Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Not so 3d

This world is a world of wonderment. There is so much you can do and learn within it. Many people might not know what it all is, or what it all entails. I don't claim to know it all, nor do I. I to am learning as creation itself is infinite! Me, myself; well I have experiences some of this in many ways. It has shown me that we are in fact, much more than just this meat suit we carry around with us, to experience this physicality we call Earth. Some might call it the 3 Dimensional realm!

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There is much talk about other dimensions amongst many different groups of people. I do know that until you have your own physical experiences with it, most will dismiss it.

So we know in today’s world there are more and more natural Doctors appearing on the scenes. There is more advanced technology coming out that can heal based on frequencies, and energy itself. I myself am a Reiki Master/Teacher and in the world of energy healing, you get a sense of being ONE with the all. It’s quite an amazing experience. So most who already know that everything is energy, so if it is, and we have slipped away from our natural state of knowing this, and how to use it; why would we not want to learn it?

Energy healing is another way of connecting to the multidimensional realms. It can be fun and exciting. There are so many out there who dismiss this idea the minute it is talked about, as if it is science fiction. Fiction it is NOT! Evil it is NOT when used properly. We are all a part of the ONENESS experiencing life on multiple levels through Consciousness. It’s only plausible that that is what it is. If I can lie in my bedroom and do energy work on someone that is 100’s of miles away, and they can physically feel it, then what else can it be other than a world of energy.

We have taken ourselves away from our many other senses then just the 5 we are constantly all told about. The people in power would like you to continue to think that your 5 senses are all you have to operate on. Unfortunate for them so many more people are becoming awakened to the fact that this is not so. The world is changing course as many more realize, and awaken to their natural state of beingness. As we let go of that which no longer serves us and take back control of our conscious thought process; things start to reveal themselves to us that expands our world even more.

If we did not have more than 5 senses then someone is going to have to explain the dynamics behind:

Psychic abilities
Energy Healing
Seeing Ghost
Spontaneous Combustion
Multidimensional Beings
Remote Viewing
Lucid Dreaming
Astral Projection
Out of Body Experiences

And many more things can be added to that list. Your 5 senses really can’t be contributed to those things. I know for one with my own experiences, that things are not always what they seem to be. We all have the ability to do all these things!

When we expand our minds and realize the world is so much more, things start to happen that solidify this for you, on your own journey. I for one know that we need to energetically cleanse ourselves of all those things that no longer serves us. As well as take care of our Temple! Your body is your Temple and The Kingdom to Heaven is Within! When we raise our awareness levels to a much higher state, the truth of things start to reveal themselves right before our eyes. It is then and only then that we can break out of that box we stuck ourselves in. Blaming everyone else for our own amnesia is only part of that which holds us back. We must forgive not only others but ourselves for letting this happen. It’s time to take back control of who we are and stop letting others tell us how it is.

There are so many out there that have so much information that can help you become aware. As with all journeys, your journey is your own, and only you can find that path which you belong. I know that when you start getting on that right path magical things start to happen. The Universe begins to speak to you, and send you your own confirmation that you are on the right path. An open book with blank pages can write a story that last forever. A closed book’s story never gets read. Let’s not shelf ourselves and live in that box. Open it wide and leave pages blank for that which you want to create. After all, your journey is your story!

So what have I experienced? Well I will list a few and then reflect upon them. I channeled once, or it might have been Telepathy. I really don’t know what it was. I do know it was NOT ME who was speaking that day. It was quite interesting. I stopped this from continuing. I might have closed my own book on that one. For the moment I did not feel ready to open myself up to that type of communication. I needed to really learn more on discernment and my own knowingness. I remember lying back in my bed where I took myself to that place of stillness. It was like I asked the question but not consciously. It was really strange yet really cool. Like a question in the far off distance you almost remembered you thought about, yet you were too far gone in the stillness to even here yourself say it. I asked the following question:

“What is going on with the cabal?”

That was the moment something extremely startling happened to me. I get this voice and it says:

“This is Aknon, we are remanding!”

I sat straight up in my bed in shock. I had just finished reading the Law of One material a month before. I wasn’t even trying to consciously communicate with anyone. It just kind of happened. It shocked me, not in fear, but in the fact that I had not done this before so I stopped it. I personally do not read many channeled messages myself as I find most of them repeat the same information over and over. Some of them are aimed at keeping you waiting for someone else to come along, and save you from this big bad evil world. I have always said myself if it does not EMPOWER you to take back control of you and only you, then to me it’s not really legit. I could be wrong, but that is just my own take and opinion on it at this time.

I had to go look up the word remanding as I had never heard of it, the word remanding means, “to send back”.  I also searched and searched to see if I could find anything on anyone named Aknon. (Pronounced Awk-Non) I couldn’t find anything under that name. Then when speaking to a friend of mine who is Psychic, they told me they were picking up that it was, Akhenaten. I wasn’t sure if I resonated with that or not. Really I had no real way of knowing unless I let it happen again; even then it’s just a voice. Then again was it? So many people can tear this apart with all their ideas of what it might have been or maybe it was just me imagining this. I can say from my own personal experience I wasn’t imagining this at all and it was not my voice. I can’t say how weird it feels when you hear a voice in your head and you KNOW it has nothing to do with you at all. It’s like a feeling or knowingness that it is not your voice, or just in your head. I have heard that most channeling is looped information that was put into the matrix. Maybe this is why most of them just repeat themselves over and over again. I have not done this since and don’t plan on doing it anytime soon. Then again I don’t dismiss it either because if it’s meant to be it will be.

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Another experience has happened several times to me. Have you ever experienced a time jump? I don’t know what else to call it. It was super cool though. I was standing on the end of my front walkway with my bad habit, (smoking) and watched a car turn onto my street, a plane flew over my head and then two kids that live down the road walked across the street with their dog. I turned around and took 10 steps to my porch where my door was and turned back around. That entire scene repeated itself, exactly how I had just seen it. The car, the plane, the kids with the dog! It was as if someone hit pause when I turned around. Rewound it and then hit replay when I turned back around. So it kind of felt like Déjà Vu except in real time, literally repeating itself within seconds. That has happened 5 or 6 times to me over the past year.
I have seen many UFO’s. I am not going to speculate on if they were ours or off-worlder’s. What I will say is that although I have seen many that were amazing, I also know that our own underground black projects have many of these themselves. I’ve been zapped twice by 2 different ones. I can speculate for days that they were good or bad or what not. What I will say is I don’t recall asking anyone to do such a thing; did it go against my free will? The topic can be overwhelming with UFO’s; and Extraterrestrials. It’s almost confusing to hear it all. I am of course remaining open to all things without FEAR because FEAR itself hold’s you back. So my personal opinion on life on other planets really doesn’t change the fact that it most definitely is so. It also doesn’t change the face that if it isn’t so then it isn’t so either.

One night while I was asleep in bed I barely awoke. I had not opened my eyes, yet I had become aware of all that was around me and my body itself; in somewhat of a haze. As I laid there in this haze I felt my spirit re-enter my body. It was one of the most amazing things I had ever felt. I was almost as if I could see it as it re-entered through my head, even though I could not physically see it. The next night as I was going to sleep I was questioning this, wondering if it was my spirit or not, and what I was really doing while I was asleep.

Confirmation comes in so many ways when the Universe speaks to you. That night after I fell asleep with all those questions at 1:11 AM exactly on the dot, all 8 of my house smoke alarms went off at once. It woke everyone in the house up and we were all standing there wondering what was going on. It would be one thing if 1 alarm went off; but 8 of them? 4 upstairs and 4 downstairs, that is very LOUD! These smoke detectors are not hooked up to any power lines, they are all battery operated and the batteries did not start dying out till months and months later. It was just odd. Those are some ways the Universe speaks to you to confirm your deepest questions. Some people might even want to call it God/Prime Creator/Source. Might see repeating numbers, or certain words always coming up! The best thing to do is remember your thoughts or actions when these things happen. Sometimes that answer’s a lot of questions.

Another time I was on a trip with my brother. We had a four hour drive home to get him to the airport. We ended up going the wrong way and were 12 miles outside of Oregon. We needed to head towards the Reno airport. So he was calculating the time and we would have had to drive 85 miles an hour the entire way without stopping to even make it to his 4:59 flight. It was 1:15 when we turned around. On the drive home he was worried and kept saying we are not going to make it. I kept telling him nope, we are going to traverse time and space, and I promise I will get you there. We ended up behind all the truckers that were super slow, there was an accident that we had to be escorted for about a mile by a pilot car, I had to stop and pee, then we had to stop and get gas. After all of that I dropped him off at the airport at 4:23PM! He made his flight with 5 minutes to spare. So that goes to show that sometimes things just don’t make sense, and that’s okay! When you are working outside of linear time thinking, anything can be possible. I shouldn’t even have got there until 6PM or later.

So there’s some of the things that I can share that I have been through and experiences; on a completely different level then our ordinary 5 sense thinking ways. I know that while I am in the world of Multidimensiality it is quite an amazing ride. Interesting things occur and then you learn you can start to manifest things yourself right here in this 3D world. So while money might be the real power of control for the entire system; gaining control over ones thought’s and your own world is where their system will crumble. As more become awake to the deceptions and the truth of what reality really is, the more control over you they lose. That in itself is what they fear the most. I certainly know that not one damn person on this planet get’s to tell me if I can go for a walk, or sell something online.

When we get rid of that which was programmed into our own psyche, your world opens up like a tin can. You start to realize that things just are not what they seem to be. You start to gain your momentum back because you see that there is, endless possibilities. I know someone who does Lucid Dreaming all the time. He has mentioned teaching others this and having them meet him in his dreams. All I can say for this is if you can experience it, then it is REAL! Then again what do I know, and what is REAL ANYWAYS?

Don’t forget to play with your world and become a step closer to the REAL YOU! Open up to all the possibilities so you can fully get yourself out of that box. Open Pandora’s Box and let it all go, all that you fear. After all, Pandora’s Box is only the symbolism of all that which you yourself hold within and FEAR!



Disclaimer: Please always do your own research of all materials, even the ones I myself provide. Your journey is only yours and no one else can tell you what that journey is. You are in the driver's seat so always question all things and find your own truths. Blessing's to all!