Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ken's Blog - Part 3A: The Differentiation of Source

Source: RedefiningGod.Com

Our Relationship with Source, Part 3A: The Differentiation of Source

Today, I thought I'd take a break from fraud-busting and get back to the central purpose of my blog: to redefine God. Once I've completed all of Part 3, I'll start writing some other types of entries and you'll see why I chose to share this with you. So let's proceed...

In the first entry of this series, I talked about the false God concept, and in the second, I shared how I came to see that we are not separate from God, but are parts of "him." So in this entry, I'll continue by sharing my perspective on how the One Consciousness becomes the many.

To begin, take a moment to consider all the games you've played during your life. Some of them, like Solitaire, require only one player; others, like Monopoly, require multiple players...

...Now just imagine if you were the only being in existence. How could you ever play a game like Monopoly that requires more than one player?

The only way you could play such a multi-player game and have a real game-playing experience would be if you could somehow split yourself into separate personalities. By splintering your consciousness into multiple personalities, and by having each personality take a position as a game player, you could then enjoy a real Monopoly experience. And to make the game even more interesting, it would be best if the personalities each had differing characteristics. With different personalities having different ideas and employing different strategies, the game would be much more dynamic and fun.

I suspect that this is precisely what God has done in our case: he has created different personalities (our souls) within "his" Consciousness for a variety of reasons.

Beyond the need to have multiple personalities for playing games (creating and experiencing realities), there are two other reasons I can think of off the top of my head for the One Consciousness deciding to become many:

1) Sheer curiosity: "I am One; what is it like to be Many?"

2) It's nice to have company.

In the movie Castaway, the main character becomes marooned on an island and eventually becomes tired of the silence, so he creates a distortion in his own consciousness and projects it onto a volleyball so he has someone to talk to...

..."It sure is nice having you around, Wilson"...

...says Source to you.

So for these and other reasons, I suspect that Source Consciousness has differentiated itself into an infinite number of souls, and our existence flows from that decision.

To have help in imagining God's decision and the resulting differentiation, have a look at this prism...

...On the left side, you can see whole white light (Source) entering the prism, where it is refracted into its component wavelengths. On the right side, you see all of the white light's component colors emerging (our souls). Now if you can imagine that the white light going into the prism is infinitely large, and that the refracted light coming out of the prism displays an infinite number of colors, you'll get the picture. That being said, what does the prism represent? It represents the decision made by Source Consciousness: "I, the One, will also experience myself as we, the many."

There are two interesting conditions that arise from this decision made by God...

1) The differentiated souls are boundless.

If you take an infinite consciousness and divide it into an infinite number of parts, how large will each part be? If you would ask a mathematician this question, you'd hear an audible "BOING" emanating from his internal calculator, and he'd simply say that "it is indeterminately large." But I will intuitively state that our souls are as infinite as the Source from which they spring.

2) Our souls always were, are, and always will be.

I would expect that when viewed from the perspective of those who perceive linear time, a being created in the Eternal Now Moment will appear to have always existed, to exist "now," and to always exist. So when seen through human eyes, our souls appear to have no beginning or end.

As an illustration, please point out where my soul (represented by the black curve) began and where it ends...

Since explaining this properly would require an entire entry on its own, I will write more on this particular subject in a future post I'll call "The Perception of Time." And I will continue on with the topic of differentiation, as well as bring up some of the interesting repercussions of this way of looking at God, in the next entry.

I love you always....