Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Relationship with Source, Part 2


a resource for the awakening human: Our Relationship with Source, Part 2

Our Relationship with Source, Part 2

Having laid out my perspective on the old, fraudulent God concept in the first entry of this series, I'll now go on to explain how I approached what I currently view as the correct concept. For simplicity's sake, I will mostly use the term "God" for Source (since it's the term most familiar to those who are newly awakening), but just mentally edit in whatever term you prefer as you read. I will also use the pronoun "him" when referring to God (but only because English lacks a good gender-neutral singular pronoun). With the grammar notices now out of the way, let's get to thinking about our relationship to God.

Is there anyone here but me?...

Since I was raised to be a left-brained person, I approached the understanding of my relationship to Source in a left-brain kind of way. I set aside all the dry, academic external arguments about God and started fresh with a few statements about him and myself that rang true in the center of my being. The first statement was...

The only thing that truly exists is God.

This is not something I can scientifically prove is true, yet when I say it to myself, I instinctively know it’s true. God is the fundamental reality from which all other realities spring; the fundamental beingness from which all beings spring.

I continued on with this statement...

I truly exist.

Philosophers can endlessly chase their tails with esoteric arguments about the nature of existence, but I feel no need to ignore what I already KNOW. I exist. The mere fact that I can debate my own existence is proof enough of it. After all, how could I even think about it if I don’t?

Putting the two statements together, if
The only thing that truly exists is God,
I truly exist,
I must be God.

So, who am I? I am God.

With this point established, I took a look at myself. Do I see myself as the all-knowing, all-powerful Source of All That Is? Nope, so there must be more to Source than just Ken the human. This made me ponder another statement about God which I instinctively know to be true...

God is an unlimited being.

Looking again at Ken the human, I also noted...

I am a limited being.

So, if
God is an unlimited being,
I am God,
I am a limited being,
it follows that
I am not the whole of God;
I am just a piece of him.

So, who am I? I am a limited piece of an unlimited God. I am the smaller part of him and he is the larger part of me. We are One.

In the times before I made this realization, I'd probably encountered this truth a hundred times or more, only to ignore it as "blasphemy" or an absurdity. To really get it, I had to get past the fear instilled by my religious programming and think it through for myself.

If you are among the newly awakening, it may seem like an odd idea to think you are God, but how could it be otherwise? If we accept that God is a being of infinite, unlimited consciousness, and if we accept that we are beings of consciousness, then we must be a part of God. After all, if your consciousness is not part of God's consciousness, then God isn't unlimited (because he wouldn't exist in the space you inhabit). Just like the mathematical concept of infinity includes every number, God's infinite beingness encompasses every being.

The reality is WE ARE GOD, or to be more precise, pieces of God. We are God experiencing being myriad souls. We are God experiencing the idea that is this universe. We are God experiencing physical existence. We are God experiencing limitation. We are God experiencing forgetfulness. We are God experiencing adversity. And we are God experiencing the wrenchings of pain and pleasure.

Since we are experiencing the concept of being limited and imperfect, and since we see those imperfections in ourselves and others, it is hard for us to associate ourselves with our idea of a perfect God. But our behavior is how God behaves when he lives under the limitations we are living under.

All this being said, what are the mechanics by which Source differentiates itself into all the beings and realities of Creation? That is the subject I will cover in Part 3 of this series.

Till then, much love....