was a satanist, citing some rather benign tattoos and old artwork during the man's youth. Finally, during the Contact in the Desert event from 2017, Dark Journalist claimed that Goode and several others engaged in a satanic ritual, named “Ring of Archons.” All of these claims were later proven to be wholly inaccurate or outright fabrications. Despite the baseless nature of these allegations against Goode, a great many people, owing to the use of trigger words such as Satanist and Nazi, withdrew support and some even began to smear Goode on their own platforms.

Teresa Yanaros, of Divine Frequency, was kind enough to supply a list of some of the claims asserted by Dark Journalist.
Dark Journalist Video: 5.29.2017
21 seconds in: 
Dark Journalist said: "This information clearly outlines the manipulation of the UFO and SSP community by not only an opportunist marketing campaign, but also a satanic agenda to use disclosure as an occult ritual."

4minutes 15 seconds in, DJ says: 
"He is listed at the time as Roger Ramsaur. The band clearly embraced satanic imagery..."

4:31in DJ said: 
"I suppose that explains the occult star tattoo on his hand. When Ramsaur moved on after 9 years of satanic metal, he went on to create a new act, Low Sun, on the cover of which can be seen Lucifer's sigil. In recent videos of RR giving spiritual advice, the tattoo of Lucifer's sigil can clearly be seen on his neck, along with the occult symbol star on his hand."

4:55in DJ said: 
"Roger cover art depicted an upsidedown pentagram, and the satanic gates of hell seal."

5:10 in, DJ says: 
"Listing it under devotional clearly implies religious overtones - but to what? The satanic imagery on the cover perhaps?"

6:12 in DJ says: 
"Ramsaur's devotion to satanic imagery and putting a neck tattoo of Lucifer's sigil tells us a great deal about RR."

7:52 in DJ says: 
"Now, he apparently wants to promote young adults as being experts on the SSP. We need to address the possiblity that this is an attempt to co-opt the new age UFO audience by satanic forces with a three year disclosure marketing plan to infiltrate the independent media."

DJ VID: 6.2.2017

6:16 in, DJ says: 
IS that just a coincidence? IS the BA alien theme just a space version of a satanic cult? We need to ask that question, and we need to get real answers.

DJ VID: 6.9.2017

35:42 in, DJ says: 
"Right, and this is discussing the heavily satanic imagery that is publicly online and identified with him for years."

36:12 in, DJ says: 
"I believe that his tattoos and the music is part of a culture. part of a satanic, occultish program."

DJ video on 6.9.17 

32:03 in, DJ says "Now this information is not something that you've told me- so let's get that part clear. And also getting information on this ritual was easily one of the most difficult things I've encountered in this so far. And everyone involved is so tight lipped about the ritual. Certainly there were references to some kind of ritual taking place, we know that is safe to say. Now one of the only direct references to someone who was there- when I asked what was said, or what it was all about, they said it was called the Ring of Archons."
For those wanting clarity regarding these claims, please see this article, which thoroughly details the sensational and inaccurate nature of what is asserted by Dark Journalist.

Author's note: I was targeted by Dark Journalist's campaign as well, wherein he claimed I participated in the alleged Ring of Archons ritual. And speaking as someone who's studied the Dark Occult and Satanism extensively, as well as being a first hand witness to many of the interactions mentioned by Dark, I can say that these claims are baseless. Dark provided no meaningful arguments or evidence to support the satanic associations being made. He merely used trigger words, played some unnerving music, and drew allusions as to the idea that something nefarious might be happening. He also fanned the flames of "Corey and David are all in it for the money" theory. In other words, it was a text book example of revulsion triggering, and he used almost every point of paranoia floating around Goode and Wilcock to bolster the reaction. What's more, he never asked or responded to people who offered testimony as to what really happened. I reached out to him after he released the first video smearing Goode, saying that he was mistaken, and I'd like to testify as to what really happened, to which Dark never responded.

Methods of character assassination and discrediting are hardly new. But the vast majority of people today simply don’t have the time, or the research skills, to properly understand the elaborate psychological warfare tactics being used agains them.

All that needs be done is to present some body of dubious evidence and then use the proper trigger words to evince a revulsion reaction. Once an altered state has been cultivated, a person will find it impossible to investigate anything, assuming that the claims are true, often citing gut feelings as justification for avoiding more thorough research. But as was just detailed, emotions are unreliable, especially when one has been triggered.

The PSYOP Isn't Working

Despite the disturbing nature of the situation at hand, it can be interpreted as a damning admission on the part of shadowy groups, regarding the credibility of Goode and Wilcock.

As a colleague recently said: "When such obviously fabricated and baseless campaigns against someone are made, this, in my mind, is a ringing endorsement of the person in question." But, of course, due diligence can't be ignored either.

Consider that Goode and Wilcock who, by all accounts are well intentioned and honest, who have never been proven to have fabricated evidence, or worked for shadowy government sources in an effort to deceive the people, are the subject of a baseless smear campaign.

If Goode and Wilcock were indeed government agents or just fabricating their story for personal gain (which is patently false given how much money they actually make from their activities) wouldn’t it be easier to just reveal this to the public? Why would such a dubious smear campaign be needed to discredit them? Why would Mr. Smith attempt to entrap them in an insanely restrictive NDA? And why are certain forces acting to ensure Goode and Wilcock are thoroughly excommunicated from other figures in the field of ufology?

If there are, as Goode and Wilcock claim, figures in the shadow government hellbent on preventing their partial disclosure narrative from being revealed, as well as the whole truth staying hidden, then this smear campaign is actually an affirmation of the veracity of their claims.

What’s more, it also suggests that the powers acting behind this agenda desperately want to prevent established researchers speaking with Goode to trade notes. As it is, William Tompkins, a 94 year old whistleblower and insider of what is called the Navy SSP, has corroborated much of Goode’s testimony, and is similarly coming under attack by well known figures in ufology, such as Dr. Steven Greer. For an analysis of Greer's claims and evidence that he is likely another person that has been conscripted into the divide and conquer agenda, see this article.

It appears, there is indeed a shadowy group working to keep the ufology community divided, and unfortunately, certain figures within it—who by all accounts appear to be well intentioned—have been recruited into the agenda, likely unwittingly.

Final Thoughts

For outsiders trying to make sense of things, there is much to consider. As if the questions raised by ufology weren’t difficult enough, now one needs to be come an expert on government disinformation and psychological warfare tactics.

But the good news is that, by and large, the truth cannot remain hidden for long. And as such baseless smear campaigns rage against the rising tides of growing truth-centric individuals, researchers, and spokespersons, the powers that be reveal their true nature.

In other words, with each false flag attack or smear campaign, the people develop a degree of immunity against sensationalized lies and falsehood. As evidence for this, consider that Goode and Wilcock, along with several others, such as Dr. Michael Salla and William Tompkins, continue to engage ever larger crowds of people, which seem to have developed an immunity to disinformation.

As of the time of this writing, on August 21st, Goode is to conduct his first conference at Mount Shasta, entitled Eclipse of Disclosure, wherein the message of unity amongst truths for change is a prominent feature.

The bottom line is that people seem to be developing a real taste for the truth, and at the same time, recognizing that everyone has the desire for truth and change for a brighter future at the center of their vision.

And more to the point, we who follow this or that figure, be they in ufology or other fields, need not divide ourselves into camps of pro-Corey and anti-Dolan, or other variations. The elephant in the living room fact is that we are all in the search for truth together. We're all trying to cross the same ocean of lies and deception. Wouldn't it make more sense to band together and create a fleet of ships to navigate the seas of uncertainty, instead of trying to traverse the torrents of deception alone, on a rickety raft?

What's encouraging is that these efforts to cause division, despite being effective to some degree, are actually creating a slow and steady wavefront of cohesive unity and action. And as we in this central nexus slowly learn to treat each other with honor and respect, choosing to hear out conflicting opinion, instead of smashing it underfoot, we help show a better way to the reactionary masses.

As Dr. Martin Luther King said,"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." The more we develop tolerance, and the philosophic skills and depth of vision to see past surface disagreements, we'll come to know the joy of cooperation with our fellows more deeply. Indeed, we're closer than we might think to unity in the community, but every mind and every moment counts.

Learn from your moments of reactivity. Forgive yourself for the intolerance doled out to others. And be grateful for the chance to find fellowship with someone who was previously viewed as an enemy. Historically speaking, often the most staunch enemies become the best of friends, once they've realized their differences were ultimately shallow.

Whether the subject matter is government conspiracy, UFOs, or simply improving the environment and the human condition, people all over the world are increasingly becoming more responsive to, and working with, other change-minded people.

Although the powers that be continue to attempt inciting civil war, in seemingly every sector of society, the hearts and minds of the people are slowly seeing past these distractions, and in doing so, are further embolden to unite for a better world.

The powers that be think we are too incompetent and immature to be trusted with the secrets of our age. Let's show them we can be trusted, and unite to that end.

- Justin

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