Thursday, March 13, 2014

TransformationIsComing Blog: Courtney brown? pedestals? and fluffy puffy stufF

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I spend time in many different Facebook groups. There are a handful that I spend time actually commenting to things, and then most others I just soak up information and read. Along this path I have found that being attacked for not agreeing with a specific Channeler or information source is the norm. Maybe attacked is the wrong word as it implies horrible things. It’s more like being told I am wrong and they are right. Yet in these groups preaching all this Love & Light I still see many with rude behavior and outright ego issues while preaching to others the issues with rudeness and ego itself. I find that sad but also ironically funny! Are you one that has to be right all the time and make sure everyone knows it, and then gets upset at those who might not agree? In my humble opinion to me this seems so hypocritical.

PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH! “I am not impervious to this statement and need to do it to, so there!”

For those that know me on FB, know that I am not running around preaching how things are or should be. I might make comments about things I have learned in Common Law or believe to be right, yet at the same time I make sure that people know I to can be wrong in my own beliefs. It is just my own perspective on something and we each have our own. There has been many times that when you think something is right, something comes around the corner to disprove it. To give an example I will use the Courtney Brown implications postings and his big announcement to come. At the end of this I will provide a copy of each implication he has posted to date, and update it later tonight with the last implication that is posted. For those of you who do not know Courtney Brown, he claims to be a remote viewer at the Farsight Institute in Georgia. If he is, good for him! He has a big announcement has has been preparing people for for the last several weeks and has been providing implication postings to read that will lead up to what he will announce.

I have been reading these implications mostly out of pure curiosity of what will be announced. The other night I had stated that I basically think it MIGHT be a bunch of nothing to a certain degree or something that most of us in this community of awakened souls already knows. Then along came my wonderful friend “G” who wrote the following and put an entire different perspective and spin on my thought process about implications posting
# 22:

MY FRIEND G: “The reason for the implications postings is they are meant to give you some background before you read the announcement. The announcement is meant to make a lot more sense if you've read the imp postings beforehand.

I really get this posting. He's talking about organizations that people join because they are interested in a cause and want to really help do something positive for the world and humanity. Often these organizations have been co-opted by dark forces that have a vested interest in making sure no progress is ever made toward solving that particular issue. A good example is the anti-cancer charities. Their job is to ensure cancer is never cured, while propagating the illusion that they are fighting cancer through research and holding out the hope to humanity that one day this menace will be eradicated. Goodhearted people join these organizations as volunteers to help raise money and give of their time etc. After awhile some get the sense that something is not quite right, get tired and jaded from all the time they put into the organization without see much in the way of results and finally quit. The result is they end up burning months if not years of their time, and the status quo is maintained. Pick a favorite major organization or charity and they mostly all work the same way.”

Here is the implications posting we were referring to:

So after his comment, it really opened up my eyes way more. Although the announcement may be something huge or may seem like something that it’s not; the announcement itself might be something HUGE to some of us. We each have our own paths in life to take and to get there we have catalyst and things that happen to change our perspectives, or steer us in the right direction. Life is about learning and creation itself I think, so if we have nothing to learn from to direct us in our paths we should be on, it might get a little boring I would say. 

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