Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Conversation Between D and Heather: New Financial System, Galactic Federation of Light, Ascended Masters

"D are we waiting for this to happen so that we can make an intelligent decision based on the content of the so called announcements as to whether it is Absolute  Data or not? Or are we waiting for them to make a move toward the announcements and plan B(what ever that is) takes affect? Is the best scenario that the announcements would be made first and then the changing of our financial system? Is it still a positive thing to have the Chinese involved?"

Love, the PTW will make their decision- they are down to only two decisions left:

1) push through their "new financial system" and hope that not too many people will notice that it's a hollow shell with nothing behind it. (and they are terrified of this because they KNOW that we KNOW that it's all a fraud and they have nothing behind it to support it.)

2) embrace their Eternal Essences and move forward.

regardless of whether they pick 1 or 2, the "Event" will take place and we will all KNOW absolute data.  The PTW know this as well.

let me be very very clear so that there can be no mistaking my meaning:

Their "New Financial System" is a crock of shit and is just another form of slavery- there is no assets left to back their system and it (if they move forward with it) WILL fail- because it is not absolutely Equal, Absolutely transparent, and absolutely free of all hierarchy. Any announcements they make- before, during or after- will NOT be fully transparent because they cannot allow the people to know the truth: that WE the PEOPLE, the BEings, ARE the VALUE!!!!!

Is it a positive thing that the Chinese are involved?  No.  they are just another faction of the Cabal, more "Powers that Were" who are playing a game for their own power and hierarchy.

"So, D, in short, if they announce a reset they know WE will kick their asses into outer space and beyond before their feet touch the ground?"

[2:33:37 PM] D breakingthesilence: pretty much

[2:36:32 PM] D breakingthesilence: Heather got a phone call this weekend from ..... someone she knows that speaks for the PTW, and they asked again for her to go along with them. and she said certainly...... if everything is completely transparent, absolute data given and absolute equality to all beings.

The biggest giggle is that they - the PTW- don't even know WHO is controlling them and calling the shots, lol!! :D

Regardless of whether they pick what's behind door number 1 or door number two...... it still leads to the same thing: Absolute data, absolute knowing, absolute freedom and equality

the cabals off world handlers have been removed or have joined the light forces, cabals are running around like a chicken without a head.  No more leadership.
they are confused

Actually that's not correct.  the PTW's non-local bosses are still very much around and still very much calling all the shots.  the Cabal are running around like chickens with their heads cut off because they have NO Freakin' idea what's going on and they don't understand why their orders are getting changed every time they turn around:

"make the new system live",  "NO! don't make it live yet!"  "Ok, turn it on"  "No no, not yet".....

: D that is like driving full throttle with the handbrake engaged.


The Wizards behind the curtain, are the wannabe "Divines"- they are non-locals of a "higher dimension" (I hate that term, but you get the point).  They are pretending to be other beings- like St Germaine and Arch Angel Michael- but they are NOT.

@ D: Are these the non-physical "Archons"?

Personally I dont' believe in the "Archons" as they are portrayed by most people

D what about Sheldan and the GFL?
do all of these other "non-local" sources know that these wizards behind the curtain are here?

The Galactic Federation that you hear about in the various channellings are working with the US/Chinese military and the so called "Divines" - the truth is that they- the Galactics- have been hoodwinked by these guys just like we have.  This is one of the things that Heather has spoken about a couple of times in the past week- the galactics have been convinced that these "divines" are real as well.  and convinced that they do not have the capabilities that we have, ie: manifesting.  yet we are all equal. we are all Eternal Essence.  What we can do, they can also do.

The Galactics have been following everything that is happening down here very closely and they are figuring out just how manipulated they have been.  Listen to Heather speak on various shows and recordings- you can tell when she's talking directly to them, the listeners that are non-local ;)

and if a being is pretending to be St. Germaine and Archangel Michael, would'nt those True Beings put a stop to it?   St. Germaine and Archangel Michael I mean?

THAT...... is one of their biggest worries.  The guardians are waking up ;)

@ D: So is part of the delay caused by these beings impersonating St. Germain and others then?

the so called "St germaine" and "AA Michael" are the wizards calling the shots- and they're freaking out because they know that we KNOW that their system of hierarchy is now over and there is nothing they can do about it because everyone  of their plans has failed so far.

And if that's the case, are St. Germain and Arch. Michael part of the Heavenly "signal/announcement" that Sheldan Nidle talks about?

that's what the GLF thought...... but they're starting to realize that their "heavenly " friends are not so "heavenly" after all :D

 hmmm interesting D- i thought Germaine was here to help....

help.... you mean like setting up a new financial system that still leaves the hierarchy in place and is share unequally, and that will cause all the money to end up right back in the hands of the cabal and their banker lackeys just like it is now? ;)

Well Heather said in a show (don't rememeber which) that there was an S:t Germaine but that some other folks had started a trust in his name without his consent trying to steal money..

Yes, the real St Germain is not letting them have the money in the trust..... hence the reason that the wannabe and his cabal brokers are absolutely screwed- they thought they could get their hands on the St. Germaine trust fund..... but they can't.  because it's not "here" any more.

And if Sir "St.Germaine" or even my name-bro *AA*Michael were to materialize and appear in my 3D-reality-Motel-room right *Here* and *NOW* - - - - how would I know the "real" one from the great pretender?! 

(chuckle) the real ones wouldn't ask to be called "lord" ;)

that's a good one D... my thinking also.. cause how can one be lord if we all are equal eternal essence?


The thing is this, so many lightworkers have put all their faith and hopes and dreams on these so called "higher" BEings, these "divine" wannabees coming to save them, that they will call them 'Lord" and bow to them..... not realizing that these BEings - who are trying to keep themselves on a pedestal in their self proclaimed hierarchy- are EQUAL to us!!!!  They are no better, no higher, no more , or less, wonderful than we are!!