Monday, January 13, 2014


Published on Jan 13, 2014
Any answer to this question is, at best, speculation. Can anyone know for sure? I think not. Speculation however is not a bad thing. It makes us think: what if? What if we are here to ground the energy of Heaven on Earth? What if we are here to raise the consciousness and vibration of the planet's occupants? What if both are true? What if neither is? Speculation leads to introspection, which is NOT something encouraged by the powers that would like to keep on being. Personally, I don't think that is possible. Their time is up; their nefarious plans have run their course. Yes, that's opinion. It's also wishful thinking. I do not wish to continue to live on a planet run by insane people or whatever entities have been calling the shots. I want Life to have meaning, meaning that is good and uplifting. I want fulfillment for me and the entire population of the planet. See: