Sunday, December 3, 2017



Marina Jacobi Since she was little, she has been able to connect to higher vibrational beings. At first, it started with automatic writing and knowing if people had diseases or were sick. Then she would have vivid dreams, that started to come true. Through the writing, she was able to connect with different loved ones that passed away. But in the past five years everything changed. She started to connect with beings (The Council of Nine / 11 Dimensional Beings) that told her that we’re from a higher dimension of frequency of hybrids including a higher order of consciousness. She also started to telepathically connect and hear everything. They started to teach her everything about consciousness and new metaphysics. Which is the bridge between matter and consciousness. They also guided her to completely detox the body on only a raw and vegan diet. The information Marina is sharing is very important for humanity and this is just the beginning.


Marina Jacobi's Quantum Manifestation series is about the Quantum Structure, Parallel Realties,

the Money Structure, Holograms, Cryptocurrencies, the Artificial Intelligence Structure and more!

A must watch in order to understand your reality, consciousness, learn how to manifest your dreams

and realize the power we have with the quantum structure.

1. Believe it 2. Project It 3. See It In Your Reality

PT 1 - WHATEVER YOU PUT OUT - YOU GET BACK Consciousness is made of one particle vibrating to infinity. When you project something with your thoughts, you are the magnetic structure of the entire universe. The vibrational sound is projected by your thoughts, actions and emotions. That is how you can shift to parallel realities.

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