Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lisa Transcendence Brown: NEW Earth REPLACES Old Earth as We Learn to Re-Focus and Shift Our Own Perspectives/Realities Completely from Within

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Do you focus on yourself/your energy enough to KEEP your vibration high inside? Do you nurture, spend plenty of time in nature, conversing with your higher aspects of yourself/YOUniverse, honor your body with clean live food and water, surround yourself with beauty, life and vibrancy and spend your moments focused DOING what makes you happy, vibrant and thrive? ♥

When I first started to wake up and “all my hidden/suppressed unhappy stuff” was coming up, happiness was a small dim thing, yet there was a tiny spark inside. This “spark” of my SOUL grew bigger and bigger and so vast as I opened up to allow it through, as I embraced this aspect of myself, as I got over my own judgment, resolved my own separation as it presented to me/in my physical reality, as I took each step into “fears” (illusory beliefs) and BEcame my purest, kindest, most abundant, appreciative, grateful, considerate and POWERFUL aspects of me and dissolved my own human-ego to RETURN to a space of such purity, such love, such immense peace, that JOY and happiness were no longer a “thing” to seek, they were me, a way of living/existing, so no matter what I did, these were alchemical ingredients that were necessary for every reality.

Does that bring you JOY, Peace and Happiness? This is what I would ask myself each time. Does this inspire me/others, does this SUPPORT our NEW EARTH EXISTENCE or is it of an “old program” again? I started using THESE as my way of SEEING what was aligned and what was not. I started ADDING more into my own space/life that brought more joy, inspiration, kindness, happiness, peace and love through for every experience to become this. I learned to IDENTIFY what presented me with my own disempowered mentality beliefs, what represented my own lack, where I still compromised and make a decision to no longer ALLOW this to occur in my own reality world. CHOOSING is a POWER that our human aspect fears/avoids. Recognizing my own ego-fears-distortions-illusory beliefs, gave me a POWER that I did not have before I awoke to what duality was and the reasons we require polarity to catalyze us.

Once I had a NEW BASELINE, A NEW STANDARD from where I started and what I’d now allow, everything changed. I didn’t realize I had to ELEVATE MY STANDARDS for myself (to a Soul Level) and instead of accepting less, functioning from a hidden “unworthy” energy program. I didn’t realize that my baseline was so “low” vibrationally and that I was in “just get by/survival” mode.
Yes, there is a SURVIVAL LEVEL of awakening that we all have to transcend, where we move from our Root Chakra (which transmits programming that we HEAR in our heads) to our heart/higher heart and higher mind Consciousness “Chakra” where my higher selves/soul lived (until I could fully embody and dissolve the entire chakra system and merge all into one), then activate my own Expanded/Advanced Chakra System, that takes us all WAY BEYOND the physical reality so that we can actually fully see/understand.

I had to MAKE THE DECISION and BE READY for my reality to constantly shift/change FOR ME, for NEW to constantly come/arrive/materialize. Once I did, everything GOT EASIER in my life, yet all new challenges began. Walking in the VIRTUAL UNKNOWN for our human aspect means walking in multiple dimensions and staying fully connected all of the time inside. It means learning HOW TO FUNCTION and often support ourselves in all new ways too. It means living as an Alchemist, living a lift of DREAMS and working IN-SERVICE TO HUMANITY by anchoring our highest Soul Purposes/Galactic Missions into the physical every day, by way of what we accomplish/produce, through our INNER ACCESS to INFINITE EVERYTHING, Infinite possibilities, infinite opportUNITY, infinite ideas, infinite KNOWING and SEEING holographic realities that have already occurred.

Exchanging my old human (unconscious) life for an EXTRAORDINARY one, full of beauty, full of magic, full of the things DREAMS are made of meant that I was going to CHALLENGE MY HUMAN SELF to step-up in every moment in order to align every reality myself. It meant that I was going to DEVOTE myself to purity, love, happiness and amazingness and have gratitude in every moment, ESPECIALLY the ones where my body needed more rest/sleep to integrate these IMMENSE LIGHT CODES that bombard us every day. It meant that I was going to BECOME HAPPY AND HAVE SOOOO MUCH GRATITUDE in EVERY moment, for everything and stop “wishing” for a differently reality because I couldnt’ see/understand/realize how much I already HAD. This SIMPLE MINDSET SHIFT of BEING happy in every moment, living in gratitude in every moment, shifted everything. I saw everything differently, because I shifted to “never being happy and never having enough” mindsets to “I not only have enough, I have everything I need and I AM ABUNDANT in every way. Once my ENERGY/MINDSET shifted to realize that I was already abundant, then everything beyond that was additional abundance, a bonus, a gift and a opportUNITY for me to do more and then alchemy took over inside of me and my CREATOR ASPECT KICKED IN… and I’ve not stopped creating since.

Creation after creation, more abundance came. The more I received, the more I shared, the more I used all to make a difference, the more I contributed, the more I created to make a difference, the more abundance came forth, the “faster” and “easier” all was…. Why? Because I BREATHE love, creation, inspiration and LIGHT. It fills my entire body, so that being an INSTANT ALCHEMIST is natural and just way of BEing…. Every moment the beauty of creation emanates from within. Connecting with the magnificence and magic all around me is a VIBRATIONAL MATCH to what I AM, what I hold, what I breathe and how I exist.

Now, I did have to say no to everything not aligned, attempt to bring all into UNITY-LOVE-CONSCIOUSNESS and let all go that was not/could not easily tune/shift. I learned how RESISTANCE is EGO and how this stomps out JOY, how humans have infinite limits and excuses and “go sideways” if an “alternate easy way” is dangled in front of them, when the Higher Timelines presented challenges for them to step-up/meet and how if I wanted my life to reflect back the HIGHEST TIMELINES, then I had to HOLD THESE MYSELF and ALLOW for the physical to re-align so that others who could now match my “new” vibration could materialize in my reality here. Those who are fully invested too, with their Energy, their Resources, Opportunities and money …. Those who truly CARE about each other and don’t play the old human ego games anymore either. Those who have MASTERED THEMSELVES and their physical as well, so that we can all JOIN TOGETHER AS PARTNERS in every way, as anything less still holds lack in some way. Those who ALREADY LIVE from Unity-Love-Consciousness at their CORE too and are ready to kick some royal ass together, have some fun and inJOY the rewards of the new Prosperity Codes that came through in December 2017.

This recent upgrade stepped up the game for all. Higher Standards? Oh yeah, which is how this works for all. Higher Outcomes? Oh yeah.  Yet these things occur as a RESPONSE to what we are BEING & DOING AS FULLY ALIGNED LIGHT BEINGS here on a Multi-Dimensional Earth that reflects back either Old Earth or NEW Dependent on where our physical body resides and our Consciousness too.

The “old standards” just went out the window. The BAR has been set HIGH. Are you ready to embrace, jump and honor what you came here to be/do fully? or are you allowing your own ego-programs to inner-fear still? Every reality is always available. The ones we RECEIVE are vibrational matches to our Consciousness and what we actually DO to ANCHOR THOSE HIGHEST TIMELINES into the physical (ourselves and together too).

Everywhere we are still human/have old Matrix programming inside, will become more visible for us to dissolve/resolve and shift to a VIBRATIONAL REALITY that’s fully aligned instead. This is each’s CHALLENGE, all along the way. Until y/our WHOLE EXISTENCE has been REPLACED with non-linear/vibrational (Quantum ones). The TRANSITION from old earth to NEW is a bumpy one, throwing choices, challenges and perceived obstacles at our human aspect (Quantum), so that we CAN EVOLVE to BEcome our highest selves by making HIGHEST ALIGNED choices/decisions, instead of as our human ego aspects (fixed/fear/judgmental/lack/linear).

The days of “compliance” are ending, yet before they do, those “straps” will tighten down for entire collectives still unconsciously trying to adhere to a matrix program that they are unaware they even live in. The dismantling of the “old” takes on many faces and plays out in infinite ways too. So many speak “have to’s” without having a clue they are running on a program inside, based upon something they were told/came to believe/hold in cellular memory that’s transmitting a physically reality with distortions in it still. Part of the awakening process is the disillusionment of all we believed as humans as true. This is a vast process that unravels aspects of each’s life to show all where they (knowingly by soul contract, yet unknowingly as a human), gave their power away to ego-structured systems that now HAVE TO COLLAPSE for NEW REALITIES that Support Earth Gaia’s & Human life in all new ways. Part of this re-forming/re-structuring is not to make all easy instantly, it’s to return each to a place of standing in their power and becoming MEANINGFUL CONTRIBUTORS to a whole new Society where LOVE is the basis, where a Unified Existence takes precedence over separation/greed/self-first/self-involved fear based realities of the old.

EXPRESSION replaces Suppression. OpportUNITY replaces Oppression. Creativity replaces Stagnancy. Inspiration replaces complacency. Questioning Perceived Realities replaces Compliance, Intentional Alignment replaces Waiting, Kindness replaces selfishness. Generosity replaces “what’s in it for me”. Humanitarian Programs & Philanthropy become the norm, CommUNITY replaces Division. Walls drop, borders dissolve and ENERGETIC PRISONS are replaced by FREEDOM through Sovereignty/Dignity, where each RECEIVES based upon their continual CONTRIBUTIONS to uplifting/transforming HUmanity from into this brilliant and magnificent FORCE OF POWER where togetherness replaces separation. Each must do this and hold this within themselves for THIS to become THEIR reality like it is already ours. ♥

I’ll be launching many new NEW Earth Programs, focused on elevating the Consciousness of HUmanity for all. These are additional personal and business programs to assist with every facet of our lives. One is “Pro-Active Consciousness”, where we assist with teaching/activation programs and articles that assist with INTENTIONALLY EVALUATING every aspect of our lives, every day to see where WE all can bring MORE CONSCIOUSNESS into our own lives, in small and huge ways.
There are many new programs that will be launched, many to “challenge” each’s Higher/Universal Self to step-up/forth, instead of “waiting” until “life” pushes/forces you (dissolving your ego resistance), which is why timeline collapses are so rough for the human aspect. We all can eliminate struggle and suffering with great ease through Highest Consciousness application and implementation in how we live our lives. We are going to SHIFT entire collectives over in all new ways, as each is truly ready in their own life, to experience more infinite amazingness that’s always floating in each’s energy field “waiting”/ready to materialize in the physical as each achieves the physical vibration for this to occur. By intentionally activating these Geometric Light/Key-Codes we can shift a linear reality completely over to a non-linear Quantum one! ♥

Our human always has to be challenged to expand beyond previous levels of consciousness and limiting programs held. We are going to challenge all as LOVE! ♥

p.s. It doesn’t take much for us to be happy and inJOY. We are simple and beyond grateful/appreciate all. Through Divine Presence and Connection, we are always fully abundant. It’s through our Purest Self, higher mind consciousness and consistently dedicated energy that creates/anchors/brings forth “more”, so that we can fulfill our highest purposes/missions/roles for us all. ♥

I love you! There’s sooo very much more to share. Will do as we go/flow! ♥ Stay Tuned! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼