Monday, February 12, 2018

Overcoming the Saturn Moon Extraterrestrial Control System (Part #2)

In part two of this Exonews TV interview conducted in Australia's Gold Coast, George Kavassilas explains the key components of a Saturn Moon Extraterrestrial control matrix used to limit human potential and growth.

In particular, he identifies the roles of the chakra system and the pineal gland in creating false synthetic light experiences that entrap many individuals. He asserts the creation of synthetic light experiences is the favored manipulation technique used by unscrupulous extraterrestrials and higher dimensionals.

He outlines his Heart -Centric/Core-Self method of how to overcome the global control system that creates a Matrix-like illusory reality that continues to manipulate most of humanity.

He insists that overcoming the Saturn Moon Extraterrestrial control system is the necessary step we all have to take in attaining human freedom and achieving our highest potential as universal beings having a physical experience.

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