Sunday, November 26, 2017


Published on Nov 25, 2017

On The GoldFish Report No. 162 – Louisa is joined by esteemed colleague and former War Crimes Judge Alfred Lambremont-Webre to discuss the case of Baby Amethyst, the newborn baby of Activist Melanie Virtschan, who was wrongfully taken away from Melanie just after giving birth by the predatory medical establishment in Belgium. Melanie has previously appeared on The GoldFish Report discussing her activism to stop Covert Harassment of targeted individuals. The insidious nature of medical predatory kidnapping is revealed in Melanie’s heartbreaking testimony which includes intimidation, psychological manipulation, forced isolation, forced transfer, forced medication, forced separation from her baby, threats of obtaining court orders if she did not ‘voluntarily’ agree to their demands. These are among the most egregious methods of the State Abusing their Power to Force you into giving up your baby. Most vulnerable mothers do not have the financial ability to fight these predators in the courts and we make this plea to every person viewing to please help donate if you are able to, to help bring baby Amethyst home where she belongs. Melanie’s Go fund me page is located below. These are among the insidious methods used to steal and kidnap babies, many of whom end up in child trafficking, pedophilia and organ harvesting. We must stop these predators masquerading as ‘respected and trusted’ figures of authority in our society, who are stealing and trafficking our babies.
Melanie’s GoFundMe site:
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