Friday, October 4, 2013

From Indigo to Crystaline

Indigo and Crystal children not only behave and think differently to their predecessors, they are spiritually different. Their subtle bodies are more developed, and they are "wired" differently.

 Because they represent the next step in human evolution, they carry within their auras the seed of an important new energy that is birthing on our planet.

It is well known by science that every human has much brain and DNA capacity that is not used, or for which they can find no use. This "extra" DNA is even referred to as "junk" DNA. However, it is not "junk" or "spare" capacity, it is innate human potential waiting to be activated.

Every human on the planet has the innate capacity to awaken to their full potential. In metaphysics we describe this capacity as the Human Angel Template. Humans were originally designed to carry a full awareness of their divine essence and their angelic origins. However, as part of the exploration of 3D density, humans agreed to be "disconnected" from this higher consciousness for a while. This resulted in a part of the template being "switched off" to allow for this phase of evolution into density.

Now, however, humans are ready to reconnect, having explored the full experience of third-dimenional density. We are ready to take this experience "home" to our angelic selves. We are ready to reconnect. The Indigo and Crystal children are the bridging generations.They are the Rainbow Bridge. They are born with their angelic templates fully "wired" and ready to go!

That's Why They Are Different

In the new template, the energy flows straight down the spine and then up and around, forming "wings" of energy, like an angel. This means that the new "human angel" is energetically self-sustaining, and carries energy at a higher vibration and velocity. Indigo and Crystal children therefore have more energy and seek to express it differently.

Indigo Children seek to live out their energy in movement and creativity, leading often to hyperactivity and ADD diagnoses. There is nothing wrong with these children, they are simply expressing the energy that flows through them at these rates.

Crystal Children, on the other hand, express the energy by slowing down the physical and concentrating on the spiritual and multi-dimensional aspects.

The Indigo "Human Angel" Experience

Indigo children are born with their 13 Chakra template activated. Their mission is to be systems busters, so their energy is focussed into the external world.

They use their intensified kundalini flow to experience the world and to shift crystallized and dense energies. These human angels need their hyper-energy to break down and shift the old patterns and densities of human 3D experience.

The typical Indigo "rage" is an expression of this energy being focussed to break down old systems and clear out old energies.

Indigo children need to be helped to understand and balance their energy flows, and not be drugged into "normality" with drugs such as Ritalin and Prozac. This kind of medication only "detaches" the Indigo from their "human angel" template and confines them to the old 3D experience.

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