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Anonymous (ID: QHQSZUwT:

Morning y’all!!! It SURE IS shaping up to be another GREAT day, isn’t it?!

Rarely do I feel the need to point out my own credibility so I’ll just remind you that this was filed independently yesterday, on behalf of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. as the DEFENDANT. Note, it wasn’t filed by the DOJ or on behalf of an individual.

Now as yourselves this… why would this FACT, be important? Why would Donald J. Trump for President, INC. want to legally file this? What protections are afforded from the day organizations like “” are named/implicated, in a formally filed US District Supreme Court?

Hypothetically and all… if you were in the position of releasing valuable, leaked information you’ve obtained to the public, you’d probably want to first ensure the ball you PRE-NEGOTIATED federal protections on, was legally rolling, right? If you had secretly negotiated your terms with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher back in August and had agreed you’d keep a lid on your shit until the negotiated deadline of 10/21/17, then you’d also need to wait for the parties/campaign INC’s you negotiated with, to legally file action in favor of your protection, no?!

Except here’s the thing, as soon as you file ANYTHING with a federal US District Court, it BECOMES and is ADDED to accessible, PUBLIC RECORDS, isn’t it?!

So, if you’re trying to keep shit under wraps until you’re ready to pull a trigger, you’d probably wait to file what will become a matter of public record, until you absolutely have to do it, right?!

Y’all let paid /pol/trolls turn me into some “10/21 Assange release happening”, that I NEVER CLAIMED would actually happen, on the 21st. Instead of reading my well-documented, archived posts thoroughly and IN FULL for yourselves, y’all chose to become the LARP’s you claim you know better than to fall for…

Anonymous (ID: Y47PooXT
Couldn’t Trump just extradite and pardon Assange though?

Anonymous (ID: QHQSZUwT

True, when considered from a surface perspective however, realize there’s a lot of balls being juggled (haha) that don’t make sense NOW, but will.

You don’t think that story about Trump Inc./Wiki came out from MSM “investigative reporting”, do you? This was purposefully leaked just like the Trump Jr./Russia meeting and the emails Jr. conveniently had compiled in full and on hand ready to purge himself, 2 hours later. No different.

Anonymous (ID: QHQSZUwT

It’s being hyped to bait everyone opposed into showing up with good intentions so the paid protestors can turn it all into another shit show. Be smart, spread the word and don’t go.

In fact, don’t give it any attention. If they show up and no one opposed does, there’s no one to pick fights with but themselves. No “white nationalists” to blame car plowing a/innocent deaths on.

Anonymous (ID: QHQSZUwT

He’s not dead. The rest about filing will come out and pieces will start to add up rather quickly now. I’m not comfortable rattling off more or even trying to spin more than I already have, as a hypothetical at this time. It’s moving quickly… you’ll get your answers soon enough. Promise.

Anonymous (ID: QHQSZUwT

Yes. Like I said… you can give people the “redpill”, but only they choose to swallow. Those who complain this is all taking so long are those swallowed theirs a long time ago. These are the same people who aren’t viewing the Uranium 1 and dossier news this week, as “breaking”. Those people already validated and justified Wikileaks, as a credible, valuable resource. Unfortunately for us, half the country, if not more, have listened to people they’ve voted for and trust, like Hillary, their senators, reps, department/agency heads, former Obama admins, etc. banging on them for years that “Wikileaks is a national security threat”, they’re “Russian-tied agents working against our democratic process and sovereignty”, “Assange is a rapist”, etc. it’s all bullshit to us, but we have far too many with their heads in the sand.

Hell, even people I thought were woke, are buying to Corey Feldman bullshit and opening their wallets to donate to a honeypot for “truth”… haha! GTFOH! Come on!!!

Anonymous (ID: QHQSZUwT

Maybe, but either way, if y’all stay away, it will be clear who is there, for who.

They payroll black “BLM protestors”, unidentifiable, face-covered “Antifa” protestors and white, “white nationalists” for a reason. It’s so they blend and blur the lines between who’s there starting shit and who’s not. This is why it was hard for any “whites” in attendance of Charlottesville to differentiate themselves, post-Charlottesville. That’s intentional and purposeful. Blur the lines, get everyone used to seeing, hearing and thinking that every black person at a BLM rally, every covered face/head at an Antifa rally and every white person at a white nationalist rally, is FOR and unopposed of the violence the paid people are tasked with instigating and implementing.

Remember, 95% of everyone who shows up to these things only do so out of ignorant innocence. They are well-intentioned people who feel personally compelled and obligated to attend with those alike and “publicly stand” for their “cause”. What 95% of the innocently ignorant “black”, “face hiding” and “white” people showing up DON’T seem to realize or understand, is that simply by doing so, they’re allowing themselves and their far greater masses, to be implicated and publicly tied, to the few pay-rolled, “bad apples” of their respective “bunches”, whose sole purpose is to confuse their causes, by instigating and perpetuating violence and destruction, to blur the general public’s perceptions.

Imagine what one of these rallies would look like if every single, innocently ignorant, well-intended person, regardless or social/political affiliation or stance, madectge conscious effort to just stay home that day. If everyone who knows they’d never instigate, perpetuate, agitate or participate in violent or destructive actions just stayed home, then who’d really be left to protest? You’d literally see a scenario created that indirectly FORCES paid “co-workers”, if you will…

Anonymous (ID: QHQSZUwT

to pursue violence and destruction against eachother, with far fewer, more easily identifiable “protestors”, to contain. Can’t cause damage and provoke violence banking on your ability to easily camouflage yourself as a “white supremisest” protestor, if you show up and realize all the innocently ignorant white people you planned to blend into stayed home, right? If there’s only 100 paid “white supremisists” protesting, it’s a lot easier to find you, isn’t it. You’re more exposed which would only make the personal risk for these paid shit starters, not worth the $8.25/hr.

We have the right to our differences, our thoughts, opinions, speech, association and assembly. We have the right, as citizens, to protest on behalf of our causes or dissatisfactions but we CANNOT continue to allow a few paid, bad apples being purposefully exploited and hyped up by their politicized NGO employers and the NGO-owned MSM, cripple our bunches at our expense. If we continue to fuel these fires, we will all regret it. There will be nothing Trump or his admin could do to save us. We’d essentially FORCE him into becoming the SAME civil unrest, martial law imposing, FEMA camp bus driving President, we spent the better part of the last 8 years, expecting Obama to be, right? This is WHY (((they))) are doing this. They don’t need Trump to WANT globalist/UN assisted martial law like Obama would’ve wanted it. All they have to do is create the necessary, dire conditions that would FORCE him to start imposing civil restrictions, limitations, curfews, etc. See how this works? Thankfully, this is one thing WE actually can control by managing our own judgements and actions properly. If WE ignore their efforts, they’ll go away. Notice how they’re marketing the fucknout of this shit? Now it’s got a fucking color, to boot?! Haha! They’ve got the MSM hyping it like D-12 hyped Eminen, Kid hyped Play, Salt hyped Peppa, T hyped LC, for fucks sakes. They’re telling YOU what it’s “going”…

Anonymous (ID: QHQSZUwT

… before anyone even gets there. This is purposeful. It’s PR. That way, when it turns into the complete shit show (((they))) planned it to be for weeks, the media can report to everyone else, “see we told you so. This civil unrest, violence and destruction we’ve been reporting and warning you about is out of control. We NEED the President to take action immediately before we find ourselves deploying our military to combat a civilian started, civil war… just like (((they’ve))) used us to make you believe, is a very possible reality”.

Don’t be stupid, y’all. Don’t let yourselves contribute to the solutions (((they))) are looking for to end the problems (((they))) cause.

Anonymous (ID: QHQSZUwT

He’s being handled to exploit himself to keep Weinstein/Hollywood relevant to YOU. In fact, his “number”, very similar to a Patsy situation, was ONLY called because y’all teed him up for it without even realizing it. Before Weinstein, very few people had talked so candidly or detailed as Feldman, on the rampant sexual abuse happening to young Hollywood. Immediately after Weinstein broke, where was the first place Twitter, /pol/, Reddit, etc. went for more?! Corey Feldman and his buddy Haim.

Here’s the timeline… (((they))) sacrificed Weinstein to distract y’all from everything else they knew was inevitable going to lead to all that’s happening, right now. Then, (((they))) sat back and watched y’all drive the Weinstein chatter right to Corey Feldman, the unsung hero y’all made famous amongst yourselves again as the first unsung hero of pizzagate. Then, they tapped Feldman on the shoulder, told him he’s going to play along… and remember, it’s all gotta look good for (you) right?! So theyvtell him to keep his mouth shut, reply to nothing, while they watch social media traffic/attention build and increase towards Corey’s way for a week. Then, they let him tweet back. Vaguely at first, stringing you along, building you up and further diverting your attention/efforts while you wait in baited breath for scared, intimidated, abused Corey to give you the “truth” you’ve now, “long awaited.

DON’T GET ME WRONG! FELDMAN WAS HEINOUSLY ABUSED, so was Haim, but if you think that abuse is over or long gone, you’re wrong… they’re still abusing him today by using him like raw steak bait, for you hungry tigers.

Anonymous (ID: QHQSZUwT

I ask you this… based on what you’d seen and heard from Feldman over the last 3 weeks total, did you feel Feldman was just a day or two away from personally exposing his abusers? Just when you thought he’d use his 50k spike in new twitter followers as a platform for good, he gets arrested on bullshit that unironically, allows him to go home that night but all too conveniently also serves as 1. “proof” that he needs to be concerned for his safety and well-being now that he’s “getting close” to “dropping names”, like he built y’all up to expect and 2. “proof” that to remain “safe” while “exposing” his abusers, he needs more than just public exposure and awareness, HE NEEDS YOUR MONEY. $10 per “follower” to be exact and up to $1 million, is the minimum goal. Then, he’ll have the $1 million cushion in safety he needs to create and produce another documentary on elite Hollywood sex pervs and the celebs they bang for bucks, that will ultimately get shelved when this ALL BLOWS OVER, just like An Open Secret got shelved.

Oh and don’t forget, Feldman got arrested, released, tweeted about it, recorded a video he tweeted, then had bought a domain, hosted a website, created the website added a crowdfunding component and even crafted some incremental donation perks like “donate $50 and you’ll get a signed CD”, “donate $100 and I’ll publicly tweet you a thanks”, “donate $1000 and I’ll send you a personally handwritten thank you letter”. I mean really… REALLY?!? AND ALL THIS WAS APPARENTLY DECIDED ON AND DONE WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THE ARREST THAT CONVENIENTLY COMPELLED YOU TO BE CONCERNED FOR HIS SAFETY AND OPEN YOUR WALLETS?!

Please /pol/. He got arrested to falsely prove to you that his exposure makes him a target of (((theirs))), not handled bait for (you). It worked though right, $100+ grand in 24 hours?! Hope everyone donates quick so he can get onto producing his riveting documentary and release it on iTunes for $19.99 so we can all run to buy it…

Anonymous (ID: QHQSZUwT

… even though we all technically paid for it, right?! It’s a sad day when you tweet a video claiming you can name 6 Hollywood elites off of the top of you head guilty of the same heinous crimes that drove your best friend to drugs, depression and death, while also stating one of them is still in Hollywood right now, tied to a big production company.

I feel badly for every kid being abused in Hollywood RIGHT NOW, who’ll wonder in 2 years why people like Corey needed $1 million and a documentary, to expose these fuckers and SAVE THEM FROM THEIR ABUSERS!

Anonymous (ID: QHQSZUwT)

Because it’s important. Weinstein, Feldman, Bruce Paddock, Steve’s missing hard drive, out of the blue FBI released Sandy Hook files on Adam Lanza “discoveries”… it’s all ON PURPOSE!

Feldman was “tapped” because y’all weren’t putting your political and social differences aside to embrace Ashley Judd, the first celeb patsy they sent you to publicly come out about Weinstein, hoping you’d rally around her and (((their))) cause. Then they threw out another Patsy “victim”, Streep. (((They))) didn’t send them for the left to embrace, they’ve been embraced by the left as champions of women’s match speeches and Oscars acceptance stages, right? They were hoping you’d eventually embrace (((them))) out of Weinstein, which doesn’t then make Weinstein a total waste and loss, but NOOOOOOO… y’all trolled the shit out of them. Then, they tapped defector McGowan. Let her leak a little more and a little more, but she’s too far removed from both Hollywood and fans that (((they))) forgot just how much Marilyn Manson ruined any relatability to the general public, she may have had. By that point, so many had come out on their own it was getting out of (((their))) control, right? So? They throw you who you’ve been waiting for all along… Corey.

He’s NO different than “Bruce Paddock” and “Adam Lanza” as related to pizza and how (((they’re))) USING IT AGAINST YOU by manipulating your good intensions and undying quests for the truth by being all too eager to connect dots with squiggly instead of straight lines.

I’m not trying to seem condescending or degrade y’all. I know pizza is real and it WILL burn eventually, but if I didn’t point these intentional misdirections out to you, I’d only be defeating my single purpose for being here as much as I have been this month. That’s all. I have to know I at least said it, for myself.

Anonymous (ID: QHQSZUwT

But look into the federal protections imposed on legally filed named parties, that start the day of filing until casecis closed. Do that and you’ll see why it was done now and how “months” won’t apply, in the specific areas it needs to.

Anonymous (ID: QHQSZUwT

It’s only as much of a “coincidence”, as (((they))) banked on YOU, finding it to be, right?

The same people who 4+ weeks later still can’t give you a shooter motive, all the sudden realize crazy brother in assisted living Bruce, has pizza on his computer?

Same people who can’t tell you where the hell Campos was in the actual country, or not, between the shooting and Ellen show, are telling you now a laptop they’ve had for 4+ weeks is missing a hard drive? Must’ve been really hard for them to have to admit such blatant oversight on the same day they took down Bruce, right? Especially after having to also explain missing, border hopping Campo, too.

And to top it all off, as if they weren’t desperate enough to get you off their asses, they tied in an “oldie but goodie” by throwing y’all another good Sandy Hook, conspiracy confirming, “Adam Lanza had pizza on his computer” claim, of course now coming to light, after the SAME FBI, trying so hard to snuff y’all off Vegas, unironically released “declassified Sandy Hook docs”, just in the unannounced yet completely right time… for (((them))). It’s all bloodied chum for the sharks who don’t know there’s a hook attached…