Saturday, April 6, 2013

Time To Remember Self.........

Not Necessarily Nesara....... ;>) 

The last 2 cards in The Illuminati Card Game deck have been found. 

Which card will they play? 


I think this is a great reminder to not give over your entire focus to the new financial system and the amazing new technologies about to be released upon humanity....... if they ever come!  

You may not want to forget your true power of Self.  

Economic systems are always systems of control as true sovereignty and freedom allows one to be independent.  

The new space age technology will probably eliminate the need for financial systems anyway.  Again, I say, you may want to remember to never forget your true power of Self.  No technology is more powerful than the human spirit/Self.  Technology is promoted to take your focus off your spiritual self/power and divert the energy away.  

These diversions and "energy suckers" take your creative powers away because one becomes locked into thinking that technology is the only way to solve problems. 

The TRUTH is that it is Your divine authority that controls the life path you take. Beware of permanent teachers. Beware of fear laced energy projections like "death and destruction" as some will use this to block your freedoms and keep you asleep.  Fear is an illusion and projection of a self materialized cage, possibly made from adamantium ore.  Laymans...... No such thing as fear because you are an Immortal and Immortals don't fear $h*7!

"You are what you eat" or does the more appropriate saying go, "you are what you create"? But I digress.......

Enjoy the new tech and the new wealth but you may also want to share your focus on remembering your eternal spirit which has been  "wisdom-surfing" across this Universe for trillions and trillions and trillions of years. Did I just over emphasize this to much?

Technology may become humanities crutch , a possible hindrance to realizing your true strength as an immortal and Divine Being.  Being aware of systems of control is an important step for shedding the matrix programming on the many levels of reality.  What ever technology can do;You can do better!

Enjoy the transitional journey to a fully conscious , awakened, and spiritual sovereign being of Light. 

"For you to have a joyous and creative utopian reality", is the leaving thought I share with you.  Be Well!

Wow! What did I just smoke? Ha Ha Ha Ha!