Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cameron Day: Transcending Hierarchical Systems

http://thirdeyeactivation.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/ascension.jpgTranscending Hierarchical Systems

I wrote an email to Ken at RedifiningGod.com today that I wanted to share as a mini-blog post.

Hi Ken,

I’m catching up on your blog today — Pretty interesting that they approached you with an offer kind of like Dutch.  They didn’t bother with me, though.  I wish they would have so I could also tell them, “SURRENDER NOW.”  icon smile Transcending Hierarchical Systems

I agree with your updated reassessment of the situation, that they are probably going to engineer a “brief panic” lasting up to a week, in order to usher in their new beast system.  I also think they will use a “debt jubilee” to get people REALLY happy and excited for the new system.

Just imagine John Q Public after a week of trying to figure out how he’s going to put food on the table and pay his mortgage finding out that all his debts are erased.  He’ll be so happy that he will run down to the local “world bank branch” and take out a new loan so that he can get that pick-up truck, boat and jet-ski he’s been wanting.

And just like that, the slaves sign up for more enslavement.

Only when we remove DEBT from money will we have a pathway to freedom, and eventually to a society that doesn’t use money.  Along with that, we need to get rid of all hierarchy in all areas of life.  That means government AND corporations removed, and a new model put in place that I call “uni-level cooperatives” based on concentric circles.

In a unilevel model, all areas of the cooperative know what the other areas are doing.  The central hub is an administrative core that coordinates the other circles and keeps them communicating with each other.  It’s not “above” the other circles, but it is key in making sure that all of the circles work together properly.

Everyone in the cooperative gets to voice their opinion on the direction the organization is going, everyone gets to know exactly how much everyone else makes, and they get to vote on the salary ranges for all positions.  In a model like this the cooperative is much more efficient and motivated than in a corporate structure where employees are treated like mushrooms.  (Fed crap and kept in the dark.)

I just realized that I’m typing all this out in such detail because I am going to make it a mini-blog post.  I’ll link to your latest post as well.  It’s a keeper.  icon smile Transcending Hierarchical Systems

Much Love,
Cameron Day