Thursday, September 28, 2017

Preston James Update - September 27, 2017

How close are we to Hell on Earth?

If you are unfortunate enough to live in one of the many war zones or disaster areas, or one of the third world nations like Mexico or Guatemala, you are already there.

… by  Preston James

It’s a very distasteful subject, one that is taboo in the highest American political circles, but it is a subject that needs to be honestly addressed and dealt with before it is too late for America and the whole world.

That forbidden subject is the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s very secret Agenda to destroy all societies and create Hell on Earth.

This specific agenda is a closely guarded secret kept from most KM’s who do the dirty work of the top Babylonian Talmudics who run the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.

The very top goal of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s top Kingpins to to destroy every existing society, nation-state of planet Earth and then drastically reduce the population of humans by 90%.

They create wars, destruction, catastrophes, massive human suffering an death all as a secret sacrifice to their personal god Satan who they have made blood covenants with and given their souls to in exchange for endless earthly political power, vast riches and great status.

They believe that without continually sacrificing humans to Satan and creating mass suffering and death, their access to extreme political power, riches and status will diminish over time.

What empowers the RKM’s top Kingpins and why do they work so hard to bring Hell on Earth to all nations?

These Rothschild Khazarian Mafiosi are the biggest organized crime syndicate in the world and are are empowered by four major things that have allowed them to infiltrate and hijack most of the world’s banking, political and economic systems:

1- The RKMs’ ability to create “money” out of thin air in any quantities desired and lend it out to users mandated by law at accruing pernicious usury provides vast power to these RKM Kingpins. This allows the RKM to buy almost every single top elected and appointed political official or corporate leader. It also allows the RKM Occult Masters to print or issue as much “money” needed to spend in attaining their operational goals.

2- The RKMs’ inter-generational accumulation, usage, and application of the Satanic Black Magick and Black Arts to direct and human compromise almost every major elected and appointed official and corporate big whig. These black arts include Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) of certain children even in an “Occult Master’s own family” and other select children often obtained through Intel families, the military, the courts or bought on the secret child trafficking market.

3- The RKM’s Masterful skills in creating major world crises which then can be milked to extract trillions of dollars of profit for themselves. The ability of the RKM and its Cutouts to make money off of other folks’ troubles have led to them engineering major wars, weather catastrophes, economic and moral collapse all mover the world to create an endless supply of trouble and human misery, suffering and death. All done by RKM Psychopaths and their Cutouts who have had their souls extracted by Satan and replaced by demon entities with their own permission, in order to obtain great power, wealth and status.

4- The RKM’s ability to merge with and hijack criminal syndicates all over the world to gain quick power and control over the dark side of societies. The RKM likes to work through crime syndicates because they have already usually corrupted high government officials and have established working relationships with existing local authorities. To do this they must threaten the crime syndicates with complete annihilation by deployment of high governmental force, even full Intel and/or military actions if need be.

Because the deeply infiltrated USG and all the other American institutions that have been infiltrated and hijacked by the RKM present a false image of honesty, justice and law (which is exactly the opposite of what they stand for) this keeps most of the public bamboozled and unable to understand the unimaginable evil of the RKM done through its USG and American institutional puppets.
The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) are organized into a large worldwide hierarchy of occult masters and their inductees and they secretly practice satanic human sacrifice, pedophilia and even cannibalism.

A hierarchy is a a pyramidal authority structure with less leaders and more power at each level ascending until you reach the top where one key appointee pulls all the strings to fulfill the satanic agenda of the several top Old Black European Nobility that prefer to hide in the shadows.

In this secret and hidden RKM World Hierarchy, once someone is indoctrinated and initiated in (like the Cosa Nostra) the only exit is feet first, by death that is. And in order to enter this hierarchy one initiation typically includes participating in a child sacrifice which is videoed for later use as blackmail if necessary.

Years ago when I was briefed on this subject by a very highly connected individual, I just did not believe it could be true. Because of this persons standing and the respect I had for him, I did not object or say , oh that is just conspiracy stuff, or just cannot be true.

Twenty years later after receiving corroborating information from numerous rock solid sources, I now hold the opinion that this is all true despite how inconceivable or incredulous it seemed to me before and now seems to most average Americans.

Incredulity is a great protection for the RKM from being discovered for their unimaginable evil. 

The things the RKM does and their overall agenda for Planet Earth is just too evil, too malevolent, to sick, too sociopathic, too homicidal for any average American to ever believe that the RKM has such an evil agenda.

Leaked DNC email from Wikileaks. But don’t think that top Republicans are not involved in rampant DC pedophilia, because many are.

And yes, it is now incontrovertible well established fact that the RKM’s inter-generational agenda is to destroy all societies, nation-states and the whole world as we know it and cause the mass-murder of 90% of the world’s population of human beings.

The leaked DNC emails which are called “Pizzagate” and “Pedogate” have well supported these contentions of massive pedophilia and child sacrifice are rampant in DC circles among politicians and the highly connected.

But there is so much more evidence of ongoing high level pedophilia by the politically powerful elites if anyone does deep Internet based research on such topics as:

1- The Franklin Cover-up of the CIA/Bush trafficking and pedophilia of the Omaha little boys and girls to a DC party house.
2- The previously secret (now revealed epidemic of pedophilia, child sacrifice and cannibalism of the UK’s Jimmy Saville and the European nobility and upper classes.
3- The Marc Dutroux “Butcher of Brussels’ affair with pedophilia, child imprisonment, child torture. murder, child hunting, ritual sacrifice and cannibalism of the European elites.
4- Rampant abuse of children by pedophile priest of the the Catholic Church
5- Rampant child sex trafficking across America including those covert ops run by the CIA for human compromise.
Over the years I uncovered some strange connections between the RKM and certain Alien ET groups. 

This led me to ask the question, are the top RKM Kingpins that have claimed they have periodic visits by spirit-guide entities some claim are demons, other have claimed are Alien ET “grays”, being visited by satanic controlled entities?

To add further confusion to this is the reality that several deeply classified (unacknowledged special access) DOD contractor programs have been working since the mid 1960s with Alien ET groups on joint technology development programs.

I have been told that most of the officials involved have unknowingly been mind-kontrolled by these entities and in reality are working for them. So is there an ongoing two-track take-down of Planet Earth program right now?

One track being done by demons working for Satan that have been invited to take-over and empower the RKM Kingpins lives, and another far more subtle group of Alien ETs that work for Satan but who do it much more covertly? It is important to note that neither group is up to any good or else they would be open about what they have been doing and why?


Truth is the ultimate vaccine for the secret unimaginably evil crimes of the RKM. But in order for the masses to believe truth, first their denial must be breached, and right now the Major Mass Media must declare it and “Christen it” as actual truth.

This must change and now there are trends for mainstream America to disbelieve most the the reporting of the six Major Mass Media which by the way constitute a CIA Proprietary and a virtual News Monopoly that violates RICO and anti-trust laws.

So far the Internet is slowly making inroads with that and the major leaks published on the Internet by Wikileaks are helping.

We now know for certain beyond any  reasonable doubt that the world is in the evil clutches of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) and the top Kingpins of the RKM are Babylonian Talmudics.
These Babylonian Talmudics are hard core Occult Masters of the dark side who practice Black Magick, the Black Arts, in their secret satanic black masses practice child and adult sacrifice, blood drinking, human torture and even cannibalism. This is an inter-generational family-based satanism going all the way back to ancient Babylonia.

The Internet is the New Gutenberg Press and is producing mass populism all over the world which has become a major concern of the RKM. In America the RKM is now attempting to infiltrate this new populism, hijack it, and redirect it in destructive mays, to neuter it through the RKM’s age old tactic of “divide and conquer”. Thus the recent NFL flap over “racism” in the most un-racist western nation.

This is why Black Lives Matter and Antifa are funded by the RKM and run by Intel, and why the RKM attempts to infiltrate and hijack every single honest populism emergence in America.

Now that we have the Internet, this is not so easy as it used to be to do this things unnoticed because of the coming end of all secrecy and the speed of information disclosure.

So the big question remains, can the people of the world rise up in every nation-state fast enough and displace the RKM from power before they succeed in creating Hell on Earth for every single Human Being but themselves as is their plan?

Those that do finally discover that vast amount of unimaginable evil being done all overt the world by the RKM feel completely overwhelmed and do not know how to even approach this huge problem, or how to really go after it in a meaningful way.

Most just go away in quiet desperation. Many who know the truth and are concerned get active and do their best but then get exhausted and just give up, working hard to just survive economic hard times themselves.

Many folks all over the world pray that God Almighty will take the RKM down. Then they try to slowly but surely inform their close friends and family about all this and ask them to pray for the end of the RKM too. Reasonable attempts to get involved in politics so far has been unsuccessful, but now with the Internet that may change.

The deep question always remains. What is driving Satan to use his minions to attempt to kill off all humanity? Obviously Satan inspires them to act according to his will through his demon control over the top Babylonian Talmudic leaders and their top Cutouts who are “initiated”. And Satan rewards them handsomely in great excess with power, riches beyond measure and high positions and social status. Some Biblical scholars have claimed that Satan hates everything God Almighty created since he was cast out of Heaven for his rebellion along with about 1/3 of the lower/lesser Elohim (God’s Ruling Council) like him.

Allegedly Satan hates everything God Almighty created including the Earth, humans and all animals for being cast out down to this part of the universe where he is held in captivity awaiting final judgment. Allegedly Satan believes that if he destroys humanity and bridges into creating his own race, a merger of iron and clay (human and animal genes combined with A.I. “hived” machines), he can muster enough psi-power and high weapons technology to defeat God Almighty and descend to God’s throne, usurp it and take over. This seems quite incredulous, but one who honestly examines the occult/satanic motives of the top Babylonian Talmudic Kingpins that control the RKM must admit that their actions serve only themselves at the expense of mass-murdering humans.

The last time America was attacked before the *BT/RKM/COL attacked was in the war of 1812, and the last major serious war on American turf was the Civil War which took a terrible toll on the nation with thousands of dead, wounded and ruined lives. This was all due to the BT/RKM/COL Banksters (aka Babylonian Talmudic “moneychangers”).

The American military was hijacked in 1913 when the BT/RKM/COL Banksters infiltrated and hijacked America through the passage of the unconstitutional, illegal Federal Reserve Act. Ever since they have deployed the US Military as their action agent to serve as the BT/RKM/COL’s world police force.

Through manipulating the geopolitical and economic situations around the world, the BT/RKM/COL has been able to set up continuing perpetual wars to bring mass-death, mass-suffering, mass-disability to most of Planet Earth.

Since the Civil War and 9-11-01, America has remained clear of a major land war inside America. But this could rapidly change and in the next several years America could be transformed by the BT/RKM/COOL into a major war zone like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, the Balkans, and Lebanon were. If Americans do not rise up and displace the BT/RKM/COL from power in America, they could easily create the Lebanization and Balkanization of all of America soon.

*BT/RKM/COL Babylonian Talmudics/Rothschild Khazarian Mafia/City of London Banksters (“the World Moneychangers”)