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Intel Report Compilation from Operation Disclosure, TANK, Yosef, John of OWoN - December 6 , 2017

*UPDATED* at 9:13pm est, Dec. 6th

"Charged" - S.P.E.A.K. Intel Update - Tank - 12.6.17

Entry Submitted by Tank at 7:33 PM EST on December 6, 2017

7:29 PM EST 12/6/2017

• Security across the globe has been put on high alert as result of Trump announce moving capital to Jerusalem-PUBLIC

• Now Military across the world is ready has reason to be active to cover our exchange.-OPINION

• A-Team is actually getting liquid today-as we speak-CONFIRMED

• ZIM groups are exchanging-CONFIRMED

• Notification is set to come to us tonight at an undisclosed time-CANNOT BE CONFIRMED UNTIL ITS RECEIVED-but I do believe it.

• S.P.E.A.K. Team broke through contacting Private Trust companies to discuss the foreign currency assets we hold. Said companies were more informed than banks and willing to make appointments to arrange for deposits immediately-FURTHER DETAILS PENDING

• Exchanges at HSBC NY and LONDON seem to be waiting on the full release which was supposed to have already taken place and at this hour may have-FURTHER DETAILS PENDING

S.P.E.A.K. Activities today have been focused on identify and contacting key decision makes who can facilitate our exchange. We have gathered the appropriate contacts, emails, phone numbers, laws, mass media connections, and Political support to enact the next phase and impose the exchange process.

No one wants to have to launch the next phase, but OUR FREEDOM is the ONLY thing that will stop that. We will no longer bargain with our rights to express ourselves on our planet with assets that we hold and have the right to utilize in any way we see fit.

We've learned from you the value in surprise. As a tool for trust and unification it is useless. It is even irresponsible to surprise people about when they will be allowed to exchange, constantly threatening to release at all hours of the day and night, only to wear out people's adrenal glands "expecting" until they're so exhausted they can't even think clearly. But surprise as a tool to have an immediate impact is perfect. Please don't make us take this next step. We are supposed to be part of the same team. We demand transparency, honesty and performance.

W e are the _Sovereign People of Planet Earth Acting Knowledgeably_ and we will not sit idly by any longer.

I am waiting for your response. But we're still moving behind the scenes preparing. We will continue to get organized and expand every hour of every day, because we are directly connected to the consciousness-and we're waking everyone up.

Come to this link to get involved. We're filling up new rooms every day.

You can continue to wait for the world to change, or you can start having an impact on that change today.

or email us at



"Mad Elders" - GCR/RV Intel Message - Tank - 12.6.17

Entry Submitted by Tank at 7:49 PM EST on December 6, 2017


This was my favorite piece of intel today:
"the Elders are in Reno and they're pissed the 800#s have not been released yet. "

This makes me so happy because I love the idea of of a bunch of Older Chinese Masters with long beards like in a King Fu movie ready to unleash hell on Bankers, Politicians and anyone who's not cooperating with the greater good of humanity. Then after they kick some but they stand their on one leg in a calm Yoga like pose with hands in prayer at the center of their chest, and just reach over and press a big red button and it all comes flowing out to us.

Sadly, in times past when anyone in this process gets mad it seems to accomplish nothing. I'm sure it's more of a story we're being told because it's impossible to imagine so many people in leadership could be so impotent to affect a change. It could be Cabal interference putting out "intel" just to bring down our vibration. But again, is our leadership so inept that they couldn't easily speak honestly to the people they're sworn to protect?

If I could just convince you to be transparent, and act with honor and respect towards this community, and all of the Sovereign People of Earth you would be so much more effective.

I'm still offering my services to assist you make that change. I'm looking forward to speaking with you soon.



Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 6, 2017 ~ Intel

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 6, 2017

Republic authorities are preparing to begin the mass indictment process in D.C. first then the rest of the country.

Trump continues to send out cryptic tweets and hints about this.

Trump will be proudly announcing the USN before Christmas and the swamp officially drained.

(Note: The USN has been digitally backing the USD for months now)

The RV release may possibly begin before the indictments or during it for a flashbang style event.

All is being prepared today for possible release tomorrow.



"Full Release Today" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Tank - 12.6.17 ~ Intel

Entry Submitted by Tank at 3:40 PM EST on December 6, 2017


• Public announcement by President Trump was the trigger for a series of events that will bring us to the resolution if this process

• Activation orders for call centers, notifications, and exchange processes have gone out and are being initiated on a schedule that will coincide with the appropriate public events

• Netanyahu announced he will work with President Trump towards World Peace.

• Which is nice being that he has a series of charges levied against him that will most definitely ensure he won't be the leader of Israel anymore.

• But it is certainly symbolic when another leader tells you what the new Capital of your country is, and you say that you're going to work together with them to achieve peace-in my opinion-THAT WAS THE CABAL SURRENDER

• In other news we know ZIM exchanges on the group level have had some success in completing exchanges for Liquidity with no SKRs

• That should mean that the USN is live as well Prosperity packages should go out

• And so should our notice

• THIS is why we are raging as a community. It's because we are awake as changes are happening but we've been paralyzed. So we're at a transitional moment when we're realizing we're not paralyzed, we can take action, and we are gaining strength by the moment.


7:00 PM EST



  "Urgent" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Tank - 12.6.17 ~ Intel

Entry Submitted by Tank at 12:02 PM EST on December 6, 2017









Transmission for White Hats via Annelot 12-6-17 ~ Intel


Yosef Update.....

Land that lies fallow or unused for a season or two is healthy.  But at some point, it must be farmed again.

A golden jubilee is a 50th anniversary ceremony whereby the fallow fields are farmed again, as both the land and its wealth are returned to the masses.

Leviticus 25:11

The fiftieth year shall be a jubilee for you; do not sow and do not reap what grows of itself or harvest the untended vines.

Exodus 23:11

But the seventh year thou shalt let it rest and lie still (fallow); that the poor of thy people may eat: and what they leave the beasts of the field shall eat. In like manner thou shalt deal with thy vineyard, and with thy olive yard.
The true children of Israel are now returning to their homeland, harvesting the milk and honey of their promised blessing.
They are not Jewish, white or American.  Which makes the basic premise behind ALL Evangelical Christians false and unknowingly chasing shadows.
How else can you explain what is happening today with Trump’s speech about Jerusalem?  Why now?  Why this?  
For in reality, East Jerusalem is going back to the actual children of Israel—the Palestinians—who represent all of the earth’s oppressed and suffering.
What’s happening in the modern day is that biblical prophecy is not only playing out, but in drastic opposition to what and whom it was relentlessly predicted to hydrate.
All history was a rich man’s trick, which are now being exposed.  As all rich men in the Western World (Anglo-Saxon) are not men at all, not even human.
The children of Israel are actually Homo Sapiens—human beings—who are genetically indigenous to earth. 
And their planet, Urantia (earth) has lied fallow from their ownership and control for several millennia, but now being returned in a golden jubilee event of which you are apart.
This is the metaphor of how and why Israel’s sudden return is now playing out, as it directly relates to the sudden wealth being redistributed to the world through the GCR/RV mechanism.  Sobeit.
The war between malevolent alien and benevolent man is over.  It’s just time to re-seed the fallow fields.
God is with us



The current Currency Holding, Waiting Status.

These are complex and sensitive areas. It requires intense Diplomacy , Tact and Guile.

Nations have holdings, many are seriously adrift of long, long, long overdue Redemptions, lawfully and Ethical repayment of the own funds by a vicious Cabal which has lost the plot and spent the lot funding a delusional State they would willingly sequestrate, as per Agenda 21 and Tri Lateral policies.

The Thanksgiving Turkeys within care only for the food trough, and don’t question that Bell for the end game rings out for who at round up time?

It’s not about a Simpletons simple single Tax Rate to fund ambulance chasing indifferents,who saw only a fast free lunch from Shock and Awe, as a million died, civilizations fried, and in so many nations, innocents cried.

Why should innocent Arabs be taxed to redeem their own money? They say – No!

Why should Chinese Dynasty Elders be taxed for vast Trillions abused,reneged on and late, when their own nations need so much? The Gross Military Industrial Cabal and Zio Trash Bankers have gorged themselves from the Fatted Calf’s annually,denying others all rights to their own money. Now facing Global melt down unless accommodating the True Beneficiaries, they seek yet again to mass tax, while allowing Congressmen and Politicos no taxes. Hello?

There are mass rejections from Military contractors, a vermin swarm who murdered to order for a price. 20 pieces of Silver Tax Free!

Unbeknown to most of you there are Military and Agency types seeking a deferred tax with a split option, so they can park it and Program Trade it paying taxes from new Profits only. But then there is a drowning Treasury /Fed needing funding- today.

Deserving causes, real Benefiaries, don’t even have a voice,but they do have AU and more.

This is not about a bunch of squealing Desperados, who life has passed by, shaking rice bowls, and whose only contribution has been to gamble big on Genocide paper, with moral turpitude overrunning all of it. While millions are starving in Asian gutters. Nations destroyed. Do we tax THEM again to allow them their own money back?

Funds are finite. Do we repatriate at long last what is long overdue to trusting nations the US reneged on, as a moral imperative? Or scam tax that?

Do we prioritize the major Trusts and Foundations who will create Global benefits and infrastructure? But from unearned income, what Tax?

Do we allow Agencies, Military and Politicos exemptions now? Why?

Do we part tax now,and more later in a phased deal, allowing a one year deferment for those able to capitalize and trade up?

Who checks and traces full history of funds before processing each case? The Law!

This will become a Public nightmare. Nothing has been funded ready. Nor is there a Bank will. Do they slap a punitive withholding tax on the myriads of Ambulance Chasers who are cashing in only as the Blood Money of others? The State ethos is- Who cares, ignore them.

The real issue is not who get paid what, but who get paid and who gets laid?

There is huge reticence towards a public free for all. Many criminal parties, Drug Dealers, Money Launderers, Churches and low lives bought in for a fast fix.

It’s now approaching Judgment day. Do we stage pay it, delay it, or deny it?

Real issue, real time.

If YOU can’t front line fix it, why did you buy into it?

As it starts unfolding, decisions. The good thing is it is coming for many. Live daily dialog, and Progress. Dialog forces decisions.

PP plans will help many. This is multi facet progress. Differing cases and priority.

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