Monday, January 1, 2018

Lifting the Veil | Report #12 | A New Year New Beginning to All

A Year Ending - A New

Year New Beginning to All. The good coming soon. What is reality? What is the purpose of your life, of you? Why - You? You are more, far more, than you realise.

Before the Fiscal battles commence for 2018, we need to start first by asking, what sort of Society is fit for purpose to serve all communities, the infirm and the Elderly? A nation with real values, fit for purpose, not Elites? What we now have, is not working. The world is now remodeling, but into what? Where do people factor?

Disclose needs also apply to determining who we are, and what is real.

Disclosure of truth and reality. Disclosure of False Truths, and False Gods. Time to come of age.

Before the moment of human conception, between 40M to 250M sperms are ejaculated in a deadly race for life, the right to be - You. A hundred million or more died losing, so you can become - What? Why, YOU? Do you realise the wonder of what you have already achieved and won? You won! Value this life and your journey of discovery.

Disclosure of the real purpose of life, living, and the false reality permeated upon us, by the Cabal, Deep State, Satanic Gullible Zio Trash and False Churches. The God conceived of by childlike Religions simply does NOT exist. You are following unquestioning in your belief of Childlike fantasies. These are just simple fables, created by equally simple (-ton) but devious and Usury men. Your Souls and Ethereal being is real, the fables just not so. Know the difference. The reality of your being kinetic living energy of Real Afterlife is so, so much more. Huge. You exist, you ARE! Think reality now.

The Churches and Cults version of God does NOT exist, and the Cabal's is Mammon.

Churches have propagated only Genocide and Pedo Priests. This coupled with the rape of child brides of Islam or Mormons, as with cynical Smith’s Polygamy, along with his disappearing Gold plates. Cults? Godless, self serving, manipulating deviants, rule sad naive men. All are false. All hold back humanities cultural and Ethereal development.

Question reality and get real. Reach for truth and understanding. This is your journey.

No Child is born with a Religion, nor a perception of Race or Colour. We teach it - falsely! Religions mass kill innocents, and manipulate minds. Religions teach hate and divide families. They understand nothing. Be the Master of your own Being.

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