Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Intel/Rumor Update From Camdoc : Intel from a Canadian Bonds Trader Who Deals Directly with the Royal Family


news: as of 2 hours ago at 4PM, the RV was signed off on, and is now 100% - in 10 more hours at 12PM GMT, it will be announced globally

This is a personal contact of mine, but you have also seen this person on Recaps many times.

No, the ceremony is on the 26th.  But that ceremony is for the Global Collateral Accounts, and is not the same as the IQD RV.  It is more related to the GCR than the RV, I think.  Just spoke this AM to a guy in Australia who has been invited to be at the ceremony.

Let me try the calculation again. He issued the message at 7 CDT, or 6 MDT.
In his post, he referred to 4 pm being 2 hours ago, so that is consistent with 6 MDT being his time.

In 10 hours from 6, that would be the same as 12 hours from 4, right? So, 12 hours from 4 would be 4 am MDT, or 5 CDT, or 6 EDT. WHich is not right for 12 PM (NOON) GMT. I think it would be 11 am GMT. But, like Lonestar, I am not going to sweat the small stuff, either! 

The information provided above by Camdoc seems to be a supplement to ZAP's latest report in regards to the ceremony of the (Chinese or Britian) Royal Family and the Collateral Accounts.  see ZAP's newest report here....