Saturday, December 9, 2017

The GoldFish Report No. 166- Country Roads w/ Winston Shrout: Court Enforced Debt Slavery

Published on Dec 8, 2017
On The GoldFish Report No 166, Winston discusses Money 101, and shares valuable research about how banks and courts use negotiable instruments to essentially steal our money and assets through illegal conversion of securities. Winston explains how the courts create a “Bill of Exchange” through civil and criminal matters, how the banks ‘Switch Currency” and how judges act as the local Union Bosses” to allow the banks to use us as debt slaves. It’s time lift ourselves out of ignorance through knowledge and become, once again, an informed populace who acts on behalf of ourselves and NOT on behalf of the Banking Matrix. The link to the research books Winston references are below. For more information about Winston’s Solutions in Commerce visit To receive notifications of our Reports you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel, follow us on Twitter at @ReportGoldfish, you can also follow us and like us on our 24/7 research news page at and to help support these and other programs please visit to make a donation. Thank you for your support and Thank you for viewing!
Link to References: Dispatch of Merchants by: William L. Avery…
How To Create Currencies for Local Communities By: Hartford Van Dyke…
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