Friday, December 29, 2017

Corey Goode Update - @JulianAssange Is Put On Notice To Release Info About Secret Space Programs & Cabal Pedophile Network

What is the difference between "Fear Porn" and "Full Disclosure"? How can disclosure and truth be "fear porn"?I'm not talking about propaganda, I'm talking about the release of verified info such as the plans for an open war between the Alliance and Cabal Assets and Proxy Countries/Groups.

The most severely fearful info has not even been released to the public yet. If you consider this info "Fear Porn" you should prepare yourself for a "Fear Porn Fest" like no one has seen before as more of this corruption and human trafficking information comes out. Most of us understand that a Satanic Elite have been controlling the planet for thousands of years on behalf of a group of negative ET Races. 

As more and more of this info is disclosed the general population is going to be in complete shock. The info that is going to come out is VERY fearful and upsetting. As stated, ALL EVOLUTION occurs through stress. Those of us with our heads in the sand and not wanted to hear any of the information that threatens "Our Truth" will be in the same camp as those asleep. 

The truth IS extremely horrifying. Those who expect Disclosure to be a peaceful moment on the planet that matches up with our hundreds of different UFO religions are going to be very disappointed. None of our belief systems will not be verified by disclosure. 

We have to confront these horrifying truths and process them if we are ever to heal and move on as a species. Do not shy away from the dark disclosures that come out about our world. Process them and move on with the intention to expose and change these horrible truths. I say embrace the horror and transmute it into a new future for Humanity. More and more of these hard truths are going to be posted here in the coming weeks as the news breaks or my Intel Sources say I can release certain info. We want FULL DISCLOSURE NOW!!! No matter how rough it is for Humanity to go through. 

As the updates come out of recent meetings between the Blue Avians and the Super Federation and Council of Saturn (& Anshar) as well as the briefings Gonzales and I received from the SSP Alliance everyone will see how hopeful things actually are. The 22 Genetic experiments have been suspended and the participants (Positive ones) have been ordered to assist Humanity guide its own Genetic and Spiritual development free of covert ET interference. It is now Humanity's turn to stand up and liberate ourselves. Tear-Eir; "Get off of your Knee's... YOU are the ones you have been waiting for"! Have a Happy New Year! May it be a year of FULL DISCLOSURE, warts and all! 

Corey Goode



For those asking about being down. Yes, we are under sustained electronic attack. My Admin states that they are digging around and seem to know Database names etc. My Laptop had its camera remotely turned on this morning. These attacks began the moment David posted his most recent article with heavy intel provided by myself and MEGAanon. The recent Unclassified DIA documents I posted on my website for download may also be the focus of the current hack attacks.

Go ahead Cabla/Dark Alliance... Hack my computers, hack my websites, this will not slow down the disclosures. I also heard from DW that :Emory Smith was targeted again for his disclosures. Please keep thoughts and prayers flowing for Emory and those close to him. I will leave it up to DW or Emory to share the details.

Lots more disclosures to come...


Corey Goode