Saturday, November 25, 2017

#ElsaGate #Pedogate - YouTube Faces Backlash Over Pedophile Content

November 25, 2017

Here are the latest main stream headlines exposing YouTube, finally after years of allowing pedophiles to comment and promote their predatory agendas. Many know of this scandal as #ElsaGate. What is Elsa Gate?  I recommend you read the following article by theouterlight to understand how bad it has gotten on YouTube. Major advertisers are now pulling their ads and funding from YouTube because of the Pedophile problems associated with YouTube.

YouTube Faces Fresh Backlash After Ads Appear Near Pedophile Comments

Mars, Adidas and Diageo are among the companies that have paused advertising on YouTube

A fresh wave of advertisers suspended commercials on YouTube after their ads showed up next to videos that appeared to attract pedophile viewers.

The backlash Friday was the latest over what critics say is the inability of YouTube owner Google, and parent Alphabet Inc., to effectively police the video service and assure advertisers their spots won’t end up accompanying inappropriate or offensive content.

Big brand advertisers, including candy maker Mars Inc., sportswear firm Adidas AG, alcohol giant Diageo PLC and British satellite-TV operator Sky PLC’s Now TV subsidiary, said they had stopped advertising on YouTube. They responded after the Times of London reported that ads for those companies were popping up next to videos of young children, many of which drew lewd comments from viewers.

Other recent reports in the news and on social media have highlighted YouTube videos with millions of views that exploit children by putting them in compromising or predatory situations.

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