Friday, April 27, 2018

From Anonymous: Active Shooter Drill To Take Place at Henry Hudson Regional High School

From Anonymous:

 Highlands, New Jersey- An Active Shooter Drill has been scheduled for some time in April 2018 for Henry Hudson Regional High School in Highlands New Jersey. The 'Active Shooter Drill" was announced to parents at the beginning of school year 2016. According to students whose names are withheld because they are minors, they are reporting to each other their feelings of anxiety because they were told the date of this drill would not be announced and that there would be 'other' 'students' who will come to assist by playing dead or being injured. According to one student, the school held an assembly where the children were told "You Will be very scared". Students have expressed their parents opposition to such a violent drill but it is not known whether parents have voiced their dissent about exposing their children to violence, especially police violence. One parent who spoke on conditions of anonymity fears the psychological and emotional effects this could have on students may cause harm to the students and that exposing children, especially children with Autism, to violence is something schools should be discouraging, which makes you wonder if there is a political agenda behind this.