Sunday, November 12, 2017

The New Human - DNA Upgrades are Changing Humankind
enerchi's personal belief is that human soul exists beyond the DNA/RNA mathematical programming language.  DNA/RNA are programming codes to keep one inside a matrix frequency construct.  I believe we exist beyond such logical code and design.  Human souls are quantum and multidimensional, meaning we all exist beyond these limited DNA programmed languages.   It is said that human's DNA has been manipulated over eons of time by different E.T. groups with similar or competing agendas. You will see some ET groups still promote the DNA manipulation therapies using technologies before and possibly even after "Ascension" in order to keep the human body and soul within a particular matrix that they (E.T.) control.  As a reminder, Ascension is a personal experience, so everyone has their own path to follow.  Those who seek "light chambers" or "Ascension Chambers" operated by E.T.s in order to Ascend is also a spiritual path that the person has selected for their spiritual development.  Some also say people's DNA changes are coming from our Sun or other cosmic energies.  Whatever the case may be, we are all going to continue to experience our own unique spiritual awakening.  Their is not one path to enlightenment.   You have the ultimate responsibility to choose what your path is and where you want to take it.



MARY RODWELL – (Video) New Human Race Discovered – Homo Noeticus – DNA Upgrades are Changing Humankind – 11-11-17

Presents new DNA information and witness testimony from adult star seeds and children, such as the changes in consciousness of homo sapiens to Homo Noeticus. Witness testimony of children who demonstrate expanded awareness, conscious of non human past lives and their encounters with galactic intelligences. They also demonstrate abilities and knowledge to help us understand who we are and what the changes to humanity could mean. explores the diversity of encounter experiences with non-human intelligences. These are true accounts from families and children. Many have full conscious recall of past lives, being educated on space craft and having been prepared for their earth Mission. Witness Testimony suggests some programs are meant to activate dormant DNA and for us to access our full multidimensional potential and realise our true Cosmic heritage. . Subscribe to UAMN TV for more new releases in 2017