Wednesday, April 23, 2014


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  I have been pondering the last couple weeks. Unable to write and do much of anything, in a strange mood that I found I shared with many others in the last couple weeks. Many things have come to mind. In that I have found the same type of contradictions we see in the bible in many of the new age thinking concepts. Of course this is just questions and thoughts, I might be wrong and I might be right. Either way it’s something to ponder.

So in the beginning Creator created all that is in a blink of an eye. Each creation was given Free Will to go out and create. Make your own choices and do whatever it is you choose to do.  So this brings me back to Archangels/Ascended Masters.

Archangels and Ascended Masters are usually the same thing, just giving a different name of Archangel or Ascended Master. You can look each up and usually come up with a variation of the list with lots of names that match. So what’s the difference in the two?

Most likely nothing at all, yet it gives you the perception of a difference. So what have I been pondering?

Let’s look at this for a minute.

All over we have contradictions. We are reading that we are God Being’s of Light and to step into our mastery and things to that liking. Yet at the same time some are looking to those like Ascended Masters or Archangels for help doing many things. Could this be the false light? The reason I ask this is because if we are God Being’s then why would we go anywhere other than to Source which whom we are directly connected to for anything? If we are part of Source and Source is part of us; then why do we not trust enough in ourselves to go to ourselves for this divine guidance? We are divinity after all, are we not? So why are we not stepping into that divinity and relying on others to save us or clear things or what not? I ponder many things on a daily basis and the entire notion of Ascended Masters/Archangel’s has always sort of left a slight doubt within me, deep down. I just couldn’t understand it and always saw the contradictions in the things being said by many people out there. Yet again relying on outside instead of inside here, or is it just me? Maybe it’s just that there are Being’s of Light helping, which I truly believe there is. At the same time I don’t believe any of them would tell you to rely on them for things, instead I believe they would help you learn to do this for yourself, without their help.

Then I go back to the very concept of Archangels/Ascended Masters and where did the idea originate from? So far what I have read it leads back to the first formations of religious organizations. So if it originated from religious organizations and yet most are stating religions were made up as a form of control, then where does that put the validity of Ascended Masters/Archangels? To me this just seems like too much of an in depth conversation to pass up.

Are those who follow or rely on these being’s being led down the wrong path. Are they being taken away from their true divinity by relying on outside sources instead of themselves?

All I can truly say in this age of disinformation is that so much is so convoluted and twisted upside down it’s like living in a tornado of information. One minute you read this and the next minute you’re reading the contradiction of that same thing you just read. The roller coaster ride really STINKS! I for one want off of it!

In the end of it all I think we learn from anything and everything that crosses our paths in life. What we read, those we meet, things we watch and do. Everything is an experience waiting for us to appreciate it and learn from it. What we choose to do with it is up to us. I do know that the more I connect to Source, the more I can feel that I am moving on up. The illusion of separation from Source is the key to it all I believe. Living up to the imperfect perfection that you truly are, as you are all that is, all that ever was and all that ever will be! You are LIGHT! You are Creation! Take a look in the mirror and learn to love yourself. Take away your skin suit and think of what is left. If you could see your Spirit in the mirror do you think you would be so harsh to judge it? If you could see yourself in your True Form of Spirit, just how would you react when looking upon that reflection? See the beauty of whom you chose to be. Own up to it, be it, and love it. See the beauty in each and every individual life form out there. The beauty and connection to Source lie within you, and only you! The Kingdom of Heaven is Within!

I put up a thread in a FB group (HERE WE GO) I am in about Ascended Masters possibly being a deception. Personally I never resonated with Ascended Masters. I am going to share a couple responses to them by TC a FB friend.

Thank you TC: 

For non-corporeal entities, no prize would be sweeter and more valued than to have a free-willed, 3-D human surrender her or his total love, obedience, hope, and allegiance to you. And nothing would be more tragic for that human's spirit-soul and unique identity, and thus we have the Game. ANY system that does not say "You can do it (get back to being part of God) completely on your own," is deception. You know -- like the end of the Wizard of Oz?

Source/Creator would never require devotion, obedience, etc. because we already ARE Source/Creator! Separation is the illusion, the ignorance, the deception. There is no real distance between us and Source. We are Love Personified, going through form to experience and share itself through love in form. At physical death, if we know that we are not separate, we merge with Source. If we believe we are still separate at that point, we take a form we can learn from again.

So those are some things that really make you think! I am not saying they are bad or good or non-existent, all I am merely doing is opening up the topic for further questioning and in depth thinking. My personal belief on it really does not matter. It is just an exercise in trying to understand what might be False Light and just how it may operate!

I think the self doubt we have been so programmed to believe and conceive in ourselves, is really what’s holding us all back from that which we ponder! Everything we need to know is locked up within us, figuring out how to access that is the precious moment that we may begin to understand what being a part of Source truly is!

One thing to ponder is your pondering itself. Ask yourself these questions.

Where did your ideas of how things are come from?

Who taught you these things and could it be misinformation as well?

Are you living from a fear based thought pattern that if you don’t do this, that and this that you will be cast off to hell for the rest of your existence?

Are you dismissing things just because it’s too much to contemplate or you fear looking into it?

Remember that which you choose to believe could only be stroking that fear within and keep those eyes, ears and mind wide open because the truth is going to be most shocking and more then you could have ever imagined; when the time comes!


I leave you with some video’s I found interesting. Again I am not stating that all of this is true or not, just very interesting!
So what's real? The reflection in the mirror, you or neither?