Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Controversy Surrounding President Obama's Artist Who Painted His Presidential Portrait (Involves Decapitated Heads)

Here is his Barack Obama's official presidential portrait.....


For comparison here are past presidential portraits.......

Nothing too controversial here just something very different from past portraits of corrupt officials and past CEO's of the USA Corp.

The real controversy stems to the artist that was selected to paint Barack Obama's presidential portrait.  The artist is named Kehinde Wiley and has two previous controversial paintings that depict decapitated heads of woman.

Why would Obama pick an artist with this type of controversial history to paint his portrait?

People are saying this is racist because a black woman is killing a white woman.  Some say this is Obama's way of showing he sympathizes with radical Muslims who decapitate their victims and that Obama is really a Muslim. People in the New Age community suggest Obama is a light worker who only appears to be evil but is really working for the people.  Hard to understand how a "Light Worker" like Obama who has a history of droning and killing thousands of people of which 90% are said to be innocent civilians, 200 of the drone victims were childrenprotects one of the most sinister organizations in the world known as Monsanto, never disclosed 9/11 truth,  and of course the Fast and Furious scandal.  There is a lot more but this should highlight the disturbing nature of Obama's legacy.

You know, I can see why people think Obama is a "Light Worker", his crimes against humanity are small when compared to the Bush cartel and Clinton crime families, but I digress.

Again take a look below and see if Obama's taste in art is something of what a "Light Worker" would be in to.

Kehinde Wiley, the artist who painted former President Barack Obama's official presidential portrait unveiled Monday, is facing scrutiny for past works that depict black women decapitating white women. (