Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Super Woo Radio - Episode 20 - Kelly La Sha & Perry Mills - Also Newest Article From Kelly & Perry "Our Road to Sovereignty"

Listen To Super Woo Radio Episode #20 At This Link Here

Description: In this part 3, we discuss how the Anu Nnaki have affected our Humanity. We explore the deeper aspects of their programs and philosophies. Marduk features and a bombshell is dropped when we reveal the hidden hand that is behind a main layer of the controlling patriarchal system on this planet. We discuss our spiritual lineage and our journey through the cosmic matrix, Illuminati, secret societies, power hierarchies, false identities and importantly, our sovereignty and autonomy. This is truly a most amazing and substantial episode! Kelly was absconded by a satanic group as a child, and was rescued by a Shaman who later went on to become her step father. This was the catalyst for Kelly to becoming a shamanic healer, midwifing souls through their journey to the 5th dimension. She is the author of Liquid Mirror and co-author of Surfing the Transformational Waves of 2012. Kelly was taught by her step-father the arts of the dark, how to read their energy and how they have cut our umbilical cord from source and sacred love. Kelly teaches Four Intentions of Incension; Awareness, Surrender, Non-Attachment and Full Engagement. Kelly emphasizes the importance of an intimate relationship with Mother Earth, Father sun and Source, and the importance of being fully satiated and how depression is a symptom of the soul not being fully expressed in the human incarnation. Kelly provides helpful tools and techniques to deal with energy cords and how to find the gem in every wound, the frequency of self-love and how to fully engage in today’s world. Perry Mills is a father, a husband and an engineer who has been making parts for aircraft and aerospace craft for over 30 years. Perry is a truth seeker from a very young age and was part of the “Flower Power Generation” and “Peace Movement” of the sixties and seventies and was involved as a political activist through these decades. He then went to India and pursued two different guru paths, and enjoyed a deep and passionate study into both eastern and western wisdom and worked as an astrologer, tarot reader and kabalist. His experience in the areas of entheogenic journeying, divining modalities, energy reading, experiential shamanism and automatic writing is extensive. For further exploration of Perry and Kelly's work, please visit