Sunday, October 28, 2012

5D Panel Discussion - Kelly La Sha, George Kavassilas, John Meyer, Perry Mills

5D Panel Discussion
October 28 2012

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Perry Mills


Kelly Lasha, Perry Mills, John Meyer & George Kavassillis  

5D Round Table
October 28 2012

What is the 5th Dimension all about? How do we get through this time with so many different versions of truth out there? What do we have to look forward to? Do we all make it? Big Momma (Mother Earth) and what she is going through. These and many more questions are addressed in this high energy round table discussion.

Bumper music this week:
Hour One: Perry Mills Project: "Just Tell Me The Truth"
Hour Two Front end: Kirk Nugent: "Answer The Call:I need you to Remember"
Hour Two Back end: Perry Mills Project:  "Pick Up The Call"

Addendum to hour one is tacked on to the end so stay tuned after the song by The Perry Mills Project for George answering a couple of questions submitted by our listener Matt. Thanks George and Matt.