Wednesday, November 29, 2017

David Wilcock & Corey Goode Update via FaceBook - November 29, 2017 to Stillness In The Storm

by David Wilcock, November 29th, 2017

There have been rumors about an alleged Alliance "visit" to the C!@, as in the form of a raid. Fulford posted 23 different things that an alleged insider told him had come out of this.

We were spinning our wheels, wondering if this was true. I always prefer to vet things out with my own sources before moving forward in discussing anything of this nature.

We STILL do not know for sure if this actually did happen. It may have been used as a cover story for some other batch of data that came in from another source we just heard about. It is also possible that some version of this did happen.

Anyway, thanks to Corey's help, we now have a new tranche of data that is ready for publication and seems authentic. There are actually four new sets I now need to integrate.

Things are very definitely heating up. There has been confusion around Q Anon and MegAnon, and it is possible that both of the original posters are not doing it anymore and may have had the slack taken up by sophisticated Cabal-sponsored LARPers. So that's one thing. Hence I have not been meticulously analyzing every detail of Q anymore.

I have also made huge strides toward the streaming video option. Yesterday was another groundbreaking leap forward. So hopefully the talk will turn into action soon on that front.

With all that being said, if you feel like being a "Secret Santa" for Corey, he needs help very seriously right now. I have already helped but he needs more.

The reason for this is primarily that he just moved to Colorado in order to consolidate the team, in an apparently safer location -- and it proved to be very expensive.

Then they just got hit with a massive and totally unanticipated expense.

It is very rare that I make this type of a public call to action, but I can confirm he really needs it right now.

Here is what he just asked me to post:

"Post Briefing Update on the way: Please donate to the Sphere Being Alliance if you are able. It would be very helpful and appreciated. I am also in the process of releasing an update. I am giving DW another briefing today and plan to write up the report once I hear back from one more key insider/contact about the alleged Marine raid on the C)_.

I was briefed on a C)_/I__S Command and Control base that was raided in Afghanistan (In Aug I believe). The intel from that raid could very well have led to the reported incident at the C)_ HQ/L__gley though I have been unable to verify that, I hope to do so in the next few days.

I will also include new info about the SSP Alliance rejoining the effort as well as reported "Blue Orb" experiences that I'm told key Russian and Chinese Alliance members have had in recent weeks. More to come!

Thank you, for your continued support.
Corey Goode