Thursday, March 13, 2014

EXO Update - March 13, 2014- Global Currency Reset & New Treasury Notes


Per multiple conversations today with Institutional Investors via CME, all tranches have cleared, and FRN/TRN conversions are with global facilitators as of now. The new TRN will be backed by gold, minerals, oil, natural gas and other untapped resources in North America that have not yet been monetized & securitized in conjunction with BIS protocol. EM's are positioned, and gold certificates projected to back and fund the GCR utilizing the historical bonds. GCR and RV projected within 5 days if all goes as planned. The FRN/TRN conversions have been positioned to stabilize & regulate global economies with full transparency, thus eliminating Currency Manipulation, Alternative Illegal Bank Leverages, and Global Cabal Influence.


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EXO Update - 11:14pm

I did a screen capture of what EXO posted below his intel post......