Monday, September 4, 2017

Tom Heneghan Update - September 3, 2017

Sunday   September 3, 2017
Netanyahu Now an International Terrorist
by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert


UNITED States of America   -   It can now be reported that the patriotic U.S. Military Flag Officers have classified Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as an 'International Terrorist'.

He is now a direct threat to the freedom of the American People and the continued existence of the Constitution of the United States and U.S. Bill of Rights.

Netanyahu and the Israeli Mossad are currently conducting massive illegal surveillance against the American People.

Israel has been outsourced by the CIA and NSA to conduct this massive surveillance, which began in September of 2001 after Nazi junior George W. BushFRAUD and Vice pResident Dick Cheney scripted the 9/11 Black Op aka an Adolf Hitler-style Reichstag Fire.

It gets worse!

Netanyahu and the Israeli Mossad are also working directly with FBI Division 5 out of Kansas City, Missouri to coordinate FBI Division 5 domestic assassination teams that are busy targeting patriotic American citizens who speak out against this Nazi-Khazar treasonous activity which continues on American soil.

Reference:  Netanyahu has a resume with committing treason against the American People, including the role of the Israeli Mossad in coordinating with the Pakistani ISI, Saudi Intelligence and the U.S. CIA in the 9/11 Black Op attack on the American People.

Netanyahu and the Israeli Mossad also conspired, along with former Clinton era Special Counsel Kenneth Starr, aided and abetted by internet mogul Matt Drudge aka Drecht, to conduct illegal espionage in the late 1990s against then Vice President Albert Gore Jr., now year 2000 DULY ELECTED President, including spying on Vice President Gore in a White House bathroom.

Note:  Netanyahu, along with Kenneth Starr and Matt Drudge, helped script the Monica Lewinsky scandal as to allow Kenneth Starr to cover up massive 'Smoking Gun' evidence tying both the Clintons and the Bush Crime Cartel to massive CIA narcotics, weapons trafficking, money laundry and foreign currency counterfeiting out of Mena, Arkansas in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Item:  The operation in Mena, Arkansas was called 'Operation Deal Room' reference American Global China.  This internet reporter is still in possession of this 'Smoking Gun' evidence and documents fingering Starr for massive Obstruction of Justice.

It should also be noted that Matt Drudge is a blackmailable homosexual with direct ties to Israeli Intelligence.

P. S.  Netanyahu now wants to assassinate Syrian President Assad given the fact that the CIA-Israeli Mossad's ISIS terrorists, who were hired to remove Assad from the presidency in Syria, have been defeated and Netanyahu's plan for a natural gas pipeline controlled by Israel and the CIA has been blocked.

Message to Nazi-Khazar Jew Netanyahu:

You have done enough to terrorize the American People and shred our Constitution;

so now the patriotic U.S. Military Flag Officers order tit-for-tat.

Netanyahu must be dealt with now under the U.S. Military Code of Justice

with extreme due prejudice!

In closing, we can report that Netanyahu, along with daddy Bush (Nazi George Herbert Walker Bush) and E-Systems out of Dallas, Texas, have been fingered in supplying North Korea with the mobile hydrogen bomb that is designed to hold the American People hostage and forestall justice from being administered to the Bush-Clinton-Netanyahu Crime Cartel.

At this hour, alleged President Donald Trump is under house arrest as the entire U.S. government heads towards collapse.

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