Thursday, April 24, 2014


I spend time debating things that most would consider Taboo subjects and would fear questioning their answer's to begin with. Some get very angry with the questions I present. It might be from fear or just that I am challenging a belief and that seems to take a lot out of their comfort zones!

What if we were just to BE?

(Note: Please do not make assumptions that I am part of or support the OPPT movement because I use the phrase to BE or NOW or DO!)

I often wonder what this means and to me it really just means to, BE! It’s as simple as that. Most of humanity is good and will not harm another or their things. That is all it really takes. So if we would just BE in the moment of NOW without worrying about all the other things in life, I truly think things would be much better for all. The very things people worry about if we were to do this, are only those things in which you have been taught. Of course we live in a world with multiple people doing multiple things and testing out their very own FREE WILL! So it makes it hard to just, BE!

I’d expand on my last article about Ascended Master’s but that would take writing a book with all the theories and what not. So to really blow the mind and maybe get people thinking it takes me straight to “FREE WILL”!

If we all have “FREE WILL” then that in its very meaning and definition would mean there, IS NO HIERARCHY! At the same time it gives anyone the right to claim Hierarchy over another! Free Will is your ticket to experience. Your ticket to create! So what governs Free Will? In my own opinion it might just be the ever so diabolical “Wheel of Karma” so many mention. Or the Wheel of Karma could be just another trap for the mind. It is an interesting subject though. This takes me to science!