Friday, November 3, 2017

The GoldFish Report No. 151 – Country Roads w/ Winston Shrout: CIA Mind Control

Published on Nov 3, 2017
On The GoldFish Report No. 151, Winston makes a detour from discussing Commerce Technology and travels down the dark and winding road of MK Ultra Mind Control and Brainwashing, and reveals the dark forces behind pedophilia. Winston describes his knowledge of the human cloning process and the process of transferring memories from the original to the clone. Winston makes the distinction between brainwashing and mind control and what their dark origins are. Winston and Louisa refer to individuals who have gone public with their testimony of having been involved in these altering programs. Winston further describes other nefarious purposes of the mind control programs and how it is used to trap people like politicians into blackmail via pedophilia. Winston further explains the impact this has on the soul level and refers to a book titled “Pleaidian Perspectives” that traces the colonization of the Pleaidian’s throughout this solar system and how the Pleaidian’s have been trying to root out the dark on this planet by removing the race of beings responsible for it, primarily, the Reptilians. Winston and Louisa then then explore the more subtle , but very powerful, psychological manipulation tactics of advertisers who use aspects of the mind control behavioral techniques to get people to behave in ways they might otherwise not. Then Winston describes the dark side of this mind control in disturbing detail about the damage that is being done , particularly to innocent children through pedophilia. Thank You Winston for continuing to Enlighten us!! For more information about Winston’s Solutions in Commerce visit To receive notifications of our Reports you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel, follow us on Twitter at @ReportGoldfish, you can also follow us and like us on our 24/7 research news page at and to help support these and other programs please visit to make a donation. Thank you for your support and Thank you for viewing!
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