Sunday, December 22, 2013

David Vose - The Plan of the SECRET SOCIETIES - It's Almost COMPLETE

Published on Dec 21, 2013
This video is the history of the conspiracy of the secret Societies. HELP ME I am asking everyone to see this video. I want someone to help me get a petition going to stop the conspiracy before it stops us all. This is simple we get millions of signatures together and send it to congress. NO MORE SECRET societies in our government. If it has to be a litmus test, fine. We used to ban communists, now we are communists. They just went secret and behind the scenes. So, lets ban secret societies from our government positions. You may have any religion you please, you may be a communist and openly campaign for them, you may openly campaign for a society. BUT YOU CANNOT be secretly involved in a society who aims are secret. If you do you must publish this and it must be clearly put beside your name on the ballot, "I AM A TRAITOR to the U S Government." Then lets see if they win another election! Then maybe we can elect Ron Paul and get the fed out of our government. We have to be fast friends. Because time is running out.