Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What happened to the long-lost “City of Giants” hidden deep within Ecuador’s Amazon?

A team of researchers had discovered a while ago an ancient complex of pyramids and various structures in a remote part of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. They documented the site as best as they could, snapping several images of strange structures and artifacts and filming a couple of videos. 

This ancient city—beleived to have been built and inhabited by giants was mentioned by Natives in the region, but no one had dared to search for the lost city before.
But hold on a sec, giants aren’t real.

Well, Ecuadorian legends speak of ancient cities of giants, abandoned by their inhabitants long ago, little by little these allegedly once majestic cities have been claimed by nature over the past couple of centuries.

In fact, not only due Ecuadorian legends speak of Giants, but tribes throughout the Amazon basin recall the existence of an ancient race of giants who built prosperous cities long before ‘regular-sized’ humans arrived in the area.

Similar stories can be found across the planet, no matter where we look, from Patagonia to Northern America, from Europe to Asia, ancient texts and oral legends mention beings of humongous size, walking on Earth in the distant past.

And exactly such legends are what inspired a group of researchers to travel to a remote part of the Ecuadorian Amazon in order to search for the “Lost City Of Giants.”

It is said that several tribes had been using the City Of Giants as a traditional meeting place since time immemorial and it is believed that it was inhabited by powerful spirits.

The place was sacred to locals and they talked about their builders with a mixture of fear and respect.

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