Saturday, December 16, 2017

#QANON Updates from @Tracybeanz and @Enki74

Q can not put tripcode int 8chan CBTS has to move over to POL to enter tripcode so the ops, on CBTS get there act together and restore the access to tripcode generation field on CBTS Earlier in the day an Anon was giving the indication that they were about to decipher the tripcode of QAnon with only a few characters left. So one of the board operators took the trip code function off the posting window. These guys on 8chan are really brilliant but I think a little tunnel vision overcame there good thinking today. Below are some screen shots from the event and links to both threads if you would like to take a look. It was really funny to watch unfold as at first none believed it was Q then realizing only after Q posting on pol.

QAnon get locked out of 8chan CBTS has to move over to pol

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Tracy Beanz Update Regarding Q Clearance Anon: Is it #Happening Part XII