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"The Halo" HAS Newsletter - Issue #1 November 29, 2017

Issue #1 November 29, 2017                          
"Clarion Call Tonight"

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Dear Zimbabwe Currency Holder,

It’s an interesting time in the world to say the least.  So much is going on domestically, globally and everything in-between.

If this email is reaching you, it means there’s been a considerable transition in the financial system as well.  

A revaluation of the world’s currencies many refer to as the “RV,” but we like to refer to it as the Global Currency Reset (GCR).

As you will recall in 2007, there was a massive disruption in global financial markets when Lehman Brothers, a long standing investment bank in the United States, was margin called by Asian investors and ultimately forced to declare bankruptcy in a few short weeks.  

This intentional event set off a series of other turbulent economic events which thankfully have now ended in the creation and implentation of a new financial system controlled out of Asia, with full United Nations support.

Now because such a large scale fiscal transition was needed to stabilize the global economy, little to nothing was said publicly about the massive reforms taking place behind scenes.  

This “mass media silence” was agreed to by leaders of all 197 sovereign nations who quietly came to a treaty understanding of how and when this new financial system would eventually be governed.

A new “gold treaty” was delicately included as part of the larger 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change—as not to attract economic global economic attention.

The results of which produced an updated “gold standard system” utilized by all nations with good standing international currency.  

It’s also allowed war torn countries and illegally sanctioned nations to revalue their currencies using a new gold valued benchmark, and thus be eligible for re-instatement of their currency with updated rates both domestically and internationally.

Zimbabwe is such a country.

Both historically and recently, the mass media has portrayed Zimbabwe (formally Southern Rhodesia) as a poor, third world country in desperate need of regime and economic changes for their sheer survive. 

In reality, Zimbabwe is a tremendously asset rich nation, specially gold, where it is rumored that their ancient mines have produce over half the world’s above ground gold output including all the riches in mythical King Solomon’s Temple.

Combine Zimbabwe’s vast gold reserves with some of the most abundant raw diamond, platinum and lithium fields in Africa, and the nation of Zimbabwe is actually substantially wealthier than every other country in the world (per capita) and certainly has enough tangible assets to issue their own currency backed 100% in their own golden natural resources—even go dollar for dollar with the USD. 

In anticipation of the global monetary reform back to the gold standard, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has released gold coins and small denomination bond notes back onto the streets of Zimbabwe, so their population could once again get familiar with (learn to trust) a healthy Zimbabwe government issued currency.  

This “starter series” of coins and smaller asset backed bond notes was released slowly to erase bad memories left behind from 2008-2009, when the Zimbabwe economy was plagued with historic hyper-inflation when harsh western banking sanctions forced their government into print unprecedentedly high currency face values.  

Thats when the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB) and Bank of International Settlements (BIS) all decided enough was enough.  And in April 2009, the last series of old Zimbabwe currency was forced to stop printing in Germany, and removed from circulation as being of poor standing within the global community of developed economic currencies.

The BRICS nations--China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa (Zimbabwe)--have insisted on a fair and level economic playing field which includes moral leadership at the top of every county.

And they are right now asserting enormous economic pressure on several non-compliant nations to capitulate to their high standards or have Lehman Brother’s type outcomes applied to entire country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

So from a banking perspective, things still appear bleak for Zimbabwe, but in truth, they have never been better off thanks to the those same BRICS nations who have created a parallel financial system to replace the old western banking stranglehold on the world’s money supply via the issue of endless USD.

This radical change in monetary structure has secretly allowed Zimbabwe to reissue and re-instate their local currency and once again become a nation good standing in the international economic community of nations.

Zimbabwe politics are radically changing too—which is contributing to the news you’re probably witnessing in that country as corrupt leaders and government officials are being forced out of power.

On a deeper level, this also means that the IMF, WB and BIS had to also be reformed for the new financial system to be considered ready globally.  And thus they too were all quietly and secretly transitioned without public knowledge.

This includes the reformation of the US Federal Reserve Bank which defaulted on all its sovereign debt obligations December 23, 2012, when it’s Congress approved charter expired after a 99 year lease agreement to print the US money supply and global reserve currency (USD) in exchange for gold.

Also in the United States, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and United States Government (USG) were quietly reformed per international sovereign court rulings and above mentioned gold backed treaties governing sovereign default matters.  

However, none of these “invisible rulings” had known timetables for bankruptcy work through programs (5 years as it turns out), which made predicting the larger economic transition (GCR/RV) very difficult to nearly impossible to predict.

Besides, it was thought to be much safer to withhold such information, as it could have caused mass panic in both global markets and at the street level—as was the case when the financial system tried to transfer without the US experiencing international default back on September 11, 2001.

Know that the 9/11 attacks are the underbelly or root cause of all the global chaos right now, including the Trump Presidency, which many of you will be happy to know is only temporary, yet ironically necessary for implementing many of the hard structural changes that needed to occur before the United States Government, USD and American Military could again be considered “of good standing” by the world economic community of nations.

As only now will the USA be allowed to access the new financial system without restraint—as demonstrated by the wildly unpopular tax and medical reforms moving through the US Congress.  

Even Zimbabwe recently went through it’s own public chaos transition, when their long-standing President Robert Mugabe was removed by China in favor of another administration more favorable to the fast changing macro economic and geo-political landscape.

Similar public governmental transitions have happened recently in Great Britain (BREXIT), Brazil, Greece, France, Philippines, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and Canada.  

And still more macro transitions are occurring at this hour in Israel, Germany, Ireland, Venezula and Lebananon.  

All have one thing in common, they must reform to a corruption free structure and leadership before being allowed to freely access the new financial system, which has been patiently waiting to roll out publicly for over two years now.

We undertand this news may appear illogical, even unbelievable at first, but if given proper consideration, you’ll come to understand “opinion” as truth and the only explanation for what is happening in the world today.  

So much so, you’ll appreciate to have been offered the opportunity to redeem Zimbabwe currency, as you will soon be receiving contact information to redeem your decommissioned Zimbabwe currency at local retail / off-site bank institution regardless of your address or zip code.

Toll free numbers are soon to emerge for Zimbabwe currency holders who, like you, are paying attention to international affairs via this private network of Zimbabwe currency holders.

Know that you will be allowed to set a traditional banking appointment, engage with a well trained banking staff versed in sovereign wealth exchanges as well as competent private wealth management team post exchange, all of whom will be ready, willing and able to assist in your tax-free Zimbabwe currency exchange, including placing your new abundant principal in a guaranteed investment portfolio tailored to meet your individual, family and philanthropic goals.

No drama.  No struggle.  No worries.

Know that by redeeming your gifted or purchased Zimbabwe currency you are actively assisting in the re-balancing of the world’s economic sanity, based on audited tangible resource reserves per each sovereign nation.

And this is why participation in the GCR is a privilege that is not only legal, safe and abundant in terms of return, but historic.

And given that a few nations who were once victimized over the past 73 years since the Bretton Woods Agreement after World War 2 (1944), you are also helping to restore those nations and people’s dignity.

What an honor.  What a time to be alive.  What if it’s true?  Then by all means pray it forward.

At least now you have a solid point of reference to begin your own Zimbabwe currency exchange, as well as a cliff note version of the who, what, where, when, and why all of this sudden wealth has come to be in your life.  

Good luck during your exchange, and may all your future personal and humanitarian endeavors be forever blessed.

God is with us

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