Thursday, March 13, 2014

Super Woo Radio - Episode 23 - Busting The Matrix

Hallo Friends,

It is with great pleasure I announce Super Woo Radio Episode 23 “Busting the Matrix” with special guest Robert Platteter, is now available at .

Robert grew up in a technical environment where things were “repaired” rather than tossed out and replaced. During his teen years he built and flew Radio Controlled model airplanes, and participated in many model airplane contests.

Robert's college education was focused in the area of Mechanical Engineering. His Master's Degree was also in Mechanical Engineering but more narrowed to the area of the Fluid and Thermal Sciences. There he was numerically solving complex boundary-layer equations, was greatly valued in this area, and was being groomed for the academic life. While working on a doctorate he discovered the politics and limitations of academic life and so he entered the corporate world where he was valued for his ability to dig into systems, figure them out and solve problems. He also wrote software code in control systems. After spending many years in the corporate world, Robert noticed a disturbing trend from where the individual was valued to where the “group” was valued and no longer the individual. Eventually the corporate path shriveled, economy started to down-turn and this eventually caused Robert to lose nearly everything.

Rather than being devastated, in the process of losing almost everything, Robert discovered how liberating it was. After realizing he was not going to get back into the corporate world, he one day pondered “Hey, how about doing healing work?”. At that moment he felt an internal switch turn on, and from then onwards Robert was on another track. That newfound freedom and a new path enabled Robert to “flow” with the needed changes and discover even more “cooler stuff”.

His initial consequent encounters were Zappers and Orgonite. With Orgonite, Robert learned ways to turnaround environmental issues including phenomenoms associated with Chemtrails and Haarp. During his Orgonite journey Robert realized that sometimes it is easier to solve environmental and health problems in the Orgone or Life-Force arena rather than just in the typical physical arena. Robert also ventured into Remote Viewing, Quantum Touch, Kinesiology, EFT, and Radionics. Along with zappers and Orgonite, Robert found EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Radionics (using the SE-5 1000) to be his best tools for learning about and dealing with environmental and health issues. Even more astounding, Robert has learned some environmental and health issues can even be dealt with just one's devices required! And so his journey continues...

For any further enquiries on Robert’s work please contact him