Friday, December 1, 2017

One World of Nations Blog Update - Current State of Affairs | A New Revolution

One World of Nations
Current State of Affairs
1 December 2017

New World Disorder has the Kazakhs and Cabal in total confusion, seeing the Global growth of public thinkers bypassing the lies and confusion of Religions.

Slowly the masses are awakening, and thinking for themselves. At last!

With Currency conversions and long overdue PP Redemptions now on the table for resolution, it’s time to address ahead some key Social Dilemmas which need essential forethought if we are to break free of Cabal bondage and start to fulfill our Human potential. Time to come of age.

In this often confusing and hostile world, with age, experience and intellect, certain human trends become self repeating realities. Generally, children born of a sterile Ghetto type existence, from the Trailer Parks to State housing, tend to be entrapped in a perpetual cycle, where Crime becomes a source of employment, girls are knocked up by 18, and boys locked up by 21 or so. Feral Brats. Respect is only availed to the most vicious of the local Gang masters. All sad and Self-perpetuating. It’s a Global pandemic. No life of family values to nurture, absentee fathers, gangland rules apply. Survival. Budding Politicians lacking only the sophistication for false presentation. Apathy abounds, hope and direction is absent. Each a product of their own environment. Sad, demeaning, and dangerous. Society left to the dysfunctional Churches, ignores it, and they run Schools badly as Cash Cows for the Vatican. No one is addressing the real issues and these silly Religious phonies are incapable.

Each person derailing in life or society, is truly a sad and lost Soul. So many wasted lives and an indictment of our inhumanity to each other. How do we change it, because if WE THE PEOPLE don’t act between us to make a difference, neither the Churches or Governments will lead? Time to think beyond the fast fix, for real solutions, and to start to fix the core problem for once as a Thinking Humanity.

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