Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Yosef Update - "Miracle or Madness" - December 5,2017

Received via email from Yosef......


There’s fine line between miracles and madness. We’re walking that tightrope now.

But be not afraid, there’s a wonderful conclusion to this global three ring circus of hell being proposed.

With respect to events in Israel and Palestine, there appears to be great consternation.

There’s not.

I know it looks that way, I know it’s scary.  But if you equate it to North Korean nuclear rocket threat to the US embassy moving to Jerusalem , you can see the clear false narrative parallels.

Know that Russia and China cleared out North Korean nuclear weaponization a decade earlier.

In a similar fashion, the United States, China, Turkey and Iran… along with Russia special forces embedded in the region silently… have all worked together to clear out Israeli Mossad threats once poised to attack the region.

Mossad has been neutralized militarily and politically, certainly monetarily.

What’s left is a battle for perception, not survival.  The Arab world is in on the slow death of Israeli strength pageant now playing out.  All for the greater good.  All to distract the Middle East away from the financial reforms forthcoming.

Just as North Korea deflects attention away from Asian nations during the RV.  Just as Brexist and NATO issues caused by Trump’s antics have deflected European attention off the event.

It’s all part of s larger, global flash bang strategy to usher in the RV—not delay it.

Here in the United States, take your pick distractions… Russian collusion, Trump’s mafia finances, sexual assulats by Congressmen, White Supremacy elections, DACA, Tax Bills passing Congress that are wildly unpopular, Native American Indian land being given back to Anglos in Utah....

I mean seriously, it’s distraction overload.  By design.  All to pull attention away from the RV and onto Trump—the common villain.  Smart.  Annoying.  Happening.

So the more chaotic things get, the closer we get to pay dirt.  Sobeit.  Beitso.

Try not to get too worked up by the senseless Internet chatter.  98% of it false, and the other 2% half false, making 1% of everything you’re reading irrelevant.

Again, this is all by design for global social media distraction purposes.

To understand just how close we are to redemption, one must look only at timeline structure, not the hot post top of the day.

The UST cannot release new international currency until Christmas Eve on December 24, 2017… which is also a national holiday followed by another on Christmas.

A week later, there are two more national holidays, New Year’s Eve and New Years Day… this means 4 out of the next 9 days after the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2017 are without bank traffic.

This lazy business period is also the slowest trading time of the year for global markets… as most traders are either home with family or on vacation yachts with hired escorts.

You think I’m kidding.

So from an ideal release time point of view, that period between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day is ideal to release the RV because not only is business not being done, there’s four national holidays, but the holiday shopping season would be mostly over after Christmas as well as there’s only 1 week for 2017 financial reporting—which could naturally space out the massive flow of sudden wealth between separate accounting years.

That’s the way the NPTB think… subtle, less is more, low impact, understated… top down.

Whereas currency-ville is obsessed with right now, big impact, lots of arrests, huge announcements… bottom up energy.

Which are you?   Top down or bottom up?   Miracle or madness?

Tomorrow night’s Clarion Call at 9pm EST will be all about life after the event… no currency questions and no ZIM questions… we’re going refocus on am post RV matters with everything Human Angeles—because we’re that close—within the month.

Hope this helps soothe everyone’s building anxiety.  It’s best to keep your mouth shut and prepare for January versus getting upset over the circus that is December.

God is with us