Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sophia Love: The fat lady's song

Love is a force.  It is the power that created the universe.  Power and force are not in opposition;   all is One.  Only this reality holds the perception of separate.  As that perception is held, so is its matching vibratory rate.  Do you understand what this means?  As you view the world, the lens you use determines what the world looks like.  You’ve been told things that color your opinions and in turn formulate your life. 

If you believe love is something beyond your control, you will become passive when you feel it.  Love is the fuel of the creative force, the source of all life, the unifying field. It is anything but passive.

In contrast, fear is a reaction to a lie – the lie of loss.  You cannot lose what is eternal. Fear does not create or permanently change a thing.  Love does.

What is being played out right now is the end of the Illusion.  We are the directors and the actors – it will only end when we write and perform and believe it is truly over.  You are not waiting to hear the “fat lady sing”.  You are waiting to pick up your pen and write her song into the script.  Then you’ll sing it yourself.  You are the only one who can.

What does this look like?  It takes a world view of oneness to see clearly.  It takes courage to look at every being and know that they are another part of you.  It takes raw, fearless sight.  It takes constant consciousness. Armed with truth, your actions will be straight and unbiased.  Love and unity are not wimpy, mushy or apathetic.  They are the essence of your Godhood.

Know that all is One.  The One that we are has chosen balance now and you are a part of this current course correction.  All actions taken with full awareness will serve their intent.  It can be no other way. 

You are not a victim.  You are not a villain.  You are One – the creator of your world.  “What would Love do now?”  This is the only question of consciousness.  In each moment, with every being or all alone, allow the answer to this question determine your next move.  The answer reaches beyond the individual to the One.  Love’s action serves always the One. For love will cherish life above all else, and the evolution of our species demands balance.

Things have been skewed in the direction of self-destruction; therefore what looks to be drastic action is necessary for the good of the whole.  Full consciousness is not for the lazy or weak of heart.  Agape has an assertive and active agenda. 

It starts with you.  As self love permeates your being, anxiety and indecision diminish.  Love makes no demands.  Love carries no expectations.  Love flows from our core and is felt in the very same place.  It is a knowing.  It is a drive.  When ignored, it can feel like an irritation.  Love does not go away.  Love is not passive; listen.  It whispers.  It tells you what your heart would do.

We are ending some things, changing others and introducing the new.  We are becoming all possibilities. Any judgment based solely on sight or sound is inherently flawed.  For truth is found only in the heart.  Love serves itself every time.

Trust each other.  We all know what to do.  This moment could not happen without us.  We are the One; the waiting is just about over. We are here.