Monday, October 2, 2017

Dinar Chronicles Update - Intel Blackout - October 2, 2017

Dinar ChroniclesDear Readers,

We're currently experiencing an intel blackout from all sources. No intel is currently coming in from any source. We can only hope this means we're in an opening for the GCR/RV to occur.

In the mean time, let us pray for the souls who lost their lives as collateral to this war with the Cabal. The attacks in Canada, France and especially Las Vegas all just yesterday were undoubtedly orchestrated by the Cabal with their CIA funded Islamic State mercenary army abomination.

Let us also pray for the citizens of Catalonia who want to be freed from oppression of the Spanish government. The brutal beatings of their own citizens shows whose side they're really on.

Most of all, let us pray for the APTB/NPTB who are tirelessly working everyday to remove the Cabal as discretely as possible without causing any public unrest. Remember, the Cabal want chaos and that is the opposite of what the APTB/NPTB want.

Try to enjoy and make the best out of today.

Keep the positive energies flowing.

Thank you for choosing us.

~ Dinar Chronicles